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Yet another request for help

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by steviejay, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. steviejay

    steviejay Now in Black and White!!

    Jun 9, 2002
    Glasgow, Scotland
    ok, since I've been posting on the civfanatics forum I've asked for help quite alot. I've been wallowing on the lower difficulty levels and recently I decided to go a little higher. This is my first game on Regent (still a pretty low difficulty but I'm learning). I'm the Carthagians and I'm currently at War with the Mongolians who attacked me for no reason. I'm pretty sure I'll win the war against them (as long as I can sufficiently hamper their production before they get knights).

    I'm posting a saved game so if any of you want to you can load it up and if possibly highlight any major faults I'm doing that hinder my progression onto the higher levels. I'm doing as someone told me a while ago and I've put my tax up to 80 to get the most money so I can buy techs instead of researching them and I "think" I'm more or less on even ground with the higher Civ's.

    any constructive criticism of my playing ability would be greatly appreciated. any other form of feedback is ok too.

    (I just hope I've added the zip file properly)


  2. Bismarck

    Bismarck The Iron Chancellor

    Aug 21, 2001
    Missouri, USA
    I can't comment on your specific game situation (I don't have PTW), but you don't need to buy your techs on Regent. You can easily research your own techs, while staying ahead in the science race, until the highest levels (Emperor and Deity).
  3. Bamspeedy

    Bamspeedy We'll dig up the road!

    Dec 18, 2001
    Amish Country, Wisconsin, USA
    Well, you can outresearch the AI if you are an experienced player. He is in Monarchy and doesn't have hardly any libraries, so he is better off with 0-10% science, like he is doing now. He's got the Great Library, so that is another reason he is going with low science. He's got 2500+ gold, so he's doing good there.

    1. Cities spaced too far apart. There a lot of tiles that will never be used (especially that wheat northwest of Utica) and some other grassland tiles. A couple of cities could have been moved 1 tile over getting the city on a river (no need to build an aqueduct, increased commerce earlier in the game). Cirta should have been 1 tile to the east or southeast, getting on the river and eliminating some of that empty space.

    2. You will soon have the Great Library expire on you (Education), so you want some libraries built for when you start to research yourself and to be able to build universities.

    3. I like granaries alot, but I wouldn't bother building them if a city is only going to produce 1-2 shields for a long time. Granaries are more effective if you can build them in a decent amount of time, otherwise don't bother unless there is nothing else to build. I usually just build a granary in a city that will be my settler/worker factories, the other cities can ignore the granary until later on. Sulcis should build a harbor so it can grow instead of building military units. Have another city that is more productive send a unit up there to guard it.

    4. Trade for luxuries! You could buy dyes from Egypt for 280 gold (or less), Furs from Korea for 250 gold, France will offer you spices, 13 gold/turn and 20 gold for Invention. Now that you have 4 luxuries instead of 1, you can fire a bunch of those entertainers. If you go with 0% science and 0% luxury, you're now making +120 gold/turn (doubling your income) after I fired the entertainers. But with 0% luxury rate many of your cities are pretty close to having disorder, so you may want to leave it at 10%.

    4. You did something wrong in your expansion phase. You didn't build your 3rd city until 1525 B.C.
  4. MummyMan

    MummyMan Chieftain

    May 9, 2001
    Yeah, bamspeedy pretty much explains it, but looks like you're doing well thus far. (I checked out the save)

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