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[Xtended] Download and Changelog

Discussion in 'Wildmana Modmod' started by esvath, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Old changelogs (5.0-5.4)

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    - [AOS SI] Troll is renamed to Grinch (to avoid confusion with Jotnar's Trolls). It no longer requires Eternal Court. It is a Winter Court unit. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [AOS SI] Tree Spirit no longer requires Eternal Court. It is a Summer Court unit. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [AOS SI] Added explanation on Summer, Winter and Eternal Restoration projects in their pedia entry.
    - [ARISTARKH] Rework on their buildings:
    === Buildings in Barter tech tree give gold.
    === Buildings in Festivals tech tree give culture and small amount of happiness.
    === Buildings in Education tech tree give science.
    === Buildings in Ranger's Guild fasten soul consumption and give production.
    === Buildings in Cult of Esus give various benefits, mostly good amount of happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vampire Palace requires Warfare, gives +5 happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Necropolis requires Code of Laws, gives +2 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Withering Hex gives +3 spell research, +1 mana from Air/Fire/Ice/Death/Chaos mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Sacrifial Pit requires Writing and Nexus of Knowledge. Gives +2 science, +1 science per Death mana, +20% science.
    - [ARISTARKH] Order of Spectral Sage requires Philosophy and Sacrificial Pit. Gives +5 science per cultural lavel, +1 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Excavated Library (Library UB) requires Necrosage (Elder Council UB). Gives +30% science.
    - [ARISTARKH] Baneful Omen (Courthouse UB) requires Necrosage (Elder Council UB).
    - [ARISTARKH] Decaying Soil costs 60 hammers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Haunted Road costs 150 hammers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Noxious Field gives +1 happiness from Death Mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Bone Cage gives +1 happiness, +1 culture, +20% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Haunted Tower requires Entertainment, gives +1 happiness, +2 culture, +20% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Pernicious Dirge requires Drama, gives +1 happiness, +5 culture, +50% culture.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mortuary Enclosure requires Cult of Esus (Esus I), +2 happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mausoleum requires Eyes of Shadow (Esus II), +2 happiness, +1 culture/Death mana.
    - [ARISTARKH] Forlorn Fault requires Tongue of Lies (Esus IV), +5 gold.
    - [ARISTARKH] Necra Sanctuary requires Heart of Darkness (Esus V), +3 happiness, +1 global happiness.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vile Requiem requires Prayer of Defilement (Esus VI), +1 mana/Death mana. Gives Cannibalise to unit built in this city.
    - [ARISTARKH] Mark of Night requires Master of Night (Esus VII), gives +2 global happiness, +100% culture. Gives Hidden to units visiting this city.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains Mausoleum (Grand Lodge UB) which gives Srong to unit produced in city (RG I).
    - [ARISTARKH] Unholy Glyphs requires Domesticate Animals (RG II), does not require Tainted Well.
    - [ARISTARKH] Catacomb requires Harvesting (RG III).
    - [ARISTARKH] Cabal Shrine requires Survival (RG IV).
    - [ARISTARKH] Grave Pact requires Nature Pact (RG V).
    - [ARISTARKH] Dracolich requires War Beast Mastery (RG VII), 10/+3 Unholy, +3 Death mana affinity.
    - [ARISTARKH] Vampire Count can be upgraded to Vampire Lord or Brujah.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can build Leaden Tower wonder (Gemsmithing) that increases yields from Defilers.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can no longer build Archives, Gemsmith, Jewelry, Masquerade, Feast of Plenty and Royal Banquet.
    - [ARISTARKH] Can not build animal cages but can sacrifice animals for Soul.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains 10 soul per population (twice with Herald of Death trait) when acquiring cities (as in vanilla MOM).
    - [ARISTRAKH] Gains additional souls when razing cities (newly added).
    - [ARISTRAKH] Increases Soul gained from combat a bit.
    - [AUSTRIN] Fixed Mounted Harmatt pink icon.
    - [AUSTRIN] Exploration Guild building gives +5 xp to Recon and Naval units (it was +2 xp).
    - [BALSERAPHS] Added Frostling Cage as their UB.
    - [BALSERAPHS] Changed their favourite improvement to Cottage (since Cottage line gives Culture now).
    - [BALSERAPHS] Courtesan gains "Immune to First Strike", "Immune to Defensive Strike" and no malus on city attack.
    - [BALSERAPHS] Courtesan no longer "shapeshift" to other unit after killing them.
    - [ELOHIM] Devout's Seal spell gives 100 xp, instead of 100 xp multiply with number of improvement sealed.
    - [ILLIANS] Mulyalfar Elf Druids do not require Grove. Requires Malevolent Designs (so Illians can get both Druids and Eidolons).
