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WWII Europe: Small, Fast & Beautiful

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Scenarios' started by Paasky, May 28, 2004.

  1. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    I - Story & The Map
    II - Modifications
    a) Units
    b) Technology
    c) Nations
    d) Other
    III - Credits
    a) Units
    b) Buildings
    c) Other
    IV - (Known) Bugs
    V - Other Links & Download

    First Time Downloaders go here.


    I - Story & the map

    The main idea that I had when making this scenario was to make it fast and full of new units. That is why I decided to make my own 100x100 Europe map (with bmp2bic).
    Here are some loading times:
    Pentium 700Mhz, 384 RAM: 20 minutes
    Pentium 1800Mhz, 256 RAM: 3-4 minutes
    Athlon XP 2600+, 512 RAM: 1-2 minutes

    The barbarians are set to roaming on default. Although barbarians only occur in Africa, you might want to reduce or remove the barbarians completely. Do this by opening the WWII Europe.biq, press Alt+Enter, and select the activity of the barbarians.

    There are 25 nations, and all are playable.

    The time is measured in weeks, and the game lasts for 575 turns (September 1st, 1939 - November 15th, 1950, 21 years)

    To view the creation thread, goto this link.

    A review of the scenario by Fasttrack7
    A story from a game I have


    II - Modifications

    Almost everything was modified in this scenario. Here they are:

    a) Units
    • Land unit movements either 1 (slow), 2 (normal), or 3 (fast). All infantry is slow. Most Light Tanks & Self-Propelled Artillery are normal. Troop transports are fast. Exceptions do occur.
    • Sea unit movements are from 5 to 10, depending on the size of the vessel.
    • All air units except the Recon Planes have a movement of 1. Recon Planes move 2 times, but can only attack once.
    • All units belong into different unit classes: Cavalry, Rifle Infantry, MG Infantry, Anti-Tank Infantry, Flamethrower, Paratrooper, Commando, MG Batallion, Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Late Tank, Troop Transport, Self-Propelled Artillery, Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery, Flak, Small Tradeship, Large Tradeship, Landing Craft, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Carrier, Small Sub, Large Sub, Light Fighter, Medium Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Jet Bomber, Light Bomber, Medium Bomber, Heavy Bomber, Extra Range (ER) Bomber, Recon Plane & Jet Bomber. Exceptions do occur.
    • Conscript & Regular Skills have 2 hitpoints, Veteran & Elite have 3.

