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[Xtended] Download and Changelog

Discussion in 'Wildmana Modmod' started by esvath, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Version 5.6 (11 June 2017)

    1. Download Master of Mana Full and Patch 2.11 from Sourceforge.
    2. Download Xtended 5.6 here.
    3. Unzip Xtended 5.6.
    4. Copy-and-replace the Asset and Private Maps folders from Xtended 5.5 to Master of Mana.
    5. It's better to install 5.6 over a clean MOM.
    SVN: https://sourceforge.net/projects/masterofmanaxtended/

    If you have error: GFC Error: failed to initialize primary control theme, try to rename the folder into "Master of Mana".

    Change log for 5.6:

    - [AOS SI] Larincsidhe starts with 10 str (instead of 0 str +10 lightning).
    - [AOS SI] Wild Fae starts with 6 str +1 Nature affinity. Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Sun Faerie strength to 5 +1 Fire +1 Fire affinity (it was 5 +3 Fire +2 Fire affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Moon Faerie strength to 5 +1 Cold +1 Water affinity (it was 5 +3 Cold +2 Water affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Catacomb is buildable in all cities.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Cabal Shrine requires Circle of Blood or Circle of Despair.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Aristrakh only gain souls from living units.
    - [AUSTRIN] Wisp (Ranger UU) str is 8 +1 poison, little bit stronger than other Ranger UUs.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Druid UU, the Skyrover.
    - [AUSTRIN] Fixed Austrin Druid's Summon Pegasus bug.
    - [AUSTRIN] Merged some of Linvega's changes:
    - [AUSTRIN] Starts with Nomads tech (trade routes in almost all terrains, except hell terrains).
    - [AUSTRIN] Workers can not build road in such terrains.
    - [AUSTRIN] Whenever Austrin unit destroy a lair, it builds a Fortified Outpost which gives +1 hammer/+1 commerce/+1 stone. Austrin gains extra +2 hammer/+2 commerce/+1 stone from this Outpost.
    - [AUSTRIN] Buildings change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Summer and Winter palaces give +2 population limit.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Citizens District (Noble District UB): +2 culture, +2 hammer, +1 culture from Dye, Cotton, Marble, Ale.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Philosophers District (Sage District UB): +2 science, +1 science/population, +1 science from Incense, Reagent, Wine.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Traders District (Merchant District UB): +2 gold, +1 gold/population, +2 trade route, +50% trade route income.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Exotic Market (Market UB): gets +2 commerce for access to various resources, +1 commerce for each.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Venison Market (Hunting Ground UB): gets +1 gold from Deer.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Austrin Aerial Stable (Aerial Stable UB): unlocked at Ranger's Guild V (instead of VII).
    - [AUSTRIN] Food Caravan sells -6 food (instead of -10 food).
    - [AUSTRIN] Leaders change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Deidra is Loremaster/Adaptive/Defensive (temporary).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks are Trader/Nomads (able to do Prepare Expedition and Swap Cities).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks gain (and give) +2 attitude toward males and females. This will make it easier for them to establish Open Border.
    - [BANNOR] Nerfed Chapel (Pagan Temple UB)'s yield to +3 culture/+3 faith (it was +2 culture/+5 faith).
    - [BANNOR] Fixed Bannor Guardsman trait (increasing improvement growth rate by 50%, instead of reducing it).
    - [CLAN OF EMBERS] Stoneskin Ogre's Stoneskin blocks Bleeding.
    - [ILLIANS] The Draw gives all White Hand units +2 Cold, required for Ascension. Increased cost to 3000 faith/20 faith upkeep.
    - [LANUN] Lanun naval unit can cast "Assemble Shore Party", summoning three non-permanent Thugs (1 turn duration).
    - [KHAZAD] Breaker (tier 3 melee) requires Warfare and Apprenticeship (Artisans II); moved from Metal Casting (Artisans IV).
    - [LJOSALFAR] Sentinel loses Defensive, gains Woodland 1.
    - [LJOSALFAR] AI has greater weight for religion.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Dwarven Slinger loses Defensive, gains City Defender 1.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Wood Golem gets +20% bonus production from Timber.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Marble Golem no longer bombard but stronger in collateral damage.
    - [MALAKIM] Malakim starts with a Settler, a Worker, a Lightbringer and two Dervishes to help AI.
    - [MALAKIM] Lost Nomad tech (which gives them ability to connect trade routes in various tiles).
    - [MALAKIM] Nomad promotion is renamed to Desert Warrior, gives +20% att/def on desert tiles.
    - [MALAKIM] Dervish will gain "Followers of ..." according to the state religion, when built in a city with state religion.
