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Yes Another MOSR (Monarch OCC Space Race)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by microbe, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    This is actually my second OCC game - the first was Emperor archipelago for any win (and obviously won by culture), and it turned out to be too easy.

    Aggie once posted a Monarch OCC Space Race and it was a really fun game, and he opened an SG with exactly the same settings (but different map). I decide to try something slightly different: a continent instead of archipelago map, which should be more challenging. And here is the report.

    I choose Sumeria. Scientific would speed up the tech race and Argriculture would be nice for growth (although Seafaring is much nicer, I want to try something different from Bazantines). It's a standard continent map with 80% water.

    The goal is a space race, although all conditions are enabled.

    I make sure we start next to coast and river. And we get a bonus food tile and gems. Hills and mountains. Not bad.
  2. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Just found I typed the title wrong. It should be "Yet Another", but "Yes" makes some sense too. :D

    4000BC: The great Gilgamesh, King of the Sumerians, comes to power. He has a firm belief of Uniqueness of the Universe, so he told his people: we'll need no city but one, to show the world the supriority of our scientific research ability. "We'll create the most glorious city on the earth and use it to explore the universe in 6000 years."

    I move the settler one tile to the south to settle on the forest so it's coastal.

    3950BC: Max research to Alphabet. F11 reveals Russia, Rome, Babylon, Germany and Aztecs. We have lots of militaristic and scientific foes! With the Unique City we are gifted our Unique Unit too, so natually we start a Enkidu Warrior.

    3400BC: 3rd EW due, I start Collossus right away.

    3050BC: Spot a blue border - looks Babylon? Lux to 10%, Alphabet in 5. With no one else building Colossus, I decide to build a granary first, it's due in 4.

    3000BC: We meet Russia's scout first, then Babylon. Both have CB and WC on us, but Babylon lacks Pottery. He wouldn't trade anything though, so he must be researching it.

    2950BC: Huts pop up CB.

    2900BC: Granary due, set to Colossus due in 29 (7spt).

    2800BC: Alphabet due, set to Writing with min sci. Hold alphabet not to trade.

    2750BC: lux to 30%.

    2590BC: We meet Rome. He has WC but lacks CB and Pottery. CB+27g is "close" so we pass.

    2550BC: We buy WC from Rome with CB+30g. He turns cautious.

    2430BC: Barb attacks reg EW and dies. EW goes to a hut next to the barb camp.

    2390BC: reg EW attacks barb in the camp and redlines. Got 25g. The other EW trespasses Rome's territory and continues to the east. Lux to 40%.

    2350BC: people love me and expand my palace. Russia has Masonry.

    2270BC: huts give us settler. Send to capital to join. I need some workers after Colossus. Rome has Iron Working, so is Babylon. I decide to pull the 2-fer: Alphabet to Russia for Masonry and 4g, Masonry to Rome for IW and 48g. I suspect Rome hasn't met other civs..

    2230BC: We have two sources of iron close to us. One is two tiles away in SW, the other in the far south of the island.


    Set to worker. MM and lux down to 20.

    2070BC: We are the largest city (size 7) and the next city is size 2. With Colossus I set sci to 80% and Writing is due in 14 turns.

    2030BC: worker->curragh.

    1990BC: curragh->curragh.

    1870BC: curragh->EW.

    1830BC: We connect gems.

    1790BC: Border expands again. EW due and lux drop to 10. I have nothing to build so I build workers. They can always merge back.

    Russia and Babylon have Wheel.
  3. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    This is our land. We are apparently semi-isolated in our pennisula. Pretty good.

    There are two sources of iron, one is close to our border and the other is in the south. There is a source of dyes too.

    Note there is a chokepoint with the silks. I may want to move some EWs to block AIs from transpassing but that would need 4 units. Let's see what we can do.

  4. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1750BC: Rome has Wheel too.

    IBT: worker->wealth

    1675BC: Russia demands 23g, I cave naturally.

    1650BC: I start Pyramids as prebuild for MoM.

    1625BC: Barb warrior approaches my two workers. One EW leaves Ur to guard them and lux to 20%.

    1575BC: Russia and Babylon have Mysticism.

    1550BC: Babylon demands 20g, I cave.

    Writing is done, and we get an SGL (this means we are the first to research it)! Min research to CoL.