    All new units:
    Anti-Tank Infantry - Generic		Italian, Russian, British, French
    Anti-Tank Infantry - Panzerjäger	German	
    Battlecruiser - Generic			Italian, British, Russian, French
    Battlecruiser - Prinz Eugen Class	German	
    Battleship - Bismarck Class		German	
    Battleship - Generic			British, Russian
    Carrier - Generic			British	
    Carrier - Graf Zeppelin Class		German	
    Cavalry - Generic			All	
    Cavalry - Polish Cavalry		Polish	
    Cavalry - Reiter			German	
    Flamethrower - Combat Engineer		British	
    Flamethrower - Flammenwerfer		German	
    Flamethrower - Generic			Russian	
    Heavy Bomber - He 177 Greif		German	
    Heavy Bomber - Lancaster		British	
    Heavy Bomber - Pe-8			Russian	
    Heavy Fighter - Bf109G			German	
    Heavy Fighter - IMAM RO.57		Italian	
    Heavy Fighter - La-7			Russian	
    Heavy Fighter - Se-100			French	
    Heavy Fighter - Spitfire		British	
    Heavy Tank - ARL44			French	
    Heavy Tank - Churchill			British	
    Heavy Tank - IS-2			Russian	
    Heavy Tank - Tiger			German	
    Jet Bomber - Tu-22			Russian	
    Jet Bomber - Ar 234			German	
    Jet Bomber - B52			British	
    Jet Fighter - Me262			German	
    Jet Fighter - Meteor			British	
    Jet Fighter - Saab J29			Swedish	
    Jet Fighter - Yak-17			Russian	
    Light Tank - Tks			Polish	
    Light Tank - FT-17			French	
    Light Tank - M13			Italian	
    Light Tank - Matilda I			British	
    Light Tank - Panzer II			German	
    Light Tank - T-26			Russian	
    Commando - La Resistance		French	
    Commando - SAS				British	
    Commando - Scharfschütze		German	
    Commando - Sniper			Russian	
    Cruise Missile - V2			German	
    Cruiser - Generic			Russian, Italian, British, French
    Cruiser - Königsberg Class		German	
    Destroyer - Generic			All	
    Destroyer - Zerstörer			German	
    Extra Range Bomber - B29		British	
    Extra Range Bomber - Me 264 Amerika	German	
    Landing Craft - Generic			All	
    Landing Craft - Schnellboot		German	
    Large Submarine -Type IX		German	
    Light Artillery/AA - Generic		All	
    Light Bomber - Breguet Br.691		French	
    Light Bomber - Fiat CR.25		Italian	
    Light Bomber - Ju-87 Stuka		German	
    Light Bomber - Mosquito			British	
    Light Bomber - Pzl.23			Polish	
    Light Bomber - Sturmovik		Russian	
    Light Fighter - Bf109E			German	
    Light Fighter - Dewotine 510		French	
    Light Fighter - Fiat CR.32		Italian	
    Light Fighter - Fokker G.1A		Dutch	
    Light Fighter - Gladiator		British	
    Light Fighter - I-16			Russian	
    Light Fighter - Pzl.11			Polish
    MG Batallion - Generic			All	
    MG Batallion - German MG Batallion	German	
    MG Batallion - KK-Pataljoona		Finnish	
    MG Infantry - Generic			All	
    MG Infantry - Jääkäri			Finnish	
    MG Infantry - Waffen SS			German	
    Mortar Infantry - Generic		All	
    Mortar Infantry - Granatwerfer		German	
    Paratrooper - Falschermjäger		German	
    Paratrooper - Generic			British	
    Medium Bomber - Blenheim		British	
    Medium Bomber - Bloch 510		French	
    Medium Bomber - Db-3			Russian	
    Medium Bomber - He-111			German	
    Medium Bomber - Pzl.37			Polish	
    Medium Bomber - Spaviero		Italian	
    Medium Bomber - T5			Belgian	
    Medium Fighter - Dewotine 520		French	
    Medium Fighter - Fw190			German	
    Medium Fighter - Hurricane		British	
    Medium Fighter - Macchi 202		Italian	
    Medium Fighter - Mig-3			Russian	
    Medium Fighter - Pzl.50			Polish	
    Medium Fighter - Saab 18		Swedish	
    Medium Tank - Char B1			French	
    Medium Tank - L6			Italian	
    Medium Tank - Panzer IV			German	
    Medium Tank - Sherman			British	
    Medium Tank - T-34			Russian	
    Mega Tank - LMK				Russian	
    Mega Tank - Maus			German
    Rifle Infantry - Foreign Legion		French	
    Rifle Infantry - British Infantry	British	
    Rifle Infantry - Finnish Infantry	Finnish	
    Rifle Infantry - French Infantry	French	
    Rifle Infantry - Generic		All	
    Rifle Infantry - Italian Infantry	Italian	
    Rifle Infantry - Russian Infantry	Russian	
    Rifle Infantry - Wehrmacht		German	
    Rocket Artillery - Katyusha		Russian	
    Self-Propelled Artillery - Priest	British	
    Self-Propelled Artillery - Wespe	German	
    Small Submarine - Generic		Russian, British
    Small Submarine - Type VII		German	
    Troop Transport - Generic		All	
    Troop Transport - Opel Blitz		German	
    Recon Plane - Catalina			British	
    Recon Plane - Fw200 Condor		German	
    Additional Hitpoints goes as follows:
    MG Batallion	+1
    Light Tank	+2
    Medium Tank	+3
    Heavy Tank	+4
    Late Tank	+5
    Destroyer	+5
    Cruiser		+7
    Battlecruiser	+6
    Battleship	+8
    Carrier		+8
    Medium Fighter	+1
    Heavy Fighter	+2
    Jet Fighter	+2
    Light Bomber	+1/+2 (Depends on size)
    Medium Bomber	+3
    Heavy Bomber	+4
    ER Bomber	+4
    Jet Bomber	+3
    Recon Plane	+3

    b) Technology
    A totally rearranged tech tree is used, with the techs not sorted into ages, but classes (Air, Ground, Naval & Social).

