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Your Civ4 Identity

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Yoshiegg737, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. vilbe

    vilbe Chieftain

    Mar 27, 2004
    connecticut, USA
    favourite leader: william
    favourite civ: the dutch
    favorite AI: peter, churchill
    least favorite AI: napolean, izzy, and vicotria
    strengths: growth and expansion. planning.
    weaknesses: staying solvent, keeping the military updated.
    favorite era: industrial
    favorite civic: free market

    i haven't played with sound in years i dont think...
  2. Mosher

    Mosher Mushroom dad

    Dec 11, 2010
    New England
    Favorite leader: Augustus Caesar
    Favorite Civ: Byzantium
    FAvorite AI: Pacal, Mansa
    Least Favorite AI: Tokugawa, Frederick
    Strengths: Building, Diplomacy, offense, teching
    Weaknesses: Defense, economy

    Favorite era - classic
  3. Pinstar

    Pinstar Ringtailed Regent

    Apr 13, 2004
    Upstate NY
    Favourite Leader: Mehemed II
    Favourite Civ: The Ottomans
    Favourite AI: Isabella (She's both predictable, and keeps games interesting)
    Least Favourite AI: Mansa Musa (You can't tech whore...that's my job!)
    Strength's: Growing huge cities, Early Game Raxing, Blocking off land for myself
    Weaknesses: Prolonged wars (offensive) Short wars (defensive)
    Favorite Diplo Music: Spanish
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Japan
    Favourite Era: Classical (but always an ancient start, it just gets interesting in the classical era)
  4. King Commando

    King Commando Chieftain

    Nov 7, 2010
    Favourite Leader: Louis
    Favourite Civ: French, American & British
    Favourite AI: Elizabeth (I've never seen them annoyed before)
    Least Favourite AI: Bismark (I've never seen them Friendly before)
    Strength's: Strategic well planned Attacks, Defense, long wars
    Weaknesses: Stacks, Unpredictable enemies, idiot allies, Founding cities
    Favorite Diplo Music: Rosevelt
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Louis IIX
    Favourite Era: Industrail Era
  5. lasombra1984

    lasombra1984 Prince

    Mar 19, 2010
    Favorite traits: Spiritual, Imperialistic, Expansive
    Favourite Leaders: Justinian & Joao
    Favourite Civ: Byzantium, Holy Rome
    Favourite AI: Justinian, Zara Yacob
    Least Favourite AI: Willem van Oranje, Huayna Capac, Montezuma & pacifists
    Strength's: Diplomacy, mid-game war
    Weaknesses: Culture, early-game wars, army maitenance
    Favorite Diplo Music: Justinian's "Deux Judex Justus", Joao's "Faro Navegador", Catherine's "Thunder of Victory"
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Pacal, Hannibal
    Favourite Era: Medieval Era
  6. Tlalynet

    Tlalynet Emperor

    Aug 24, 2007
    Favourite Leader: Charlamange
    Favourite Civ: Persia
    Favourite AI: Tokugawa (easy to manipulate, has bad diplo with others)
    Least Favourite AI: Zara Yaqob (My nemisis)
    Strength's: Espionage, Defence, Vassals
    Weaknesses: A need to settle GP's (even though its often the worst choice), Not enough seige, not enough patience for long modern wars or hopeless but annoying lategame backstabs.
    Music: Sound off
    Favourite Era: Rennisance
  7. ston

    ston Warlord

    Feb 4, 2009
    Westbury, UK
    Nice thread :)

    Favourite Leader(s): Zara, Gilly, Monty

    Favourite Civ: Ethiopia

    Favourite AI: Genghis, Augustus

    Least Favourite AI: The rest of 'em :p Probably JC or Munchbunch

    Strength's: Building, not being concerned with winning, making tea :coffee:

    Weaknesses: Culture victory condition, City specialisation

    Favorite Diplo Music: Gilly

    Least Favourite Diplo Music: [pass]

    Favourite Era: Ancient Era
  8. Tomorrow's Dawn

    Tomorrow's Dawn Heroes Never Die

    Dec 27, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    Favourite Leader: Qin Shi Huang / Cyrus
    Favourite Civ: China / Persia / Celtia
    Favourite AI: Suleiman / Lincoln
    Least Favourite AI: Churchill / Gilgamesh
    Strength's: War, Science & Micromanagement
    Weaknesses: Gold, Espionage & Diplomacy
    Favorite Diplo Music: Elizabeth
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Hammurabi / Pacal
    Favourite Era: Industrial
  9. Truthy

    Truthy Idle

    Oct 9, 2010
    Favourite Leader: Willem van Orange
    Favourite Civ: Netherlands
    Favourite AI: Dutch, Zara, Khmer, Gandhi
    Least Favourite AI: Isabella :mad:
    Strength's: Battling, Diplomacy, Defending
    Weaknesses: Expanding too quickly
    Favorite Diplo Music: Peter, Louis XIV
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Lincoln
    Favourite Era: Classical
  10. ilduce349

    ilduce349 (Financial, Philo)