    - [ILLIANS] The White Hand is available if you have less than three Priests/High Priests of Winter, and will create up to three Priests of Winter for you.
    - [ILLIANS] The Deepening is available if you have three Priests/High Priests of Winter.
    - [JOTNAR] Elder Trolls and Woodfather do not require Grove. Requires Commune with Nature.
    - [KHAZAD] Battering Ram require Melee+Dwarf+Khazad and cost 200 gold.
    - [MAZATL] Added a tool tip help for their world spell condition (requires 12 Wyvern Guardians).
    - [BONUS] Added Timber resource (available on Tundra/Grassland forests). Art by GeneralMatt.
    - [BONUS] Changed Mithril's art and icons. Art by Mallin.
    - [CLASS] Fixed Blood Mage's Blood Healing spell.
    - [CLASS] Beast King now gives +str, +healing, +first strike to animal units.
    - [EQUIPMENT] Flying Carpet is changed to Mount category so Malakim Carpet Riders (and other units) can use other accessory.
    - [EVENT] Fixed Nietz Bandit Lord event option 3 (when you recruit him).
    - [EVENT] Finding a Witch event gives you either +1 permanent happiness (if you kill the Witch) or 1 Adept with Blood Mage class (if you spare the Witch).
    - [EVENT] Harpy Bard event gives you either +1 permanent happiness (if you kill the harpy) or 1 Great Artist with 15 turns of revolt (if you let it).
    - [GAME] Increased map size a little bit.
    - [GAME] Hill Giants lost Bombard and gain Collateral Damage.
    - [GAME] Ars Moriendi now has Hero promotion and hostile combat aura.
    - [GAME] Mary is immune to Diseased, Plagued and Withered.
    - [GAME] Reduced Blood of Dragon's drop rate.
    - [GAME] Changes the spawn rates for various barbarian lairs to increase diversity.
    - [GAME] Not really a bug, just information: capturing slave/animal/domination only works when you have unit supply left.
    - [GUILD] Good leaders are blocked from Way of the Wicked and Malevolent Designs (Neutral can still research them).
    - [GUILD] Good leaders can choose between Righteousness or Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Good leaders are blocked from Slaver's Guild.
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders are blocked from Way of the Wise and Righteousness (Neutral can still research them).
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders can choose between Malevolent Designs or Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Evil leaders are blocked from Healer's Circle.
    - [GUILD] Aristrakh is blocked from Commune with Nature.
    - [GUILD] Neutral leaders can choose between Way of the Wise and Way of the Wicked.
    - [GUILD] Neutral leaders can choose between Righteousness, Commune with Nature or Malevolent Designs.
    - [GUILD] All Druids and their UUs now require Commune with Nature in Priest's Guild, instead of Ranger's Guild tech.
    - [GUILD] Merchant's Guild's Explorer's Hall gives +10xp for units created in the city.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Forbidden Enclave makes Quarries produce +2 stone.
    - [GUILD] Fixed Slaver's Fireseer's combat aura.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Unseen Blade gain "no bad goodies" when exploring huts.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Cloak of Shadow is pushed back at Prayer of Defilement. It negates city defense, thus very strong.
    - [GUILD] Esus' Gibbon Goetia is arcane unit with 0 attack/10 defense.
    - [GUILD] Gibbon Goetia can change into other, stronger, unit in one tile radius. Warning: changing form removes Gibbon's existing promotions and equiments. It is also permanent (well, until you change again). It also makes Gibbon unable to go through rival territory!
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed missing cottage line graphics for Grigori (and maybe other civs).
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Hamlet gives +1 culture for controlling city. Can be built in Swamp.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Village gives +2 culture for controlling city. Unhealth goes down from 1.5 to 1.00.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Town gives +3 culture for controlling city.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Enclave gives +5 culture for controlling city.
    - [IMPROVEMENT] Fort is buildable in Wasteland, Sordid Plains and Dark Moors.
    - [MAGIC] Fixed pink button for Chaos Magic's Bloodthirsty promotion.
    - [PROMOTION] Buff promotions in Archery discipline.
    - [PROMOTION] Open more existing promotions for Animal and Beast.
    - [PROMOTOIN] Animals and Beasts can acquire Mobility 2 after getting Mobility 1.
    - [PROMOTION] Renamed "Divine" into "Concentration", gives +1 combat aura range to Disciple units.
    - [PROMOTION] Renamed "Divine Potency" into "Spiritualism", gives +1 combat aura range +4 target to Disciple units.
    - [PROMOTION] Potency gives 30% chance to gain xp, +10 spell damage, +30% spell target.
    - [PROMOTION] Mages can learn "Spell Strike I-III" promotions (reduce enemy magic resistance, increase spell damage).
    - [PROMOTION] Illusionist promotion gives 25% chance to get Hidden per turn.
    - [RELIGION] Arete Civic gives +2 commerce/+2 stone to Quarries.