    c) Nations
    There are 25 different Civs in this map, and all are playable.
    These are the different countries involved and with whom their in war with:
    Allies		vs Axis
    Axis		vs Allies & Baltic States
    Baltic States	vs Axis & USSR
    Soviet Union	vs Baltic States & Finland
    Turkey		Peace
    Spain		Peace
    Portugal	Peace
    Finland		vs USSR

    d) Other
    The Trade resources are resources that allow a player to build the
    technology another country has. Every city has some trade resource under
    it (Usually the original countries). Some exceptions occur: Dunkirk doesn't
    have any trade resource. Half of French Africa has French Morocco Trade,
    allowing them to build Foreign Legion infantry. Baghdad has Indian Trade,
    so that the British can build Indian Infantry. Example on how the trade
    resources work:
    The Bf109E requires Basic Air Warfare, Oil, Iron, and German Trade. If
    Finland is in peace with Germany, it can buy German Trade, and so build
    the Bf109E, as long as the Finnish have the other necesseties required
    for the Bf109E.
    Here is the list of all Trade resources:
    Belgian Trade
    British Trade
    Bulgarian Trade
    Dutch Trade
    Estonian Trade
    Finnish Trade
    French Trade
    French Morocco Trade
    German Trade
    Greek Trade
    Hungarian Trade
    Indian Trade
    Irish Trade
    Italian Trade
    Latvian Trade
    Lithuanian Trade
    Luxembourg Trade
    Norweigan Trade
    Polish Trade
    Portuguese Trade
    Romanian Trade
    Russian Trade
    Spanish Trade
    Swedish Trade
    Swiss Trade
    Turkish Trade
    Yugoslavian Trade
    Other Resources:
    Road Movement is 4.
    Victory types are Conquest & Domination (80% Land, 50% Pop.)
    I'll be adding Cultural, Diplomatic & Spaceship (not a spaceship, but something else) into a Neutral Nations.biq to give them some chance of winning.


    III - Credits

    a) Units
    Firaxis/Atari, Wyrmshadow, Ripptide, Aaglo, Nonnob3, pi8ch, Polaris, Kinboat, Dragon Warrior & Akula. If you've done a unit in this mod, and your NOT on this list, please tell me and I'll add you.
    b) Buildings
    Ukas, Rufus T. Firefly, AK47, Drift, PCHighway, Straczynski/StrOMod, Lusikka755, DefByChoklit & Me!
    c) Other
    Special thanks to:
    DeceasedHorse for the civilopedia unit (a-m) texts.
    CellKu for feedback, beta testing & the title ;)
    Adler for your ship info.
    Ville for beta testing.
    Fasttrack_v7 for helping with the Civilopedia.
    Erster.Heiler for doing some civilopedia icons.
    SOE Makers, as I used the SOE rules to start (same civ colours, leadernames, etc.)
    & Everybody who has given constructive critisism in this thread!
    - I'll show you!
    ps. Recon, I DID know of SOE before your link. I even had downloaded it already :)


    IV - (Known) Bugs

    • If you view Iron or Oil in Civilopedia, it will give about 25 warnings. This is because of Civ, and there's nothing I can do about it. :(
    • If you get a error on Civilopedia or Pediaicons, download the newest patch. If you get any other error, tell about it here, and I'll help you with it.


    V - Download & Other Links

    To extract these files, you might need WinRar. http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar340.exe (1.1mb)
    I think WinRar is much better than winzip: It knows these fileformats: CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, BZ2, ACE, UUE, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z, ZIP & RAR

    Installation instructions:
    1) Download the Main Files (80mb).
    2) Download the Units 32.zip from the attachment.
    3) Download the update (NOTICE: Check for new updates every now & then)
    4) If you can't open the Main Files, get WinRar from the link above.
    5) Extract everything in the Main Files into your civ3\conquests\scenarios folder.
    6) Extract the Units 32.zip into your civ3\conquests\scenarios folder.
    7) Extract the Update into your civ3\conquests\scenarios folder.
    8) Start Conquests->Civ Content->WWII Europe

    All downloads here

    Extract to your civ3\conquests\scenarios\ folder. Overwrite everything. I am NOT going to be updating the main files, so ALWAYS download the patch! If you don't remember which patch you downloaded last, open your "Readme for WWII Europe.txt" and look at the first line.

    The creation thread

    World War II Info

    The units_32 is no longer neccessary an was deleted after over 5000 downloads ( :shocked: )
  2. Ville

    Ville Deity

    Feb 16, 2002
    Espoo, Finland
    Great job Paasky :goodjob:
    Can't wait...
  3. Dedin

    Dedin Chieftain

    Dec 1, 2003
    Sounds really impressive. Waiting for the download link :)
  4. CellKu

    CellKu Emperor

    Feb 13, 2004
    So, it is finally out. Great!! :goodjob:
    I will download it right away and enjoy it over the weekend! :D

    Edit: okay, we still have to wait for the download link.
  5. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland

    If you have ANY problems, please read the FAQ first.