    IBT Russia and Babylon start Oracle. Rome also gets Mysticism.

    1500BC: We create colony on the dyes and drop lux to 10.

    1475BC: Rome has Writing. I decide to go directly to Philosophy due in 15.

    1425BC: Babylon also has Writing. I sell Russia Writing and get Wheels+3g. There is horses also far in the south end. I need to block the chokepoint..

    1325BC: Ur is size 8 and I hire a scientist to finish Philosophy in 7 turns with -2gpt (17 total in treasury).

    IBT Rome established an embassy with us.

    1275BC: Rome demands 17g, I cave. Man, this causes us bankrupt, so a worker and the granary are disbanded. Actually the granary is not really needed now, so it's a good idea to disband it anyway, but the worker - :mad:

    1175BC: Our suicide curragh sinks.

    Philosophy comes in, I choose CoL as the free tech (we are the first!) and set min research on Republic.

    1150BC: I fire the scientist and use 10% sci instead. Pyramids switched to MoM, due in 4.

    1125BC: Babylon has Mathematics. I sell CoL to it for Math+44g (full price). I sell Math to Russia for Mysticism+73g (full price). I sell Math to Rome for worker+67g.

    Rome still doesn't know Russia. :lol:

    IBT our curragh sinks again.

  5. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Since the goal is space win, there are three challenges:

    1. keep research up with only one city. This means we need to go for all scientific wonders.
    2. avoid a cultural win. This means we must avoid building too many wonders.
    3. diplomatically we have to make friends with AIs.

    The improvements and wonders we absolutely need:
    library, university, copernicus, newton's, ToE, SETI and research lab.

    We build MoM for happiness reasons - culturally it is the same as a temple, but it provides more benefit. And Great Lighthouse - we need to find the other continent.

    Temples/catrhedrals/colosseums should be avoided or delayed as much as possible. They can also always be sold and rebuilt to eliminate the 1K culture bonus.

    So basically refrain from building wonders. One wonder we should avoid: Great Library. It's an early wonder with 6cpt, which will contribute to about 4500 culture in 2050 (if built in 250BC). The other wonder I really want is Shakespear - it provides huge hapiness benefit and allows growth over 12, but it has a culture of 8. Fortunately it's available very late so maybe we can build it, but let's see how culture goes at that time.

    We need to keep AI happy. No only we need resources from them and avoid wars, we need them to do research for us, otherwise we will not be able to launch before time runs out.
  6. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Rome starts Oracle.

    1075BC: with MoM we still need 10 lux. I've intentionally avoided building temple too early, but we need it now. We can sell/rebuild it when it hits the 1K doubling point.

    I hire scientist so lux could be drop to 10 and sci to 0, adding +6 income. Temple in 6 with 10spt.

    975BC: We are the wealthiest in the world.

    950BC: temple->rax. We need some military. I fire the scientist and sci to 10%. Shields go 13-13-14.

    925BC: Yes, everybody has Map Making! CoL+55g to Russia for it. Now I still have monopoly on Philosophy. I switch immediately to Great Lighthouse due in 20 turns. I also join the settler NOW to have extra income and less unit cost.

    Oops, I have to increase lux to 20 as with 0-food people are more unhappy..

    850BC: Russia demands Philosaphy, I cave.

    650BC: I've been blocking the bab warrior by my 3 EW. :)

    630BC: Russia and Babylon have Construction. Babylon has Philosophy too.

    610BC: Babylon starts Pyramids and completes Oracle. Aztecs completes Pyramids. 5 barb horses show up..

    590BC: Russia and Babylon start Great Wall. These barb horses sit next to my dyes colony without doing anything?!

    530BC: Rome demands Philosophy, I give in.

    510BC: Rome has Construction too.

    IBT Great Lighthouse is done and we start harbor. 15spt in 4 turns.

    430BC: harbor->galley.

    410BC: Babylon has Polytheism.

    390BC: Rome has HBR. I decide to pull it off. 630g to buy Polytheism from Babylon. Polytheism+42g to Rome for HBR. Polytheism+HBR+52g to Russia for Construction. HBR to Babylon for 122g.

    Not a perfect trade (3 techs for 602g), but OK.
  7. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    IBT galley->galley, Russia starts ToA and completes Great Wall. Babylon starts ToA.

