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WW2 scenario Display Problem?


Nov 14, 2002
The mini-map, unit command buttons and the general information box down the bottom right hand corner of the screen dissappeared when playing WW2 scenario.

I exited the game re-loaded and it was fine.

I can still move attack and do everything, but there are some commands i am not sure of the short cuts for and sometimes i like to know how many movements points a unit has left (normally seen in the general information box bottom RHS of screen).

Not sure if i hit a key- combination or weather it is a bug. If it is a bug i dont think i can re-produce it reliably.

Has anybody else seen this or know or a short-cut that might have caused it

It's a shortcut key, I think it's the Delete key but I don't have my Civ3 cheatsheets with me.
Thanks. reloaded pressed delete..bingo..buttons (and other stuff) dissappear...press delete..buttons (and other stuff) re-appear :)

Thanks for the info.
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