    (* are neccessary)

    * Main Files (v2.0) 86mb

    * Incremental Update (v2.0-v2.2) 270kb

    Full Update (any version to v2.2) 28mb

    Update Folder (check here for old updates if you missed an older update)

    Background Music 55mb
    I do NOT take any responsibility in the lyrics and/or ideas of these songs. If they bother you, just delete them. Better yet, don't even download them!


    1) Download the Main Files.
    2) Download the Main File patch.
    3) If you can't open the Main Files, get WinRar from here.
    4) Extract everything in the Main Files into your civ3\conquests\scenarios folder.
    5) Now extract the 14kb size 2.0-2.01.rar into the same place.
    6) Start Conquests->Civ Content->WWII Europe

    If you get any errors, please post about it here, we'll help you.
  6. CellKu

    CellKu Emperor

    Feb 13, 2004
    Okay, now I am the first to download it! :D :D
  7. recon1591

    recon1591 King

    May 4, 2002
    wilmington, n.c.
    Are u Sure. LOL, I was done 3 mins ago. LOL
  8. CellKu

    CellKu Emperor

    Feb 13, 2004
    Well, you might have finished it earlier, but did you start before me? ;)
  9. recon1591

    recon1591 King

    May 4, 2002
    wilmington, n.c.
    I don't know it only took 3 1/2 mins to dl. LOL
  10. CellKu

    CellKu Emperor

    Feb 13, 2004
    Okay, okay, I think you won! ;) Btw, 3 1/2 min is quite impressive (why does my broadband connection need that much more)? :confused:
  11. recon1591

    recon1591 King

    May 4, 2002
    wilmington, n.c.
    Mine is only that fast because i'm running a server and a comp at the same time. So i needed a high end BB.
  12. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    So, you want to get to play this, what some people have said, awesome scenario, but don't know what to download or how to install it? Here's a complete Newbie Guide for Installation & Playing:

    If you have ANY problems, please read the FAQ first.

    I - Downloading

    When I started this, it was in a very BETA stage, but as the Main Files are over 80mb's, I decided to update it with patches. Now that there have been 20 patches, getting the right one can be confusing. So, here's a list of different files and what they do:
    EDIT: As of May 28th 2005, The Main files were updated.
    • Main files: Has most of the files you need to play. It is v2.0.
    • Any-2.2 patch: Patch that updates any version into the latest version.
    • 2.1-2.2 patch: Incremental patch. This one would update v2.1 to v2.2.
    • Background Music: 55mb download, over an hour of great music though.

    Okay, that's that. Now, download:
    1. The Main Files (here)
    2. Incremental Patch (here)

    II - Installation

    *If you can't open the files, you need to download & install WinRAR (here)*

    Now, make sure that "Use Folder names" is ON (it is on by default, so if you don't know what this is, don't worry about it)

    1. Extract the contents of "WWII_Full_2.0.rar" into your "Civ3\Conquests\Scenarios\" folder ("C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios" by default)
    2. Extract the contents of "2.1-2.2.rar" into the same directory

    It's installed now! Simply start Civ3 Conquests > Civ Content > and select either "WWII Europe" (to play as Germany) or "WWII Europe (AI as Germany)" to play as any other nation. WWII Europe MP is the Multiplayer version of the scenario.

    III - Future patches

    In the future, check back for any new patches from the 5th post in this thread (link). If you don't know/remember your version, check the first line of your "Readme for WWII Europe.txt" in the "Civ3\Conquests\Scenarios" folder OR start a new game and check the version number from the scenario's name. Check for a new patch once per week or so. I'll keep incremental patches of earlier version available so that if you miss one update, you don't have to get the Full update.

    ps. To make the changes in an update work, you'll have to start a new game. I'll inform you if a new game isn't neccessary.

    IV - Playing
    The loading process will take 1-10min depending on your computers speed! This is still very fast compared to other WWII scenarios.

    The first thing you'll notice is that the tech tree is totally different. You can research any era you want. Be sure to check the civilopedia for what you want.

    Also, tank's play a very important part in the scenario. Infantry is mostly used as cannon fodder against enemy tank advances until own bombardements/tanks are brought to the scene.
    Infantry doesn't cost anything (gold per turn), but tanks do (as well as aircraft & ships). Every infantry except MG Batallions & Flamethrowers can do a marine attack.

    Generally mining is more useful than irrigation.

