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Discussion in 'Wildmana Modmod' started by esvath, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Vital Brasil

    Vital Brasil Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2010
    There's an annoying bug that i reported some days ago, but i could see nothing regarding it. Weapons like flail of ages and flaming sword are not passing the enflamed effect. I tested it exhaustively to make sure it was not bad luck with rng before reporting it.

    Also, there are a few other things that i think are worth reporting:

    - Austrin druids, despite of the pedia description, don't have the summon pegasus spell avaliable. I tested it with and without Linvega's mod, and this happened in both cases. It was specially annoying in my game because i went religion guild only to get the druids, since in late game, there were only a few griphons and pegasus avaliable, and thus, was having a hard time building aerial stables in my huge and sprawling empire.
    - Flash golems can get all the weapons, armors (and their passives) of the sacrificed units. So, if i sacrifice a unit with a sword and heavy armor and a unit with a bow and a exotic armor, the flash golem will have both armors, weapons, and the heavy armor effect, exotic armor effect, slashing weapon effect and piercing weapon effect.
    - Jotnar's Wild Troll starts with only 7 strenght. What's the point of this if the Jotnat citizen has 10 strenght ? I mean, theres no point on "upgrading" the Jotnar Citizen to a weaker unit.
    - This one is very very minor, but i am reporting because i am annoyingly perfectionist: One of the Wonder effects (casted by Vyrkul) is to transform the caster in a baboon, but actually, nothing is happening.

    Regarding the new gaping wound effect, do you mind telling me if it will affect both living and not living targets ? Just out of curiosity...

    I am glad to know Linvega is joining the team and that you guys are planning update at a 2 months basis !!
    Looking foward to the next patch, great job as usual and thank you very much for your work !! :thumbsup:
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  2. Linvega

    Linvega Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2016
    Yeah, I'm also happy to work now on the epic destinies. But don't expect too much of me, I have a lot of work right now :p

    Two things on the changes:
    1. You didn't mention the Outpost anymore in the log. Did you take it out? I hope not!
    2. Exotic Market: I think it's a little weak now. It's supposed to be a huge bump, now it's barely better than just any regular guild national wonder. +1 gold per ressource imo would be nice instead of +0.5 .
    While we're at it, I also think that the general per-ressource buildings like the farmer's market are really weak. +0.25 per res means that you need like 10 of the specific ressources just for it to be good. I didn't even build these in my austrin games, and I specifically used all my great merchants for creating ressources.
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  3. Ombatur

    Ombatur Chieftain

    Mar 15, 2015
    Great changes! Promotions for catapults, the gaping wounds effect and +1 elemental strength for disciple units are probably my favorite changes, but the other changes are nice, too.

    Great news indeed. Good luck with your work on Epic Destiny victory conditions, Linvega. Making them fun and playable always looked like a daunting task to me

    That's perfectly reasonable.
  4. Guru-Meditation

    Guru-Meditation Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2010
    List is looking good.

    Lets see how the Ai siege weapons tweak works out. And how the gaping wound plays out. Once with focussing on its possible synergies, and once with it just sprinkeled into a regular army.
  5. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    I have tested this by putting the chance to apply effect to 100 and Flaming Sword passed Enflamed to enemies. The enemy has to survive the attack to be afflicted with Enflamed.
    (The code is on Xtended/XWands/XWANDSEFFECT_CIV4PromotionInfos.xml, under EQUIPMENTPROPERTY_FLAME_ATTACK)
    Fixed. Apparently spells summoning permanent units have to have Promotion prereq for some reason.


    Wild Troll is 12 str.

    Baboon it is!

    It should be only for living units; hopefully no bugs on the code!
  6. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Ah, I must have missed that!
    Whenever Austrin units explore a lair or dungeon, they automatically build a Fortified Outpost. These outposts give +1 hammer/+1 commerce for everyone. Austrin gets double income (or maybe a triple income if double is too little?).

    Yeah, if we are boosting Exotic Market then we need to boost other buildings with similar function. But won't that make players swimming in gold?
  7. Linvega

    Linvega Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2016
    The fortified outpost should give triple for austrin imo, otherwise it gets outclassed by regular improvements quite fast and would be more of an annoyance than a bonus.

