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Your Biggest Total War battle.

Discussion in 'Total War' started by Maniacal, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Maniacal

    Maniacal the green Napoleon

    Mar 13, 2005
    British Columbia, Canada
    Since the other thread is supposed to be just for RTW, I made this one.

    One problem I had with this battle was that I didn't notice that the enemy had attacked my left half of the army. They really need to have flashers or something on the minimap, as I was focused on the right flank.

    Defence of Sarkel.
  2. Sashie VII

    Sashie VII Balance of Power

    Apr 11, 2004
    Where people build cat statues
    Mine was MTW. I got very curious one day and used the cheats to juggle units around.

    End result: 50000+ Boyars against 1000 rebels.

    That was a long time ago though.
  3. Cheezy the Wiz

    Cheezy the Wiz Socialist In A Hurry

    Jul 18, 2005
    You know what is fun in MTW? Make a knight army and fight against 7 armies worth of peasants.
  4. drzoidberg

    drzoidberg Prince

    Jan 10, 2004
    When you're fighting the Timurids, which all are massively over powered, they always meet you with three full armies at a time. And they've got masses and masses of armies. It never seems to end. When I met them head on I had a series of battles. All in a very confined area a bit north of Antioch. I don't remember exactly the numbers but I had at least ten full armies, but they had more. I took them on three armies on three armies at a time, constantly moving around to refil and attack again.

    The only boring thing was that I had cannons, (monster bombards) so when I autocalculated the battles they went better than when I did it manualy. I lost every singly one of those encounters but I managed to chip away at the Timurids and since he didn't have any cities and I had cities all around them churning out troops, I won in the long run.

    Not a pretty victory but massive battles. My casualties where something like 5:1. Five of my Turkish troops for every Timurid. Timurids are hard as hell.
  5. Stratagist IV

    Stratagist IV Ex virtute honos

    May 10, 2007
    Texas Tech University
    Mine was a Rome invasion in Rome Total War. Try 8 praetorian Cohorts, 4 imperal cavalry, 4 Roman Archers, and 4 triarii (yes I saved them from before Marius) vs. Three senate legions.

    My units were veterans of many campains and Level 2 weapon and armour equiped so I won (low difficulty helped)
  6. tommyommy

    tommyommy Chieftain

    Apr 9, 2007
    This isn't my biggest - more my best:

    I forgot to print screen my battle results.

    It was the other day.

    I deployed about 600 English:

    Arquebisiers x3
    Longbow men x4
    Armoured swordsmen x2
    English knights (mounted) x2
    Bodyguard x1
    Culverin x1
    Mortar x1

    I was holding a castle.

    Then I gave the Moors over 1500 men.

    They had troops who were pretty decent as well.

    They broke my walls immediatly with siege equipment.

    So it's not as if they couldn't get me easily.

    I won, with just over 400 men left.

    Killing off over 1000 of theirs.

    I was so happy. =]].

    ToM x
  7. Rheinmetall

    Rheinmetall Interplanetary Assassin

    May 10, 2002
    As egypt in RTW I recently attacked against two full Pontus armies plus a third scrap army. They had about 3300 men on the field. I had about 1250men.

    I had 7 Pharaoh's guards, 3 Pharaoh's archers, Desert cavalry, and the rest were chariots. Ofcourse they started attacking me because of their overwhelming numbers. After the first army started to smash against the phalanxes I took half of my chariots to a full out charge on the right flank of the first army. One by one I routed the units of the first army by repeated charges on their flanks. After the first army had almost routed, the battle had turned into a one giant mess. I charged my remaining chariots to the left flank of the second army while the remaining chariots form the right flank hunted down the routed first army. I managed to rout the second army too and after the battle I had lost over half of my chariots. But the enemy lost over 2700men.

    The pontus army had one peasant unit with experience 8 and silver weapons and armor. Tough peasants. :D

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