    370BC: EW has to leave Ur to guard two workers so lux to 20%.

    350BC: reg EW kills bab warrior and redlines.

    IBT galley->rax. Saw Russia galley approaching.

    330BC: IBT galley sinks.

    310BC: IBT the 5 barb horses finally attack our reg EW at the colony, all lose without a scratch, and promote it to elite!

    290BC: lux back to 10%.

    IBT rax->EW

    270BC: IBT EW->archer. Aztecs completes SoZ.

    230BC: IBT archer->galley.

    190BC: IBT galley->EW. Germany builds ToA (must be an SGL??)

    170BC: IBT EW->galley

    130BC: Babylon moves another settler pair to the chokepoint. 3 EW not enough to block 2 settlers so Babylon will settle there..I should have moved a 4th EW there. But in any case, Russia is already sending galley to our south pennisula.

    IBT gally->galley

    90BC: IBT galley->galley.

    70BC: IBT Republic in! Set to Currency. We revolt immediately and Ur riots. We draw a 5-turn anarchy??? Everybody except one scientist to taxman and we have +20 income! Keep doing this every other turn.

    50BC: One of our suicide galley sees what looks the other coast!

    IBT that galley sinks. :(

    30BC: But another galley survives and reaches what looks like the other continent!

    10BC: Russia demands Republic. :( I cave.

    10AD: IBT another galley sinks. I sell Republic to Babylon for 626g. It turns out "the other continent" is just a small island. :(

    30AD: IBT we are Republic!
  8. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    50AD: keep 15spt.

    70AD: keep sending suicide galley and spot TWE DIFFERENT BORDERS!

    IBT: galley->colosseum. Bab starts Hanging Gardens. Our galley sinks! :mad:

    90AD: Everyone has Monarchy.

    150AD: Babylon offers Monarchy, I decline.

    190AD: Rome legion/settler come close to our colony. :(

    IBT Rome starts HG.

    230AD: Rome settles and our border expands. Maybe we can flip it? I set max sci to Currency due in 7.

    250AD: IBT Colosseum->granary. Delaying pop increase by one turn so we can complete granary first. Galley sinks again!

    270AD: IBT Rome declares on Babylon!

    290AD: granacy->galley.

    300AD: Babylon has literature. Cool!

    IBT we research Currency, enter Middle Ages and get Feudalism as the free tech! Trade Currency to Babylon for Literature+3g. Unfortunately Babylon gets Feudalism too.

    310AD: Max sci to Monotheism due in 17. MM so library is due in 2. We do NOT want Great Library as we want to avoid the culture.

    IBT iron online.

    320AD: upgrade an EW to pikeman.

    IBT library->galley. Bab starts Sun Tzu's and Great Library.

    330AD: lux can drop to 0? With library Monotheism due in 11.

    340AD: IBT galley->market. Russia starts Hanging Gardens.

    350AD: Russia enters Middle Ages and has Monotheism. Apparently she traded with Babylon. :(

    IBT 2 barb galleys promote our galley to elite.

    360AD: Rome enters Middle Ages too.

    370AD: We can get horses from Babylon for 42g? Deal. Set max sci to get Monotheism in 5 turns.

    IBT galley sinks again! :mad:

    390AD: Monotheism now due in 3.

    IBT market->galley.


    410AD: IBT Monotheism is done, set max to Theology in 11 turns. Galley->galley.

    430AD: Ur grows to size 11, we buy wines from Babylon with 63g.

    IBT galley->horseman.

    440AD: IBT the Roman city flips. :D

    450AD: We abandon the city.

    IBT: horse->horse.

    460AD: IBT galley sinks agian.

    470AD: disband a EW.

    IBT Rome demands Feudalism, I refuse, he declares.
  9. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    480AD: MM to have 20spt producing MDI in 2 turns. Establish Embassy in Babylon, it has horses, 19spt, size 7 and has a clown. 3 lux building Sun Tzu's due in 7.

    IBT Rome builds Great Library. Shoot, should have given the tech to him. ;)

    490AD: IBT MDI->MDI. Russia starts Sun Tzu's.

    510AD: MDI->horse.

    520AD: Both horses attack elite legion and retreat, taking 2-hp off.