    - [MALAKIM] Kane is Imperialist/Trader now.
    - [SCION] Ghostwalker (Ranger UU) is reduced to 8 str, like other Ranger UUs.
    - [BARBARIAN] Changed Goblin Archer's strength from 5+3 poison to 6+2 poison.
    - [BUILDING] All Pagan Temples and UBs cost 150 hammers.
    - [BUILDING] Tavern gives +2 gold, +1 gold for access to Tea, Wine and Ale, and +1 for each resource.
    - [BUILDING] Grigori Tavern gives +1 Adventure GPP.
    - [CLASS] Berserker's innate ability is +50% vs unit with Gaping Wound.
    - [CLASS] Berserker can enter Combat Frenzy at will (gaining +30% att, -15% def, 10% chance to gain Enraged from combat, 50% expire chance).
    - [CLASS] Blade of Fury gives +1 move, +1 first strike, requires Vengeance discipline.
    - [CLASS] Commander class now requires Offense discipline.
    - [CLASS] Featherfang loses "target weakest unit" and gains "50% to pass Gaping Wound to enemy" and "+25% vs unit with Gaping Wound".
    - [CLASS] Gladiator is renamed to Bannerman. It gives the ability to call for Reckless Charge (+20% str, +1 move, -2 first strike, becomes Fatigued).
    - [CLASS] Sharpshooter gains "target weakest unit".
    - [CLASS] Starbolt Archer is renamed to Duskwood Archer, gains +1 Timber affinity.
    - [CLASS] Vindicator is renamed to Marshal. It has +30% city attack and defense, and double defensive bonus.
    - [CLASS] Weaponmaster has access to all types of armor and weapon, +1 poison damage and "+100% chance to pass Weakness (-20% str, poison vulnerability) to enemy".
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new equipment property: Bleeder (50% pass Gaping Wound to enemy).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new effect: Gaping Wound (10% physical damage, can kill, removed when unit is healed).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Removed Berserk equipment property.
    - [EQUIPMENT] Axe, Waraxe, Heroic Broadsword and Mithril Claymore have Bleeder property (making them excellent for Berserkers).
    - [EVENT] Added more options using various mana types.
    - [GUILD] Javelin requires Ranger's Guild IV and gives 30% attack. Requires 350 woods.
    - [GUILD] Ranger's Guild various animal pens give +1 happiness +1 culture (previously +1 happiness +3 culture). This is on par with Balseraphs' slave cages.
    - [GUILD] Ivory requires Ranger's Guild III (the same level with Silk).
    - [GUILD] Cordwain Shop requires RG III (instead of IV).
    - [GUILD] Huntsman's Cabin gives +1 health and +1 gold for access to Bison, Deer, Fur (and 0.50 for each).
    - [GUILD] Mage Guild's Wizard Tower is now a national wonder, gives the ability to adjust Spell Research and Mana sliders.
    - [GUILD] Guardian Golem str is 15 (from 12).
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild I and V no longer give +1 global unhappiness.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Compound gives -1 happiness and +2 hammer per city culture level.
    - [GUILD] Overseer requires Slaver's Guild IV (moved down from Guild V). Its strength is reduced to 9 (from 10). Starts with Manhunt I-II.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild V increases yield from quarries (+1 hammer/+2 stones).
    - [GUILD] Obsidian Castle is moved to Slaver's Guild V (from VII). It gives -20% to hurry, +1 unhappiness to all cities.
    - [GUILD] Shadow requires Tongue of Lies (Esus IV). Its strength is reduced to 6 +1 Cold/+1 Poison/+1 Unholy. It gains +affinity from Razorweed. Cost 100 hammer/300 leather.
    - [HEALING] Reduce the effect of early healing potions a bit:
    --- Healer's Circle Healing Salve now heals 25% health (instead of 100% health), costs 100 herbs.
    --- Healer's Circle got a new potion: Potion of Vitality (heals 100%, costs 300 herbs).
    --- Esus's Health Tonic now heals 25% health, requires Esus II, no delay.
    --- Witch's Brew heals 50% health (instead of 100%) and mutates the drinker. It costs 200 herbs.
    - [RELIGION] Added Sacrifice spell in cities with Demon's Altar. Sacrificing living unit will give you (10 + (caster's level * caster level)).
    - [RELIGION] "Follower of ..." promotions give +1 strength of various element:
    === Junil = +1 holy
    === Lugus = +1 fire
    === Kilmorph = +1 physical
    === Cernunnos = +1 poison
    === OO = +1 cold
    === Agares = +1 unholy
    - [RELIGION] Lower disciple units base strength so that their final strength with Follower of ... are still the same.
    - [RESOURCE] Eternal Fruit is harvestable with Plantations.
    - [TRAIT] Berserker trait now gives Bloodthirsty (+20% att, -10% def).
    - [TRAIT] Trader trait now gives Cartography to leaders.
    - [UNIQUE FEATURE] Fixed bug that prevents Mount Kalshekk from being placed.
    - [UNIT] Catapult gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Trebuchet gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Cannon and Dwarven Cannon gain +1 affinity from Iron, Mithril and Gunpowder.
    - [UNIT] Siege engines can gain promotions.
    - [UNIT] AI will build fewer siege engine than before.
    - [UNIT] Paladins, Druids and Eidolons will leave you if disagree with your alignment.

