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WWII scenario


Feb 19, 2002
England, hampshire
Tribe: The turks
Difficulty: Deity

The standard WWII scenario but with tech slowed down 500 times! and the game made longer so that it basically never ends.

Part 1- internal assessment

The first thing I King holdway the First of the turks did after my coronation :king: was to speak to my science advissor, (later executed) who informed me of my nations pathetic technological state. The 30 year plan was introduced, to be on a par with the nice Axis people within 30 years. The new advisor told me it was impossible, he followed in his predecessors footsteps. :mad:

My pathetic tech situation ruined all of my grandiosse plans of world domination, so in order to cheer my self up I thought I would visit my cities, you no bring a bit of morale Etc.

I was horified to discover that 1) my cities were in a prehistoric state (i'm glad the previous king was assinated now, It wasn't me by the way :D) and 2) there were only 5!!!!!!! cities. I was not impressed. :cry: "Do you even know what Millenium we are in! a screamed the bl***** Egyptians :egypt: at 4000BC were more developed than we are!" The city advisors also joined the line for the guillotine. (which was starting to get quite long)

While making may disapointing way round the cities i noticed they were all building Riflemen. "do you know what will happen when the russian tanks, or the Axis's bombers, or even the pathetically weak neutrals cavalry attack our cities rifleman if they have no defenses, :confused: Well let me just say even the neuatrals will be :lol so much they'll fall of their horses :cry:

On my way round the cities I examined the state of the countryside I wasn't expecting much, but the land was completly undevelopped. "so this is why my cities are impoverished, and my people so few," i said to myself,
"right next plan we need engineers, and fast, I hereby order five engineers be assembled as of now, one for each city, for now"

Having completed a look at the domestic affairs i turned to look at my nations intelligence. Here i got my first good news, we weren't the only waste of space, the neutrals were both in terms of tech and military strength weaker, also the spanish were not much stronger, furthermore we actually had an embassy! I began talking with the Spainish leader, and it turned out we had many coinciding goals (the man however was a fool and would utterly fail) so we announced a spainish turkish alliances, with the exchange of some techs.

Now being the sly ruler i immediately contacted the neautrals and exchanged some more techs with them. This enabled me to exchange with the French since they had had all of my tech when i ascended the throne. And I managed to gain Mass production, something one of my neighbors the axis lacked. Fearing there power however i decided to avoid contacting them, as they would expect the tech as a gift and would destroy my pityful nation if I refused. For now a policy of appeasment is necessary, but one day, one day soon, Mwa ha ha hahahaha! :lol:

Stay tuned for part 2- external affairs
hehehe..excellent.Good luck.It can be done....dunno about that slower science rate though....that can't be helpful.The "big guys" don't need anymore tech while the poor Turks need all the help they can get.This is gonna take awhile and alot of hard planning/work...to win that is ;)
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