    IBT 3-hp legion attacks pikeman and dies.

    530AD: horse->wealth. There is nothing we need to build.

    540AD: Our galley finally reaches the other continent!

    IBT: Theology->Education. Bab drops settler in the south.

    550AD: we meet Germany! He is very backward: has Monarchy but lacks CoL+Literature+Currency. Get Education in 14 turns at -10.

    560AD: IBT Bab completes Sun Tzu's.

    570AD: We meet Aztec. She is apparently at war with Germany. She lacks Literature, Monotheism and Feudalism.

    580AD: the other galley gets there too. I start Sistine as prebuild to Copernicus.

    Those AIs are so slow at research that I'm pissed off. Currency+Lit to Germany for Monarchy+19g.

    610AD: Finally Babylon has Engineering. Germany enters Middle Ages but gets Feudalism. Theology to Babylon for Engineering+horses+1g.

    620AD: Just realize I could have given Rome Engineering/Theology last turn to sign peace. He got it anyway this turn.

    Bab tries to settle on the flipped Roman city spot, and I carefully direct it to a place that doesn't put our resources in danger. ;)

    630AD: Russia has Chivalry. She asks for Engineering+Theology+140g for it, and I buy it. Sistine could switch to Knight Templar due in 10 turns, but I wouldn't build Knight Templar for culture's reason. I switch to knight first losing 32 shields.

    I sign peace with Rome with Chivalry.

    63g to Babylon for wines.

    IBT Russia starts Sistine.

    640AD: starts on Knight Templar as prebuild for University, Education due in 4. Russia settles a city and once it expands our iron will be lost. :mad:

    Rome and Babylon make peace. Babylon starts Sistine.

    660AD: Russia starts Knights Templar.

    670AD: IBT Education->Astronomy. University due in 1. Shut off research this turn.

    680AD IBT University->Sistine as prebuild for Copernicus. Astronomy due in 14 with +0.

    690AD: IBT Rome starts Sistine and Knights Templar.

    720AD: We find India. He lacks Lit, Currency and Republic. Sign..

    730AD: Our blocking looks successful - our resources are temporarily safe. :D

  10. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    770AD: We find Zulu. He lacks Lit, Currency, Republic, Monarchy, Construction.

    820AD: IBT Astronomy -> Banking.

    830AD: Copernicus due in 6 turns. Banking in 13 with +2. Both Russia and Rome have Education. I sell our ONLY iron to Babylon for horses and wines.

    850AD: Two galleys sink on purpose to avoid unit support. MM to get Copernicus in 3 instead of 4.

    850AD: Rome demands Astronomy. I refuse, he declares.

    I establish embassy with Russia, Moscow is size 9, 11spt, building Sistine in 25 turns. 3 lux has horses but not iron. I sign alliance with Babylon against Rome with Chivalry so we are safe.


    IBT Copernicus done. Set to cathedral as prebuild for bank.

    880AD: Big weed. I built a long road to the southern iron only to realize that we cannot build colony on mountain. :smoke:

    890AD: Rome drops a legion. Knight attacks and loses, without a scratch on it?! MDI also loses and promotes it. horseman attacks and kills it! My weed, I should have used horseman before MDI as it may retreat..

    910AD: Russia city expands and we lost our iron! :mad: Babylon has Invention.

    920AD: IBT Banking->Navigation. It would enable us to trade with the other continent. It in 7 turns with -14gpt. Bank in 3 turns.

    940AD: IBT bank due, set to treb. I sell the temple. Interestingly, it was built in -950AD, almost 2000 years ago.

    970AD: Bab has Education, so I can trade Banking to it for Invention+49g+horses+7gpt. He turns Gracious.

    IBT Russia demands Astronomy. I refuse. She doesn't declare. Treb->treb. Rome builds Knights Templar. Babylon starts Leo's.

    980AD: IBT Russia starts Leo.

    990AD: Aztec demands Chivalry. Although there is no worry that she declares, I give to her anyway. The other continent is hopelessly backward. Please catch up, guys!


    Navigation->Gunpowder. We've got another sci leader! Man, what do I do with them? Sci Age doesn't work so I probably would save to rush Industrial or Modern Age wonders.
  11. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1010AD: I give Germany Engineering for iron and furs. He turns polite. I sell Engineering to Aztec for ivory+WM+3gpt+80g. She turns polite too. I switch longbow to knight.