    Known bug

    Quick guide and FAQ for Xtended: here
    Discussion and feedback: here
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2017
  2. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Future change log:

    With AbsintheRed and Linvega agreed to join Xtended team, we are planning to do the following:
    • (hopefully able to) Fix WOC and CTDs.
    • Working on Epic Destiny.

    The above change log is subjected to changes based on my play testing or further input from the community.

    Previous change log:

    version 5.5

    Spoiler :

    - [AOS SI] Troll is renamed to Grinch (to avoid confusion with Jotnar's Trolls). It no longer requires Eternal Court. It is a Winter Court unit. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [AOS SI] Tree Spirit no longer requires Eternal Court. It is a Summer Court unit. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [AOS SI] Added explanation on Summer, Winter and Eternal Restoration projects in their pedia entry.
    - [ARISTARKH] Rework on their buildings:
    === Buildings in Barter tech tree give gold.
    === Buildings in Festivals tech tree give culture and small amount of happiness.
    === Buildings in Education tech tree give science.
    === Buildings in Ranger's Guild fasten soul consumption and give production.
    === Buildings in Cult of Esus give various benefits, mostly good amount of happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vampire Palace requires Warfare, gives +5 happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Necropolis requires Code of Laws, gives +2 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Withering Hex gives +3 spell research, +1 mana from Air/Fire/Ice/Death/Chaos mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Sacrifial Pit requires Writing and Nexus of Knowledge. Gives +2 science, +1 science per Death mana, +20% science.
    - [ARISTARKH] Order of Spectral Sage requires Philosophy and Sacrificial Pit. Gives +5 science per cultural lavel, +1 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Excavated Library (Library UB) requires Necrosage (Elder Council UB). Gives +30% science.
    - [ARISTARKH] Baneful Omen (Courthouse UB) requires Necrosage (Elder Council UB).
    - [ARISTARKH] Decaying Soil costs 60 hammers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Haunted Road costs 150 hammers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Noxious Field gives +1 happiness from Death Mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Bone Cage gives +1 happiness, +1 culture, +20% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Haunted Tower requires Entertainment, gives +1 happiness, +2 culture, +20% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Pernicious Dirge requires Drama, gives +1 happiness, +5 culture, +50% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mortuary Enclosure requires Cult of Esus (Esus I), +2 happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mausoleum requires Eyes of Shadow (Esus II), +2 happiness, +1 culture/Death mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Forlorn Fault requires Tongue of Lies (Esus IV), +5 gold.
    - [ARISTARKH] Necra Sanctuary requires Heart of Darkness (Esus V), +3 happiness, +1 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vile Requiem requires Prayer of Defilement (Esus VI), +1 mana/Death mana. Gives Cannibalise to unit built in this city.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mark of Night requires Master of Night (Esus VII), gives +2 global happiness, +100% culture. Gives Hidden to units visiting this city.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains Mausoleum (Grand Lodge UB) which gives Srong to unit produced in city (RG I).
    - [ARISTARKH] Unholy Glyphs requires Domesticate Animals (RG II), does not require Tainted Well.
    - [ARISTARKH] Catacomb requires Harvesting (RG III).
    - [ARISTARKH] Cabal Shrine requires Survival (RG IV).
    - [ARISTARKH] Grave Pact requires Nature Pact (RG V).
    - [ARISTARKH] Dracolich requires War Beast Mastery (RG VII), 10/+3 Unholy, +3 Death mana affinity.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vampire Count can be upgraded to Vampire Lord or Brujah.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can build Leaden Tower wonder (Gemsmithing) that increases yields from Defilers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can no longer build Archives, Gemsmith, Jewelry, Masquerade, Feast of Plenty and Royal Banquet.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can not build animal cages but can sacrifice animals for Soul.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains 10 soul per population (twice with Herald of Death trait) when acquiring cities (as in vanilla MOM).
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains additional souls when razing cities (newly added).
    - [ARISTRAKH] Increases Soul gained from combat a bit.
    - [AUSTRIN] Fixed Mounted Harmatt pink icon.
    - [AUSTRIN] Exploration Guild building gives +5 xp to Recon and Naval units (it was +2 xp).
    - [BALSERAPHS] Added Frostling Cage as their UB.
    - [BALSERAPHS] Changed their favourite improvement to Cottage (since Cottage line gives Culture now).
    - [BALSERAPHS] Courtesan gains "Immune to First Strike", "Immune to Defensive Strike" and no malus on city attack.
    - [BALSERAPHS] Courtesan no longer "shapeshift" to other unit after killing them.