    Spoiler Strategy Advice by OzzyKP :
    Bombardment is incredibly powerful in your scenario if used right. Especially when playing a small civ like Finland. My army was always a lot smaller than the Axis or Soviets, but mine was all reusable. My bombers(IL-2), Wespes, and Howitzers didn't get injured after an attack, so I could keep building more and more and using them with deadly efficiency. Especially because those bombers have fatal bombardment. I wouldn't use them to attack cities, but any unit (or 200 stack of tanks) that came near I would bomb down to near nothingness, and if needed mop up with my tanks.

    So for a small nation that couldn't ever hope to compete with the industrial capacity of the Soviets or Axis, I just had to play smart and make units I could get more millage out of.

    Think about it. Lets say you build a 100 shield tank. You attack a comparable enemy tank in a stack. You maybe kill it (and its close) or you knock down like half its health. So assuming you win you have to get that tank to a city to heal it (1 turn), heal it (another turn), and then its ready to fight again. If it doesn't win, then you've spent 100 shields to take 3-4 (or 4-5 or whatever) bars off one enemies' unit.

    Lets say instead you build a bomber for 100 shields. My favorite is the Russian IL-2. You can bomb a unit and consistently take out 1/3rd to 1/2 of its health. (usually a half for tanks, infantry can be taken out in one shot usually). Your unit doesn't get injured at all and can be redeployed every turn, without fail. You don't risk losing your unit either, so can just keep building more without losses. Plus with some bombers like the IL-2, it has fatal bombing, so often I could take down a whole stack of AI units and wouldn't have to use any of my ground troops at all. Just rain fire down on them from above and not get my hands dirty. (I'm American, it must be in my blood)

    The AI rarely builds enough airforce (at least from what I've seen in this game), so as long as you don't bomb cities, you shouldn't have to worry about getting shot down too much. So build the bomber with the most offensive punch and range and don't worry about defense or such.

    For cities I've found its best to use howitzers, or better yet two-move artillery like Wespes. Half (or more) of the time I bomb cities with bombers they kill the population, or destroy buildings, or miss, or get shot down by anti-aircraft and such. So its a mess. Artillery doesn't have any of those problems, and can bombard unfettered. Wespes are nice, because I could rail all I've got up against a huge invading stack, bombard, and then retreat safely behind my lines. Then repeat next turn.

    Also, destroying roads from around a huge enemy stack can cut off their retreat, so they are stuck in the open while you bomb them away a bit more every turn without ever fighting them directly. Even with all my fire power it might take 2-3 turns to destroy an entire Russian stack, because they had so many damn troops. So trapping them, and picking them apart at my leisure worked well.

    Plus I used historically Russian tactics and traded land for time, letting them, at times, take over some of my outer cities, so I'd have more time to bomb their exposed units. Then I'd retake the cities and start over.

    France, I imagine would be pretty hard. As Finland I spend a like 2-3 years building up my forces and taking territory before I was ready to take on any of the major powers. France starts out at war with the biggest monster there right at the beginning. No easily defensable borders to hide behind, no hopes for peace. I think France is a lost cause. There could be some potential there as an African based civ though. Just flee from France and move all their units down to Africa. Take Libya from Italy, and consolidate that. Try to cut the Axis off from oil, and then maybe work on going up the boot. Might be interesting actually.....

    I'd like to try Spain, Turkey, or Yugoslavia too.

    Spoiler Strategy Advice by Drakan :
    Well I'm in turn 46 (I think it's week 22 of 1941) of my emperor game playing as Germany (natürlich). Almost all Europe is at my feet (without using the turn bugon of asking cities in exchange of M.P.P.'s), and I control almost all oil supplies safe one in french algeria, in the dessert. I must say I accidentally skipped two whole turns because I pressed the skip turn on the lower right end of the screen whilst in Baghdad and alexandria area, it's tricky to avoid this.
    EDIT: Press "Delete" to hide the menu.

    I must say that I found out four vitally important things to do:

    1. The most priceless military unit, the worker. I use engineers to plod ahead build road with their two movement and then the P.O.W.'s trail along completing the railroad with their one movement. In doing this, within one turn you can build five tiles of railway ...Railways = blitzkrieg with your Panzer II armies of 4 move points. Use the french (or any resisting city) captured cities to produce engineers.
    2. Mobilization. Be careful when your allies strike peace because you'll return to normalcy. Use that event to switch production in core cities to small factories and hydro plants (not neccessary really) and only then mobilize again (when mobilized you cannot choose to build civil improvements, but when mobilized you are allowed to finish them off)
    3. Armies. I cannot stress their importance. I had 20 leaders crop up in 44 turns, almost an average of one every two turns. Have two stacks, one of trained units and another stack of hard battled (elite) only to to make the easy kills and produce a MGL.
    4. SPEED. I find waaaaay more useful a Panzer II with three movement points (an army adds a fourth movement ...) than a Panzer III or Panzer IV with only two. In Civilization the golden rule is that speed kills !