    1020AD: I sell Colosseum too.

    IBT: knight->knight. Disband a horse making knight due in 3.

    1050AD: IBT Gunpowder->Chemistry. Knight->knight. Disband another horse. We have saltpeter!

    1060AD: Chemistry due in 8. Our alliance with Babylon ends, 60g to Rome for peace. Lit to Zulu for incense+WM.

    1080AD: Lit to India for 70g+4gpt. Switch knight to musketman.

    IBT musket->musket.

    1100AD: IBT Russia builds Sistine. Bab builds Leo.

    1100AD: IBT Bab offers TM for TM+Gunpowder, I decline.

    1120AD: Musket due, disband a pike. Knight due in 3.

    IBT: Chemistry->Physics due in 9 at +0.

    1150AD: Knight->Mallegan's as prebuild for Newton's.

    1160AD: Looks like India is rich, Monotheism to it for spices+WM+28gpt+117g.

    1170AD: horses deal ends.

    1180AD: Banking to Rome for horses+WM+123g. He turns Annoyed.

    1200AD: IBT Physics->ToG.

    1210AD: iron deal ends. Renew with Invention for iron+furs+29g+WM.

    Russian cities expand and we lost our dyes! Fine! Have to get a lux: invention to Aztec for ivory+WM+37g.

    1250AD: I watch Rome knight attacking Bab city, and some little guy runs quickly away from the field. What is that? It's a leader! How cute! :lol:

    1255AD: renew incense deal with Zulu by Currency.

    I establish an embassy in Berlin. It's size 12, 2 lux, 19spt and has huge garrison. It's building a courthouse in capital??? Looks like in the previous war Aztec has lost a lot.

    1265AD: Russia has Music Theory, a useless tech for us. So does Babylon.

    IBT ToG->Magnetism in 7. Russia starts JS Bach's.

    1270AD: Switch Mallegan's to Newton's due in 4.

    1275AD: Rome demands Astronomy (again?). I refuse! He declares. What an idiot! Do your own research!

    1285AD: We sign RoP with Bab and knight chases the leader. ;)

    1290AD: knight kills a Roman pike.

    1295AD: knight kills the spear that apparently tries to protect the leader and the leader dies. :lol:

    Bab is losing to Rome.

    1300AD: Magnetism->Metallurgy.

    1305AD: Metallurgy in 5 turns. We have 348 sci output.

    I sell Chemistry to Russia for alliance against Rome + dyes + horses.

    1310AD: I sell Chemistry to Babylon for Music Theory+18g+WM.

    1315AD: Engineering to India for spices+120g+53gpt+WM.

    1325AD: IBT we get Metallurgy and enter Industrial Ages! We get Nationalism as free tech. Max sci to Steam Power due in 10.
  12. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Despite having only one city, we enter Industrial Ages the first. We almost researched all the way ourselves, skipping all optional techs except Republic (obviously neede) and Navigation (which we really needed for trading purpose). I'm really disappointed at AI's slow research and I'm beginning to worry that I'd have to do all research myself. These AIs keep researching optional/useless techs.

    1330AD: rifleman in 3. Upgrade two musket to rifle. Music Theory to Germany for furs+ivory+iron+WM.

    1345AD: Two knights attack Ellipi, one retreats the other kills musket and we capture it. I gift it back to Babylon.

    IBT Rome and Babylon sign peace.

    1365AD: Rome has Printing Press, so does Babylon.

    1370AD: Physics to Babylon for Printing Press + 37gpt. Physics to Russia for 116g+14gpt+WM. Sign embargo against Rome with Russia.

    1380AD: Steam Power->Industrialization due in 9. With 104 gpt payment we still have +80 surplus. Of course we don't have coal. It seems there is one at a small island which is controlled by Aztec. Great!

    1384AD: Germany demands contact with Rome, I decline. He doesn't declare. IBT renew RoP with Bab by 25g.

    1405AD: Alliance expired so I make peace with Rome and get a worker+11g.

    1410AD: Ur riots..I buy incense from Zulu with Monarchy.

    1415AD: Banking to India for spices+17g+57gpt.

    1420AD: Establish embassy with Aztec, size 12, 15spt, 2 lux, no strategic resources building a longbow.

