[NFP] Yet Another Blue Map Thread


Apr 29, 2021
Assuming this is the correct forum for technical issues with mods, for some reason CIVITAS Oda Nobunaga is causing a blue map stripe bug (just on the latitude of his starting territory) and Alfred Escher drowns the whole map in blue (must be in league with those insidious Bugsingers). Apparently a number of other CIVITAS leaders (I can make a proper list if it would be any use in solving this mystery) as well as EnigmaConundrum all have a blue checkerboard effect on the map, at least in combination with my current mod list. Even that Hypatia mod causes it! There must be a pattern -- but I can't see it. (By contrast, to emphasize that this appears to be a different problem than standard mod conflict, a number of Gedemo leaders conflict with this mod set --- and the standard error message appears indicating the mods failed to load. I can't even figure out from looking at the logs what signifies any variation of the blue map glitch --- only that if a leader causes it with the mod set, it always causes it, and once the leader is deactivated, the glitch stops the very next time a game is created.)
I can't claim to have deactivated all other mods and tried them alone (because I'm in the long process of reactivating the whole mod set that I was using while stuck in legacy prior to JT Warhammer's update allowing its use with the current version, for which I'm very grateful to JT if JT ever reads this), but I did check Steam and noticed Oda Nobunaga and Alfred Escher were both reported as nonfunctional late in 2021. What I'm wondering is : why/how would a specific leader cause a blue map glitch (I did remember to turn off anti-aliasing, so that's not the issue), even given the presence of other mods? "Mods failed to load" makes sense, and the asset limit "makes sense" (even if it is a Firaxis fail to have built in such a hard limit) --- but clearly anti-aliasing is NOT the cause of any of the blue map glitches. Does anyone know what originates them and why they are reliably triggered by certain leaders in combination with certain (common and popular) mods?

My list is already pretty extensive, but this issue seems entirely unrelated to the asset limit, for which I've used Zegangani's workaround. So far I'm able to run Resourceful 2 + Monopolies (and Leugi's Monopolies++) along with Unearthed, CIVITAS Resources, DB's Multiplayer Gold, Sukritact's leaders, natural wonders (and Oceans!!), YNAMP, Merrick's civs and leaders, Seelingcat's civs and leaders, Phlair's cultural units, Steel and Thunder (complete), and Random Uniques. So far even Zegangani's asset limit workaround (basically renaming all folders containing animated leader art after turning off leader animations) doesn't allow any of Warfare Expanded along with extra resources. Also running various smaller mods, Religion Expanded, Tomatekh's Historical Religions, and probably others. Anyway, I'm partly asking out of completionism (I liked Alfred Escher) and the regret of not playing Nobunaga while he was working (if ever he was). Tangentially, if anyone collects epic lists of mods working in combination, I'll be happy to share mine. I'm making one collection that I know works with JT Warhammer and Random Uniques, one without Random Uniques (if that proves to make a difference), and the same without JT Warhammer (in case that still makes a difference; I recall in the past having issues running Elsa of Arendelle with JT Warhammer. At first I thought maybe Disney characters were preserved from corruption by Chaos, but then I remembered the Star Wars acquisition and ruled that out). I'm also curious whether or not turning off Warhammer will allow more assets --- but it seems that it doesn't use a lot of assets (although I've been appreciating those that it does use. The Nurglings are cute.)
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