    My question is why am I not allowed to keep building my precious Panzer II once I've researched the tech that enables the Panzer III (advanced armour) ? I find I still want to build the Panzer II which cost much less shields and can be completed in only one turn when mobilized rather than Panzer IV's which take two turns....This option should be enabled. I'd like to produce different types of tanks because I have different tactical needs for them, being the core spearhead of my Army the Panzer II's.

    On turn one sign M.P.P. and R.o.P. and ask for their 500 gold. You'll end up in turn one with over 7.500 gold !!

    My advice is to forget the V.P's locations and focus on the oil supplies first of the U.S.S.R. in Siberia, British Baghdad, and the French cities (Akaba) which have it in the Middle East. Romania is an ally so you cannot invade them or Italy. If you successfully cut off the oil supplies of the U.S.S.R. they'll be tank fodder soon sending you infantry and not tanks, not being able to build T-26 anymore, nevermind the feared T-34's, nor bombers, no nothing. They'll be on their knees soon enough begging peace. Oil is the key !!!
  13. recon1591

    recon1591 King

    May 4, 2002
    wilmington, n.c.
    Paasky are u sure u want to let Barbarians run Raging in this mod. And i also fixed the Diff. setting so u can pick what level u what to play as well. If u want i can post it.
  14. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    These are the most common questions/problems and answers to them:

    Q: What do I download?
    A: Newbie Guide for Installation & Playing

    Q: When I download I don't get 84megs but something smaller!
    A: Are you using Internet Explorer without any download helping software? There's the problem. IE's downloader is a really crappy one and many times loses the connection to the server and says that the file is complete although it isn't. There are three options:
    1) Re-download the file. This time hope that IE doesn't mess up the download again.
    2) Get software that actually can download reliably. I use Free Download Manager. It works perfectly and I assure you, it has no spy-ware whatsoever. After installing it it automatically starts monitoring your IE clicks for possible files. When you start downloading the screen pops up & asks where to save it.
    3) Get a better browser. There are loads of IE replacements out there, the most common ones being Netscape, Firefox & Opera. Google for any of them and install.

    Q: I can't open the files!
    A: The files are rarred and need a program to open them. I use the .rar format because it is upto 30% smaller than .zip's. Simply download WinRAR from here. After installing simply open the files. You can extract them in many ways, the simplest being dragging & dropping the files into the correct places.

    Q: The files are corrupt/I get errors while trying to extract them!
    A: Check the answer to the 2nd question.

    Q: How do I play this?
    A: Open Conquests, press Civ-Content, and choose either WWII Europe or (AI as Germany).

    Q: I get "File not found - art\units\infantry\infantrydeath.wav" error!
    A: Are you using a German version of Conquests? If so, go here. If you're using another language, you'll have to a) reinstall in english or b) search for a utility on your language.

    Q: I get *insert error* error!
    A: Are you sure you've extracted the files to the correct place? Rerty that. If you still get an error, post the exact error message civ gives you! That is the ONLY way I can help you. If you've not registered at CivFanatics, you can view my IM names/email address by clicking on my name.

    Q: There is something wrong with the scenario/I don't like this thing, it's not correct!
    A: Please post about it at this thread, I'll answer you asap. If you've not registered at CivFanatics, you can view my IM names/email address by clicking on my name.

    If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to post about it, I'll read it and answer to it asap.

    Have Fun!
  15. recon1591

    recon1591 King

    May 4, 2002
    wilmington, n.c.
    Ok, but i disabled the Barb's in mine. Do u want it that way or with the Barb's.
  16. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    I'm already making the second update, so it won't be neccesary.
  17. Dease

    Dease Be Original

    Mar 10, 2004
    Eastern Canada
    YAY!!! :D :D :D Finally a WWII scenario that is actually small enough for me to play, I'm downloading now :goodjob:
  18. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    Again, a new patch. Fixed:
    all shooting units have ranged attack
    heavy tradeship requires adv. ship building
    opel blitz unloads
    dover & portsmouth buildings
    resources on the map
    all difficulty levels
  19. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    You've hit the point right between the eyes ;)
  20. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    Your all wrong! I had it first ;)

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