[SCENARIO] WWII in the West


Sep 29, 2018
Based on C3C's WWII in the East and Civ2's WWII scenario. Set in July 1941, at the end of the Battle of Britain and the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. Includes unique units for the Western Allies, Germany, and the Soviet Union. The Western Allies need to mobilize in the United States while harassing the Axis and preventing the defeat of the Soviet Union. The Soviets must hold off the Axis invasion until the Allies can turn the tide. Germany must strike fast and knock the Soviets out of the war before the Western Allies can complete an invasion force or atomic weapons. All factions but the Western Allies must carefully defend their oil supplies, which are located outside of their industrial core and are necessary for armor, naval, and air units (and mobile infantry, for Germany).

Recommended: If playing as the Axis, use the standard version and attempt to conquer Europe before the Allies develop atomic weapons. If playing as the Western Allies or Soviet Union, use No Nukes and attempt to defeat the Axis in a land invasion. Use NoRaze, if possible, to prevent the AI from leveling the cities it captures.

Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lyfvkbi96xoeoip/WWII in the West.zip?dl=0
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