  2. TechPriest321

    TechPriest321 Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    Which folder am I supposed to rename? If it's the main folder for the mod, it was installed named Master of Mana
  3. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    The main folder should be Master of Mana. If you have that and are still having error, did you put the other folders in their correct path?

    Firaxis Games/Sid's Meier Civilization/Beyond the Sword/Mods/Master of Mana/Assets/ or something like that?
  4. Alexej

    Alexej Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Thanks for the new version :)
  5. Vital Brasil

    Vital Brasil Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2010
    I can't believe this sunday ill finally be able to play this version !! :woohoo:

    Damn, real life, take it easy :D
  6. GIR

    GIR It'sNotStupidIt'sAdvanced

    Jul 12, 2005
    Wow, awesome to see new updates for this great Mod.
    Thank you a lot!

    It is really sad that no Mods for Civ5 or Civ6 is nearly as addictive as the Fall from Heaven ModMods.
  7. Alexej

    Alexej Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    I do have a question. Mazatl Lizarman Shaper (UU druid) requires neutral? but mazatl have single leader and it is good one
    Mazatl Gardener UU worker takes support while normal worker is not
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017 at 11:08 PM
  8. Melanie88

    Melanie88 Chieftain

    Jan 21, 2017
    I played Hafgan the Purger (Clan of Embers) as a change of pace and of course made a sad mess of things (not a good match with my playing style!). Fortunately, a Great Engineer was born, and in desperation, I built the Mercurian Gate and switched to Basium (Yay!).

    After an astonishing come-from-behind victory, I wonder that there isn't a unit cap (or at least an expensive cost to upgrade) for the Seraphs. Their ability to be reborn allows repeated "suicide" attacks when close to home. A dozen of these can quickly wreck most attacks and come out more experienced, since they survive with all their gear when defeated. Just a thought...
  9. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    There are several arguments that make me reluctant to limit the high angels:
    - These angels are Mercurians' high end units.
    - They are scattered all over tech trees; I think mostly Mercurians player will gain two types of high angels at most.
    - Seraph requires Immortality, which is an end game tech, so in my opinion they should be powerful.

    Rather than limiting the number of Seraphs, how about increasing required level to, say, 6? Angels need to be level 6 before player can upgrade them to Seraphs.
    Or, maybe removing Mobility I from the Seraphs?

    Lizardman Shaper will ignore alignment, thus Good Mazatl or Neutral/Evil Clan of Embers can build the unit.

  10. Melanie88

    Melanie88 Chieftain

    Jan 21, 2017
    The trouble with the level 6 idea is that when experienced Good-aligned troops are slain in the world, they are reborn to the Mercurians as high level angels. With Herbalism, level 6 is rather easy to reach with potions, as well. I'd favor changing the 5 gold upgrade cost to 500 gold or so.

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