    - [ELOHIM] Devout's Seal spell gives 100 xp, instead of 100 xp multiply with number of improvement sealed.
    - [ILLIANS] Mulyalfar Elf Druids do not require Grove. Requires Malevolent Designs (so Illians can get both Druids and Eidolons).
    - [ILLIANS] The White Hand is available if you have less than three Priests/High Priests of Winter, and will create up to three Priests of Winter for you.
    - [ILLIANS] The Deepening is available if you have three Priests/High Priests of Winter.
    - [JOTNAR] Elder Trolls and Woodfather do not require Grove. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [KHAZAD] Battering Ram require Melee+Dwarf+Khazad and cost 200 gold.
    - [MAZATL] Added a tool tip help for their world spell condition (requires 12 Wyvern Guardians).
    - [BONUS] Added Timber resource (available on Tundra/Grassland forests). Art by GeneralMatt.
    - [BONUS] Changed Mithril's art and icons. Art by Mallin.
    - [CLASS] Fixed Blood Mage's Blood Healing spell.
    - [CLASS] Beast King now gives +str, +healing, +first strike to animal units.
    - [EQUIPMENT] Flying Carpet is changed to Mount category so Malakim Carpet Riders (and other units) can use other accessory.
    - [EVENT] Fixed Nietz Bandit Lord event option 3 (when you recruit him).
    - [EVENT] Finding a Witch event gives you either +1 permanent happiness (if you kill the Witch) or 1 Adept with Blood Mage class (if you spare the Witch).
    - [EVENT] Harpy Bard event gives you either +1 permanent happiness (if you kill the harpy) or 1 Great Artist with 15 turns of revolt (if you let it).
    - [GAME] Increased map size a little bit.
    - [GAME] Hill Giants lost Bombard and gain Collateral Damage.
    - [GAME] Ars Moriendi now has Hero promotion and hostile combat aura.
    - [GAME] Mary is immune to Diseased, Plagued and Withered.
    - [GAME] Reduced Blood of Dragon's drop rate.
    - [GAME] Changes the spawn rates for various barbarian lairs to increase diversity.
    - [GAME] Not really a bug, just information: capturing slave/animal/domination only works when you have unit supply left.
    - [GUILD] Good leaders are blocked from Way of the Wicked and Malevolent Designs (Neutral can still research them).
    - [GUILD] Good leaders can choose between Righteousness or Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Good leaders are blocked from Slaver's Guild.
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders are blocked from Way of the Wise and Righteousness (Neutral can still research them).
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders can choose between Malevolent Designs or Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders are blocked from Healer's Circle.
    - [GUILD] Aristrakh is blocked from Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Neutral leaders can choose between Way of the Wise and Way of the Wicked.
    - [GUILD] Neutral leaders can choose between Righteousness, Commune with Nature or Malevolent Designs.
    - [GUILD] All Druids and their UUs now require Commune with Nature in Priest's Guild, instead of Ranger's Guild tech.
    - [GUILD] Merchant's Guild's Explorer's Hall gives +10xp for units created in the city.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Forbidden Enclave makes Quarries produce +2 stone.
    - [GUILD] Fixed Slaver's Fireseer's combat aura.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Unseen Blade gain "no bad goodies" when exploring huts.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Cloak of Shadow is pushed back at Prayer of Defilement. It negates city defense, thus very strong.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Gibbon Goetia is arcane unit with 0 attack/10 defense.
    - [GUILD] Gibbon Goetia can change into other, stronger, unit in one tile radius. Warning: changing form removes Gibbon's existing promotions and equiments. It is also permanent (well, until you change again). It also makes Gibbon unable to go through rival territory!
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed missing cottage line graphics for Grigori (and maybe other civs).
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Hamlet gives +1 culture for controlling city. Can be built in Swamp.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Village gives +2 culture for controlling city. Unhealth goes down from 1.5 to 1.00.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Town gives +3 culture for controlling city.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Enclave gives +5 culture for controlling city.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Fort is buildable in Wasteland, Sordid Plains and Dark Moors.
    - [MAGIC] Fixed pink button for Chaos Magic's Bloodthirsty promotion.
    - [PROMOTION] Buff promotions in Archery discipline.
    - [PROMOTION] Open more existing promotions for Animal and Beast.
    - [PROMOTOIN] Animals and Beasts can acquire Mobility 2 after getting Mobility 1.
    - [PROMOTION] Renamed "Divine" into "Concentration", gives +1 combat aura range to Disciple units.
    - [PROMOTION] Renamed "Divine Potency" into "Spiritualism", gives +1 combat aura range +4 target to Disciple units.
    - [PROMOTION] Potency gives 30% chance to gain xp, +10 spell damage, +30% spell target.
    - [PROMOTION] Mages can learn "Spell Strike I-III" promotions (reduce enemy magic resistance, increase spell damage).
    - [PROMOTION] Illusionist promotion gives 25% chance to get Hidden per turn.
    - [RELIGION] Arete Civic gives +2 commerce/+2 stone to Quarries.