    IBT Industrialization->Electricity in 11.

    1425AD: IBT knight->galleon.

    1430AD: PP to Germany for iron+ivory+WM+50g+8gpt. WM to Russia for horses+dyes+WM+2gpt+4g.

    1470AD: Rome and Russia make peace. Russia offers embargo against Rome, I accept.

    1475AD: Magnetism to Russia for 40g+WM+42gpt. It has steam power. Also no coal.

    1480AD: Electricity->Replaceable Parts in 11.

    1485AD: rifle->worker.

    1490AD: Germany has Democracy, Chemistry to it for Democracy+WM+80g+25gpt.

    IBT: worker->factory.
  13. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1500AD: We declare on Aztec! We landed 2 knights, 2 rifle, 1 pike, 2 cannon and 1 worker.

    IBT a reg longbow kills 1 rifle.

    1505AD: Our RNG luck is too bad. 2 knights lose to spear. rifle kills a spear without loss. I'd have to put off my plan a little bit.

    1510AD: Monotheism to Zulu for incense+WM+1g.

    Industrialization to Russia for WM+140g+94gpt.

    I rush factory for 648g.

    Bab also enters Industrial Age but doesn't have Medicine.

    1515AD: Factory->knight in 2. Physics to India for spices+WM+10gpt.

    1520AD: knight->knight.

    1530AD: Metallury to Germany for ivory+iron+WM+20g. 65g to Russia for horses. 65g for dyes.

    IBT RP->Corporation. knight->frigate. We don't have oil. Bab has oil next to Ellipi. In fact, Bab has 2 sources of oil.

    1535AD: Upgrade MDI to guerilla.

    1540AD: Russia has Mil Tradition. I sell Electricity to it for WM+MilTrad+80g+149gpt (full price). Russia has coal.

    Upgrade 4 knights to cavs.

    IBT Ur riots??

    1545AD: Russia has Free Artistry. :( So do Babylon and Rome. Babylon has coal too. Where does it get it from??

    Shakespear looks safe to get without triggering culture win now, so Steam Power to Rome for Free Artistry + WM + 30g + 17gpt. Now we have +336 income from others, That's more than our own!

    1550AD: lux raised to 10%, Shakespear due in 13.

    1555AD: India eliminated Zulu. Germany completes Magellan's.

    1560AD: 5g+WM to Germany for furs. Lux to 0 and sci to 100, Corportation in 3.

    1570AD: Corporation in and our SGL luck continues:

    IBT How many wonders we still need? TOE, UN and SETI. We'll save those later.

    1585AD: We land again on the coal island. IBT Germany declares on Aztec.

    1590AD: bombard. 1 cav kills reg spear, 1 cav kills 3-hp vet spear, 1 cav retreats from longbow, 1 cav kills a longbow, rifle attacks, redlines but kills the longbow. There is only one galley on top. I'll wait till next turn.

    IBT Aztec galley leaves the city but it rushes a spear.


    We raze the city. Should we capture the next city and give it to somebody else to avoid culture expansion to eat our colony? I decide no, as that could destroy the harbor, and it seems to need 2 expansion so it's too long a time for it to matter.

    So I sue for peace immediately. She has nothing to offer. Before signing peace there are 3 Aztec slave workers and they can just finish a road. I create a colony and WE NOW HAVE COAL! [dance]

    I need protect this Aztec city not to be captured by Germany, so I sign RoP with her and put two units to block attack to Tzintzuntzen.

    Germany enters Industrial Ages but also gets Steam! I'm so pissed off. Seems I'll have to research Medicine myself!

    1600AD: IBT Russia and Babylon sign MPP. Russia completes Universal Suffrage.

    1610AD: Russia has Communism. :mad: So are Rome and India. Electricity to India for WM+124g+144gpt.


    Shakespear due, order rifleman. With Shakespear we'll have no happiness problem..

    1625AD: rifle->cav. We are producing exactly 40spt.

    1630AD: 88g from Rome for horses. We don't need iron now so I pass.

    IBT: Refining->Steel in 10. cav->Stock Exchange.
  14. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1635AD: We still need iron for railroad so we still get it from Rome. I sell Nationalism to Germany for ivory+WM. It's WAY cheap for this tech, but for good reason.


