***XP Upgrade, can't RUN Civ II*** LOOK


Jul 29, 2005
Hey all. I know that some elements of this problem have been covered before, but I'm submitting this for two reasons:
a. I don't know about codecs and WinG and all that or how that applies
to my problem.
b. There seems to be no single source, thread, or otherwise, that
clearly states how to solve my problem.

I'm sure many others have been or are in the same boat, so please fellas, help me out with some clear step-by-step instructions.

System: 450mhz PIII w/ XP Pro, 128MB RAM

Background: A few months back, upgraded from Windows 98 to XP Pro, keeping Win98 on the machine. Attempted to run Civ II for first time since then. Unsure of program version.

Problem: Upon attempting to run, displays the "16 bit Windows subsystem" error in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT

Attempted fixes: Used XP's compatibility function to run it as a 98 program. Same error message.

Thanks so much for your help with this. I'd love to waste my weekend playing again the game that I grew up on!

R.F. Foss
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