    changelogs for 5.0-5.4 available here.

    Need DLL modding (?):
    • Terraforming cost.
    • Adaptive trait?
    • Ogres!
    • Build city should not require food on the tile?
    • Reduce yield and gold from pillage?
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2017
  3. Icezera

    Icezera Chieftain

    Jul 17, 2010
    Great changelog! And a great way to make magic less powerful at high tiers while keeping it at effective at low tiers. Looking forward to the future with confidence in your design
  4. Calavente

    Calavente Richard's voice

    Jun 4, 2006
    thanks !!
    I've seen you kept training for sidar... did you fix it somehow (even if it's only for them) ?
    I like the idea of your new spells / GE ... and especially the fleet foot aura !!
  5. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    Is it normal for the Aos Si palace to never pick a mana? I also modified this "Full of Resources" map script to work with MoM...... If any one was wondering, you can activate more than one map script at the same time, but some will take priority.

    Attached Files:

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  6. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    - Thank you your celerity to create this new update, compared to the the 5.0 version.
    - Thanks to have make it easier the magical protection ways. It will be more viable to fight a heavy magic civ now.
    - It's remarquable that you really care our critics, and change the mod accordint to them. :)

    Few first observations :

    - Is the quarries problem is debuggued ? (The fact the Slavery guild wonders on quarry boost does not actually work on quarries ?).