    I think I have a problem now. We are already turn 318. With such a research pace (10 turns a tech?) we'll at most research 22 techs. We have 7 more to go for Industrial Ages, and 11 in Modern Ages (considering the free tech), which are much more expensive. So I have to let those AIs research for me, otherwise we'd run out of time.

    So I have to help those poor guys to catch up.

    Here is the current tech situation:

    Russia/India: has Communism but lacks Corporation and RP.
    Rome: has Communism but lacks Industrialization and Electricity.
    Babylon/Germany: lacks Industrialization and Electricity.
    Aztec: still in Middle Ages. She is out of the picture.

    And nobody seems to want to research Medicine, which I deliberately didn't go for.

    I have to be generous.

    1645AD: I trade Electricity+Industrialization to Rome for Communism+WM+18g. Communism to Babylon for 20gpt+40g.

    Russia has Fasicm. :mad: RP+Corporation to Russia for Facism+WM+120g+108gpt. Facism to India for WM+13g+182gpt.

    I GIVE Facism to Rome. He turns Gracious. I GIVE Facism+Communism to Germany. He turns Gracious.

    There is an oil JUST in Eulbar, Bab's city to our south.

    1655AD: IBT Stock Exchange -> Coastal Fortress.

    1660AD: Electricity->Germany for furs+WM+4g.

    110g buy a Roman worker. Electricity+Industrialization to Babylon for 14g.

    IBT CF->rifle.

    1680AD: Steel->Combustion in 11 :(.

    1685AD: I sell RP to everybody. To Rome for WM+20gpt+92g. To India for WM+21gpt+20g. To Germany for WM+5g. It's a high priority tech so I want AI to not waste time on it.

    1690AD: Rome has Rubber for trade! 130g for it. Upgrade 5 rifle to infantry.

    1695AD: IBT 5g to Aztec to renew RoP.

    1710AD: IBT: India demands Refining, I give to him.

    1715AD: Russia gets Espionage (and Refining).

    IBT Russia demands Steel, sure.

    1730AD: 90g to Rome for horses.

    1735AD: We lost iron and nobody has it for trade now?!

    IBT: Combustion in. I'm fed up: eventually set to Medicine in 7 turns.

    1740AD: Some CIVs have Economics - phew, nobody had it before? Combustion to India for Incense, Espionage, Economics, WM, 180g and 121gpt.

    We can build Intelligence Agency. I'll go for it.
  15. ArmPilot

    ArmPilot Chieftain

    Feb 29, 2004
    Western PA; Eastern USA
    Nice story microbe. I like all your stories too. Goodluck.
  16. steviejay

    steviejay Now in Black and White!!

    Jun 9, 2002
    Glasgow, Scotland
    OCC game's always make me jealous :(

    cracking story though, good luck!!
  17. Baalzebul

    Baalzebul Chieftain

    Dec 15, 2003
    Very good and interesting story. Waiting for the updates.
  18. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1750AD: 45g to Russia for dyes. I give Espionage to Babylon. We build embassy in India and it's 34 spt, size 12, 40% sci (!), 3 lux and building IA in 6 turns.

    1754AD: 45g to Germany for furs.

    1758AD: IBT Medicine->Sci Method.

    1760AD: Medicine to India for WM+236gpt+40g (full price).

    1762AD: IBT Aztecs and Germany make peace.

    1766AD: renew rubber deal with 130g.

    1772AD: Aztecs founds a city called 'Malinoalco' inside its own territory and gets our coal colony! My weed to not move my cav on the tile to prevent that (I had intended to use cavs to protect Aztecs from Germany when they were at war).

    OK, it's not that important anymore. Besides, I can always re-capture it if I want. So I move a boat with 2 artillery and 2 infantry over there.

    1774AD: Sci Method due. What to research next? I can research Mass Production in 8 turns and ToE in 8 turns too, but I'd rather leave that tech to the AI (which is very likely). Since I have 3 sci leaders, I decide to rush ToE and shut off research for this turn, then pick up Atomic Theory and Electronics, then I can research Radio.

    1776AD: Radio in a freaking 13 turns! :mad: I start building Hydro plant.