    Even if they give +0.5, then unless you have 16+ relevant ressources, the regular old market at +8 is still stronger. And at least I'm not even building the market most of the time because the ressources are often more valuable than the gold. So I don't think that you'd be swimming in money that much more.

    Also, the exotic market is supposed to be significantly stronger than these. After all, it's a national wonder, and it only gives boni for relatively hard to get ressources, even some ressources that can only be gained by trading with other civs.

    In general I think that the we don't need to fear making the austrin too strong, even in my version where the exotic market gave +5/+2, they still felt weaker than most other civs.
  8. Calavente

    Calavente Richard's voice

    Jun 4, 2006
    thanks for the changes proposed
    I'm fearing the nerf bat is huge. I'd go with 5 +3 +1 affinity. at the tech you get them, starting with 7 is very low. 9 would be better.
    is that bleeding or "gaping wounds" ?
    re-gaping wounds : I expect that this is given to other units in the stack ? it is thus a form of collateral damage to units ?
    How does that work for unpoisoned units in a city ? 10%damage should be equivalent to the natural healing of a unit in a friendly city (isn't it ?) In that case : is gaping wound really useful ?
    (re-poison+gaping wound : poison reduce heal and GP does damage : thus the combination does damage.)
    how does it work on full-health units that get the "gaping wound" effect : they get the effect, then are at full health at end of turn, thus they are healed and the GW disapear ? so if you don't have a berserk or feather fang, you don't get any special effect from the promotion ?
    and even with that I don't really see how it helps a WeaponMaster : a WM should be able to kill more quickly, and not do a form of collateral damage.
    (even if gaping wound is a really nice idea)
    do malakim keep the "double movement in desert" ?

    /thanks !
  9. Linvega

    Linvega Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2016
    What do you mean with "at the tech you get them?" Both are starting-tech recon units(or did I miss a change there?). So starting at 7 is actually the norm. And since both Crom and Cairn have one mana at the start already, you're actually looking at a starting value of 8(though with the current traits, I'd play Winter Court with Crom, but that's another issue), one higher than normal, AND better scaling than normal, since they have both affinity and mil tech. So I don't think they're too weak.
  10. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Hmmm. I think I nerfed them to 5 +1 +1 affinity because that would prevent the Aos Si to gain too much strength later. So they are a late game civ now; nerfed in the beginning but strong in the end. Remember that faeries get extra promotion for their "species" (red faerie gives +1 fire, for example).

    Yes, that how gaping wound should work. Whether it is useful or not, that remains to be seen by players testing it during real gameplay.

    Honestly I do not have good idea for Weaponmaster. If you have any idea, let me know. Of course, not something too OP and feasible to code ;)

    Yes, Malakim still have "double movement in desert".
  11. Calavente

    Calavente Richard's voice

    Jun 4, 2006
    I think you might be right. But from the last game I played, my memory tells me that they were not the basic recon units but the second level recon units. But I might be wrong and only influenced by them having good str even in late game. and I stand my ground : it is 7 (if you have the right mana from the leader... otherwise it's 6 !!: which is not useable ingame for a recon unit)

    honestly, I might understand the nerf, but removing 3 str from former version of the unit str is huge (50% of unit str! for most of the early-mid game) . IMO just reducing the affinity from 2 to 1 reduces the late-game str.
    Regarding the "species" : As there is no way to get any control (or even oriente the odds) on those it's becoming hard to enjoy them (as a side note I never had a blue fairie (+ to spells)). I only ever got ice / fire / evasion / forest (and forest is (was) broken when it upgrades to True Green Fairie).
    Now, its more a random bonus than something with a true strategic effect;
    With archer / recon / melee, you can still plan your Discipline choice in view of the species : for synergies or balance; but it's not as fun as before... and Especially for Arcane/Disciple.

    Honestly, I don't really see the interest when used for attacking in places the enemy heals fast: in those cases it becomes less useful than poison.
    (however, out of cities, it becomes as useful / differently useful than poison).
    In fact, the issue I see is that the effect of the promotion is not seen by the player and thus without any positive effect for the player because the damage is done after player turn and healed before player turn. (at least in cities).