    - Do you have a futur plan to give more ressources (stone, wood etc.) on Quick game speed (something which double the global production of ressources for exemple ?) About this subject it will good to precise that playing quick speed create a problem, as you hardly lack of ressources (unless you can something about that in a futur patch).

    - Is it possible to download Xtended 5.1 and just copy paste the unzip in an old 5.0 installed version ? It would be easisier than to have to reinstall MoM + MoM 2.11 + Xtended 5.1. It would be good to give the answer of this question in your general mod guide.

    • Very interesting. I will test Liberty again to make me an idea.
    • What does it mean ? We can use Lizardman enslaved slaves to build cage which create happiness, that's it ? In there others way to have lizardmen and goblin than by enslaving by fighting with Slaver promotion ?
    • I guess Focused Discipline is a late tech. As Mimic is core racial units of the Balseraphs, I think it would be better to put it on an earlier tech, it's frustrating if you cannot have your main unit in the mid game at least.
    • [BUILDING] All buildings which give "xp training" effect now give free xp instead. Only Sidar UBs keep the "xp training" effect.
    • I 100 % agree. About the Sidar, I don't understand what it means. They will haver an immediate XP bonus + a passive XP bonus ? How will it work ?
    • I approve 100 %. I think adding him 2 more speed would be ok too. It's very fun to be able to choose the best spot possible (but there are barbarians) in any game.
    • About plantations, I love the Herbalist guild, I love plantations strategy (especially if you are Armurite or Sheaims off course...) but there is a problem : if you are not in jungle, and in most game you are not in jungle, it can be impossible to exploit your plantation expertise. You have -50 % cost and bonus which can nearly not exploit.

    • That's why I suggere that plantation would be buildable on any irrigated land (so in Rivers basically, plantations of sugar for exemple, need some water). I know that plantations need a tropical land (hot and humid) but if you make it only possible in jungle, it's too restrictive. I see no solution except that.
    • These new auras look great. I will test them with great pleasure.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2016
  7. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Yes, Aos Si palace does not have mana on its own but Aos Si leaders have extra "Mastery of <a> magic" trait which will give the palace a particular mana.

    How do we use mapscript anyway? From Custom Game? Does that mean I need to put your file in my MOMX folder?
  8. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Training is working and afaik, the buildings are cumulative. It's just the training rate is veeery slow. That's why I changed training for other civs. For Sidar, it's a fine bonus. They should turtle anyway.

    The new GEs should provide something powerful to each school. Late game Air should give tremendous mobility to the users. Let the Hippus goes deep in Air magic and see how they'll pillage and destroy your cities from nowhere! :satan:

    I have fixed the xml, so the bug should be gone now.

    I can give one off bonus at the start of the game but I think reducing the cost of spell research/faith requires DLL work.

    Yes, you can copy-paste 5.1 to 5.0.

    Yes, you can use lizardmen and goblin slaves to build cages and get +1 happy and +culture for each cage. Great for culture victory.
    You can get random slaves when buying them.

    Sidar will get free xp and passive xp.

    I'll see about this. Maybe plantation should be build able in grassland.

    Thanks, any input/suggestion/feedback is really appreciated! :D
  9. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    Put it in the private one in MoM folder or enable public ones in the ini in MoM and place it in public on for BTS. To change setting , click the last choice on left and click on the option to load the options script.
  10. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    Very interesting. Thanks very much about the quarry bug fix.

    I don't well your answer about the ressources & quick speed : "I can give one off bonus at the start of the game".

    Is that possible to simply give a bonus which double the ressource earning in quick speed ? I think it would be fine if any output is doubled.
  11. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    It is not possible to double resource income on Quick.

    I can give bonus at the start of your game (+200 lumbers at turn 1, for example) if you play Quick.
  12. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    Hum ok. It's hard. No thx for the proposition.
    I think we (Tasunke and me) may just tweak the assets to give more ressources earning in our multiplayer games. Tasunke already did it on a previous version, so it's ok.