    1780AD: IBT Rome declares on Russia. :eek: It may be good. Some resources need to be reshuffled! Rome builds Smith's.
  19. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1782AD: India has Flight! [dance] Looks like he is now catching up and has become the most advanced civ. But it's too expense to buy right now so I pass.

    Try to plant a spy in Germany and get caught. He is still polite.

    1784AD: 88g to Rome for horses. Hodro plant -> infantry.

    1786AD: 60g to renew incense from India.

    1790AD: Russia also has Flight. India is insulted by sci method, but Russia is OK with it, and together with dyes and 21gpt.

    1794AD: Germany has iron again. Medicine to Germany for furs+iron+48g+12gpt.

    1804AD: Radio->Mass Production due in 11.

    1806AD: 129g to Rome to renew rubber.

    1808AD: I declare on Aztecs.

    1810AD: 1st cav loses to a redline pike amd promotes it?! 2nd cav kills a pike. infantry redlines but kills the 2-hp pike, rifle finishes off the longbow and razes the city.

    IBT Rome and Russia sign peace.

    1812AD: Doing nothing. I just wait for Aztecs to talk. Meantime the worker is building a road.

    1814AD: India has Mass Production! It took him 15 turns. This is what I'm talking about! I buy it with 2844g. I wanted to pay gpt to speed up its research but somehow it doesn't accept my gpt deals - somehow our rep was hit??! Motorized Transportation due in 11.

    IBT infantry->Commercial Dock.

    1816AD: Rome and India have Sanitation.

    1818AD: Sign peace with Aztecs straight up. Sign RoP with Aztecs.

    IBT we caught India's spy.

    1820AD: Create colony and we have coal again.

    Aztecs in Industrial Ages now.

    1822AD: I see Babylon has an unconnected oil. I sign RoP with it and send some workers to connect it (this shouldn't be an exploit, should it? Anyway it's not a big deal for this game. I could declare war on it and connect it anyway.)

    1824AD: 88g to renew horse deal. oil connected for Babylon, it's more expensive than iron or horses. Sci method to Babylon for oil+WM+15g.

    Now I can build bomers, start right away!

    1826AD: Plant a spy in Babylon.

    1828AD: India has Amphibious War.

    1830AD: Renew dyes from Russia. Steel to Babylon for Sanitation+WM+22gpt.

    IBT India declares on Russia.

    1832AD: IBT Rome and India sign alliance against Russia.
  20. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1834AD: Motorized Transportation in and we enter the Moden Ages! And draw Computers as the free tech, just as I wanted. Rush SETI. Surprise, surprise, we get another leader! I've got totally 4 SGLs in this game! :lol:

    Set to Miniaturization, due in 22 (yes, it's THAT expensive). Sanitation to Germany for furs+iron+WM+1gpt+3g. We have close to 20K gold so we can do max sci with a small deficit.

    Upgrade infantry to Mech Infantry.

    IBT Babylon sign alliance with India against Russia.

    SETI done, set to research lab.

    1836AD: You know what's missing? A golden age! We need a golden age to speed up research! I'll build Hoover Dam after research lab (or Internet, but it's culture is too big).

    1840AD: IBT research lab -> Hoover Dam due in 12. Now Miniaturization due in 13 with SETI and research lab just finished :goodjob:.

    India has Atomic Theory now.

    1842AD: Sell Combustion to Babylon for WM+8gpt+34g+2 workers.

    1844AD: Pollution causes us to delay one turn in research.

    IBT Rome and India sign MPP.

    1846AD: Rubber deal ended, but it seems safer and cheaper to get it from Rome. I buy it from Rome for 198g.

    IBT Aztecs and India sign alliance against Russia. Rome and Aztecs sign MPP.

    1848AD: Buy two russia workers with 218g. Yeah I know I bought too many workers, but they don't need upkeep cost and I need workers to clear pollution, plus I have too much gold. :D

    1850AD: Mass Production to Babylon for 50g + 20gpt + 2 workers + WM.

    IBT: Rome captures Vladivostok, which gives iron back to us. India starts Hoover Dam.

    1854AD: Radio to India for Amphibious War + WM + 1160g + 123gpt.

    IBT Russia and India sign peace. India immediately declares again (due to MPP?) Russia captures back the city and we lose that iron again. Oh well..

    1856AD: IBT the city changes hands and we get iron again.

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