    What about "gaping wounds" : immediate 10%damage + gives 10% damage/turn until healed ? (Said otherwise : when attributing "GW" to an unit of a stack, a further 10% damage is dealt.)

    Weaponmaster ... mh... :
    Can equip 2 weapons ? (like a "dual wield") ?
    Can sell back its weapons and buy new ones ? (that is not enough by itself)
    Can break ennemy weapons (I don't know if the AI uses a lot of weapons or not to make this worthwhile)
    Can steal ennemy weapons (after combat / or beginning of turn, you are asked to change weapon with the one of defeated unit)
    a basic : +15%str +2FS : a mix of Champion (+20% + chance of promotion ) and the +3FS Class : a mix of "being stronger" and "having initiative" : more rounded, but less specialised
    Ignore Ennemies "weapon and armor" bonus ? (I wouldn't even know it that is doable)
  12. Sezneg

    Sezneg Warlord

    Apr 6, 2009
    Weaponmaster should remove all weapon restrictions, in addition to whatever else it does.
  13. Theodorick

    Theodorick King

    Jan 1, 2006
  14. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    I spent 2 hours testing 1017 one and I found it was Bannor was the real culprit (95% sure). If you change the seed, you bypass the endless lock which makes it really hard to narrow down to the actual cause......
  15. Theodorick

    Theodorick King

    Jan 1, 2006
    Hmm I did test it by selectively deleting every civ, and found only the Malakim were causing the crash. What I would do is delete everyone in the game except or me and one other civ. If the turn progressed, then I figured it wasn't them, and Bannor wasn't the cause from my tests. It was always the Malakim. Could it possibly be something connected between both the Malakim and Bannor then? I never did leave multiple civs together.
  16. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    I took control of each empire separately and ended the turn separately. The only empire that did not freeze on end turn was Bannor. The 5% is if another civilizations/barbarians was attacking Bannor. IF I changed the seed, it didnt matter who I picked.

    Edit: I messed with it some more this morning, I am getting more mixed results probally due to the seeds that keeps changing. Its highly situational. Its doesn't always happen when I switch to another civilization.
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  17. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    The save 0638 Gibben Gotia or what ever that hero unit was, turned into a settler -_-"
  18. Theodorick

    Theodorick King

    Jan 1, 2006
    Oh you're testing it very differently than I was. I stuck to the original civ I was playing, and went right into world builder and just erased one civ, and then tried progressing my turn. This is how I came to my specific results. If the turn progressed when a civ was erased, then I blamed them on the crash. In my case this only occurred for a specific civ in each save.
  19. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Weaponmaster allows unit to use any kind of weapons and armors. It also gives +1 poison, +100% chance to pass Weakness (-20% str, 20% Poison vulnerability).

    That is weird! Gibbon should never morph into unit with zero str. I'll try to track the bug.
  20. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Xtended 5.6 has been uploaded in SVN and mediafire.

    SVN: https://sourceforge.net/projects/masterofmanaxtended/

    MF: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y5bg0q10gi5faqs/Master_of_Mana_Xtended_5.6.zip


    Spoiler :