    Another thing : Hey man you suppressed the bard promotion. I see it no more available for any promoted unit. That's an excellent decision. Game path will be completely changed now :D
  13. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Bard is still there, requires Ambush or Vengeance discipline or FOL follower. I removed it from Skirmish discipline. I assume you usually take Skirmish?
  14. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    No, I speak about Vengeance. I don't see in the list. But I see Gladiateur give "+50 culture per combat". I tried took it but it give zero culture.

    There is gonna be something wrong.

    I want to signal another problem : Barbarians cities can spawn very near of your capital. I just have one barbarian city at 4 distances of my capital, just at my doot. It's not normal.

    Another thing about barbarians city : I just took it easily with one vampire legend and few morois. I won 1000 gold. But 1000 gold is too much. It should be half that I think.
  15. Ogi123

    Ogi123 The End is the Beginning is the End

    Apr 30, 2011
    Somwhere in time
    Excellent changes, but I must echo Jojo Fr. Bard is missing, and gladiator gets 50+5 culture per victory, only it doesn't work.
    Is Archer unit for scions intended? IMHO it should be removed, scions have enough units as it is, and secondly neither model or icon fit scion aesthetics. Dural on the other hand could use archer unit.
    About improvements I'm proponent of loosening terrain restrictions on them. So trading post and pasture on grassland, cottage on plains etc.
  16. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    I haven't been able to find code about this on python or xml. Hopefully when CarnivalBizarre is not too busy IRL, he can help us with this one.

    Bug. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Added archer to Dural.

    Bard is still there. It is available for Recon/Disciple/Mounted units, with Ambush/Vengeance/FOL follower.

    Gladiator bug is fixed in the next version (it's a typo in python file, argh!).
  17. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    Hum ok. Before, Bard was available for vampires (who are "close combat unit" I guess), now it's not, so I thought it was a bug.
  18. Jojo_Fr

    Jojo_Fr Prince

    Mar 17, 2013
    I realise that in Quick Speed, the mana income is unchanged too. Production, growth, science and gold are earned faster, but all others things remains as in normal speed : ressources, mana, faith.

    I think it will be needed to play on normal speed, if not the mod is profondly unbalanced (slow mana/faith/ressources income mean weakers mages/priest-religious progression/less buildings). :(
  19. Vital Brasil

    Vital Brasil Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2010
    Excellent changelog !! Thanks for taking my suggestion regarding the beast lord class :)

    But there's a bug and an inconsistency about the way this change was applied. The bug is that wolves do not receive the "creature" promotion, and thus, are not susceptible to the beast king aura.
    The inconsistency is that, despite of the description, beast kings can't capture animals after combat if you don't have the rangers guild. But, if you have the rangers guild, there's absolutely no reason to give beast kings the ability to have an increased chance to capture animals. I have 3 suggestions to fix this:

    1: Remove from beast kings the ability to capture animals
    2: Allow beast kings to have a chance to capture animals, even if you don't have the ranger's guild
    3: Ranger's guild first tech won't allow recon units to always capture animals anymore. Instead, it will give recon units 70% chance to capture animals, and beast kings will have 30% increased chance to capture.

    I found another bug when playing as Elohim/ Empyrean combo. There are some pesky phantom warriors roaming around my lands and i just can't cast the revelation spell on them. The ability is there, but it's not "clickable". This was a pretty frustrating bug because i rushed to learn the sacred knowledge to kick those phantom warrior's asses, but it was in vain :(

    Edit: Light of Lugus also does not seem to be working
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
  20. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Really? This is an oversight. I'll check it and fix it.
    EDIT: which wolf was that? I checked the code and pedia, and all wolves I can find (Wolf, Wolf Pack, Dire Wolf summon) are with Creature promotion.

    Hm, I was thinking I'd make Beast King require a tech in Rangers' Guild instead?
    But, Beast King works with animal summons from Nature school. So, I just let it like that.

    Beast King has increased chance to capture "Beast" units (Drakes, Werewolves etc). Only Beast King can do this.

    Do you have the required Faith? I'll check this but iirc, last time it should work.
    EDIT: fixed it.

    I'll check this. Thanks for reporting.
    EDIT: it worked on Good player' capitals. Now I made it works in every city of every player.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016

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