    - [AOS SI] Larincsidhe starts with 10 str (instead of 0 str +10 lightning).
    - [AOS SI] Wild Fae starts with 6 str +1 Nature affinity. Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Sun Faerie strength to 5 +1 Fire +1 Fire affinity (it was 5 +3 Fire +2 Fire affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Moon Faerie strength to 5 +1 Cold +1 Water affinity (it was 5 +3 Cold +2 Water affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Catacomb is buildable in all cities.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Cabal Shrine requires Circle of Blood or Circle of Despair.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Aristrakh only gain souls from living units.
    - [AUSTRIN] Wisp (Ranger UU) str is 8 +1 poison, little bit stronger than other Ranger UUs.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Druid UU, the Skyrover.
    - [AUSTRIN] Fixed Austrin Druid's Summon Pegasus bug.
    - [AUSTRIN] Merged some of Linvega's changes:
    - [AUSTRIN] Starts with Nomads tech (trade routes in almost all terrains, except hell terrains).
    - [AUSTRIN] Workers can not build road in such terrains.
    - [AUSTRIN] Whenever Austrin unit destroy a lair, it builds a Fortified Outpost which gives +1 hammer/+1 commerce/+1 stone. Austrin gains extra +2 hammer/+2 commerce/+1 stone from this Outpost.
    - [AUSTRIN] Buildings change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Summer and Winter palaces give +2 population limit.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Citizens District (Noble District UB): +2 culture, +2 hammer, +1 culture from Dye, Cotton, Marble, Ale.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Philosophers District (Sage District UB): +2 science, +1 science/population, +1 science from Incense, Reagent, Wine.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Traders District (Merchant District UB): +2 gold, +1 gold/population, +2 trade route, +50% trade route income.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Exotic Market (Market UB): gets +2 commerce for access to various resources, +1 commerce for each.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Venison Market (Hunting Ground UB): gets +1 gold from Deer.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Austrin Aerial Stable (Aerial Stable UB): unlocked at Ranger's Guild V (instead of VII).
    - [AUSTRIN] Food Caravan sells -6 food (instead of -10 food).
    - [AUSTRIN] Leaders change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Deidra is Loremaster/Adaptive/Defensive (temporary).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks are Trader/Nomads (able to do Prepare Expedition and Swap Cities).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks gain (and give) +2 attitude toward males and females. This will make it easier for them to establish Open Border.
    - [BANNOR] Nerfed Chapel (Pagan Temple UB)'s yield to +3 culture/+3 faith (it was +2 culture/+5 faith).
    - [BANNOR] Fixed Bannor Guardsman trait (increasing improvement growth rate by 50%, instead of reducing it).
    - [CLAN OF EMBERS] Stoneskin Ogre's Stoneskin blocks Bleeding.
    - [ILLIANS] The Draw gives all White Hand units +2 Cold, required for Ascension. Increased cost to 3000 faith/20 faith upkeep.
    - [LANUN] Lanun naval unit can cast "Assemble Shore Party", summoning three non-permanent Thugs (1 turn duration).
    - [KHAZAD] Breaker (tier 3 melee) requires Warfare and Apprenticeship (Artisans II); moved from Metal Casting (Artisans IV).
    - [LJOSALFAR] Sentinel loses Defensive, gains Woodland 1.
    - [LJOSALFAR] AI has greater weight for religion.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Dwarven Slinger loses Defensive, gains City Defender 1.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Wood Golem gets +20% bonus production from Timber.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Marble Golem no longer bombard but stronger in collateral damage.
    - [MALAKIM] Malakim starts with a Settler, a Worker, a Lightbringer and two Dervishes to help AI.
    - [MALAKIM] Lost Nomad tech (which gives them ability to connect trade routes in various tiles).
    - [MALAKIM] Nomad promotion is renamed to Desert Warrior, gives +20% att/def on desert tiles.
    - [MALAKIM] Dervish will gain "Followers of ..." according to the state religion, when built in a city with state religion.
    - [MALAKIM] Kane is Imperialist/Trader now.
    - [SCION] Ghostwalker (Ranger UU) is reduced to 8 str, like other Ranger UUs.
    - [BARBARIAN] Changed Goblin Archer's strength from 5+3 poison to 6+2 poison.
    - [BUILDING] All Pagan Temples and UBs cost 150 hammers.
    - [BUILDING] Tavern gives +2 gold, +1 gold for access to Tea, Wine and Ale, and +1 for each resource.
    - [BUILDING] Grigori Tavern gives +1 Adventure GPP.
    - [CLASS] Berserker's innate ability is +50% vs unit with Gaping Wound.
    - [CLASS] Berserker can enter Combat Frenzy at will (gaining +30% att, -15% def, 10% chance to gain Enraged from combat, 50% expire chance).
    - [CLASS] Blade of Fury gives +1 move, +1 first strike, requires Vengeance discipline.
    - [CLASS] Commander class now requires Offense discipline.
    - [CLASS] Featherfang loses "target weakest unit" and gains "50% to pass Gaping Wound to enemy" and "+25% vs unit with Gaping Wound".
    - [CLASS] Gladiator is renamed to Bannerman. It gives the ability to call for Reckless Charge (+20% str, +1 move, -2 first strike, becomes Fatigued).
    - [CLASS] Sharpshooter gains "target weakest unit".
    - [CLASS] Starbolt Archer is renamed to Duskwood Archer, gains +1 Timber affinity.
    - [CLASS] Vindicator is renamed to Marshal. It has +30% city attack and defense, and double defensive bonus.
    - [CLASS] Weaponmaster has access to all types of armor and weapon, +1 poison damage and "+100% chance to pass Weakness (-20% str, poison vulnerability) to enemy".
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new equipment property: Bleeder (50% pass Gaping Wound to enemy).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new effect: Gaping Wound (10% physical damage, can kill, removed when unit is healed).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Removed Berserk equipment property.
    - [EQUIPMENT] Axe, Waraxe, Heroic Broadsword and Mithril Claymore have Bleeder property (making them excellent for Berserkers).
    - [EVENT] Added more options using various mana types.
    - [GUILD] Javelin requires Ranger's Guild IV and gives 30% attack. Requires 350 woods.
    - [GUILD] Ranger's Guild various animal pens give +1 happiness +1 culture (previously +1 happiness +3 culture). This is on par with Balseraphs' slave cages.
    - [GUILD] Ivory requires Ranger's Guild III (the same level with Silk).
    - [GUILD] Cordwain Shop requires RG III (instead of IV).
    - [GUILD] Huntsman's Cabin gives +1 health and +1 gold for access to Bison, Deer, Fur (and 0.50 for each).
    - [GUILD] Mage Guild's Wizard Tower is now a national wonder, gives the ability to adjust Spell Research and Mana sliders.
    - [GUILD] Guardian Golem str is 15 (from 12).
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild I and V no longer give +1 global unhappiness.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Compound gives -1 happiness and +2 hammer per city culture level.
    - [GUILD] Overseer requires Slaver's Guild IV (moved down from Guild V). Its strength is reduced to 9 (from 10). Starts with Manhunt I-II.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild V increases yield from quarries (+1 hammer/+2 stones).
    - [GUILD] Obsidian Castle is moved to Slaver's Guild V (from VII). It gives -20% to hurry, +1 unhappiness to all cities.
    - [GUILD] Shadow requires Tongue of Lies (Esus IV). Its strength is reduced to 6 +1 Cold/+1 Poison/+1 Unholy. It gains +affinity from Razorweed. Cost 100 hammer/300 leather.
    - [HEALING] Reduce the effect of early healing potions a bit:
    --- Healer's Circle Healing Salve now heals 25% health (instead of 100% health), costs 100 herbs.
    --- Healer's Circle got a new potion: Potion of Vitality (heals 100%, costs 300 herbs).
    --- Esus's Health Tonic now heals 25% health, requires Esus II, no delay.
    --- Witch's Brew heals 50% health (instead of 100%) and mutates the drinker. It costs 200 herbs.
    - [RELIGION] Added Sacrifice spell in cities with Demon's Altar. Sacrificing living unit will give you (10 + (caster's level * caster level)).
    - [RELIGION] "Follower of ..." promotions give +1 strength of various element:
    === Junil = +1 holy
    === Lugus = +1 fire
    === Kilmorph = +1 physical
    === Cernunnos = +1 poison
    === OO = +1 cold
    === Agares = +1 unholy
    - [RELIGION] Lower disciple units base strength so that their final strength with Follower of ... are still the same.
    - [RESOURCE] Eternal Fruit is harvestable with Plantations.
    - [TRAIT] Berserker trait now gives Bloodthirsty (+20% att, -10% def).
    - [TRAIT] Trader trait now gives Cartography to leaders.
    - [UNIQUE FEATURE] Fixed bug that prevents Mount Kalshekk from being placed.
    - [UNIT] Catapult gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Trebuchet gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Cannon and Dwarven Cannon gain +1 affinity from Iron, Mithril and Gunpowder.
    - [UNIT] Siege engines can gain promotions.
    - [UNIT] AI will build fewer siege engine than before.
    - [UNIT] Paladins, Druids and Eidolons will leave you if disagree with your alignment.


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