    Jun 12, 2008
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
    Favourite Leader: Stalin/Elizabeth (My Fav civics in order are Industrious, Philosophical, Financial, Agressive. These 2 are the only 2 European leaders that fit this combo)
    Favourite Civ: Rome (Preats gave me a diety victory...)
    Favourite AI: Catherine (I like having CLOSER relationships with leaders...)
    Least Favourite AI: Gandhi (In one game he demanded Steam Power from me for 8 turns in a row, GET A HINT!!!)
    Strength's: Economy (792 GPT on 100% science FTW), Tech Rate (Mec Infanty vs Longbowmen FTW), Military Strategy's (knowing what units to build and how to counter enemy armies. I once on a 7 man continent had the 4th highest power ranking (This was a game as the Mongols on RFC RAND, and was right after I destroyed China, so of course I wasn't in the best situation). Persia was second and Japan was third. I declared war on Persia causing Japan to declare war on me due to the defensive pact they had. After 3 turns I had destroyed Persia and take 1 city off Japan. After 10 turns I gave him that city back in exchange for peace.)
    Weaknesses: Diplomacy (If someone ever demands something from me, I say no and declare war. No matter how reasonable it is, however they have to be either Cautious or lower for this to take affect), refusal to build armies unless during wartime, always trying to build every wonder in capital, and expansion, Settlers early game are to expensive and I generally get my second city after monarch AIs have 4.
    Favorite Diplo Music: Catherine Industrial
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Sitting Bull
    Favourite Era: Ancient Era (the defining period)
    Favourite Civic Combo: Industrial, Philosophical

    I added the last question...
  11. Clam Spammer

    Clam Spammer Prince

    Apr 30, 2008
    Quake City, NZ
    Favourite Leader: Huayna Capac
    Favourite Civ: Inca (even if we are considering leaders and civs independently :D)
    Favourite AI: Isabella (easy to befriend, and easy to conquer :D)
    Least Favourite AI: Shaka
    Strengths: research, expansion
    Weaknesses: modern era war, espionage
    Favorite Diplo Music: Celts
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Pacal
    Favourite Era: Classical
  12. ilduce349

    ilduce349 (Financial, Philo)

    Jun 12, 2008
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
    you reminded me of one of my weaknesses
  13. Tlc2011

    Tlc2011 Pixel Cat

    Apr 18, 2011
    I like looking at the Dida avatar from a mod for some reason..:shifty:
  14. ilduce349

    ilduce349 (Financial, Philo)

    Jun 12, 2008
    Canada (Greatest Country Ever!!!!!)
    which avatar?
  15. The7Sins

    The7Sins Hungry Burger

    Oct 29, 2010
    Montpelier, Vermont
    Favorite Leader: Alexander
    Favorite Civ: Zulu
    Favorite AI: Boudica
    Least Favorite AI: Bismark and De Gaulle
    Strength's: Attacking, Defending, Culture Victories
    Weaknesses: Diplomacy and Spies (oddly this is the same weakness I have in Team Fortress 2)
    Favorite Diplo Music: Boudica\Brennus, Joao, Isabella, Shaka, and Saladin
    Least Favorite Diplo Music: Pacal and Zara
    Favorite Era: Modern Era
  16. Haig

    Haig Deity

    Aug 3, 2010
    Favourite Civ: England for coolness, Ottomans for competive play
    Favourite Leader: Elizabeth is strong for my style
    Favourite AI: Frederik, can't understand why people (Yoshiegg for example) hate him, he's the nicest guy, has given me free cities as a gift even and is trusty!
    Leastfave AI: Shaka and Napoleon for attacking everyone, they are pretty cool tho
    Strengths: Age of musketry, exploring
    Weaknesses: Using specialists, early wars, taking risks
    Fave Diplo Music: Gilgamesh
    Least Fave Diplo Music: Nothing I don't like
    Fave Eras: Ancient for the feeling of discovering the opponents and start, renaissance for colonialism
    Diff Level: Warlord and Noble
    Fave Units Redcoats are awesome and look nice, machineguns are essential
    Stuff I Like in Civ: The first few turns of discovering surroundings, the feeling of epic history, colonizing distant continents, Earth18 map, lively animations and world, Rhye's and fall mod
  17. thatsgerman2010

    thatsgerman2010 Chieftain

    May 22, 2011
    Favorite Civ: Germany
    Favorite Leader: Bismarck, Hirohito, Gorbachev (with mods)
    Favourite AI: Boudica and Joa II, boudica i like to help, and joa II usually plays really well and is a good ally
    Least fav AI: Montezuma and Ragnar, both randomly attack and Ragnar is always really stupid which annoys me
    Strengths: Production, Large scale invasions, Defending, Attacking, Naval superiority, rebuilding a weak economy
    Weaknesses: rushing, early wars, recovering from a weak start, winning after being in the "middle" of the point totempoll for more than 2 eras
    Fave Diplo Music: Joao II, i can play the song on guitar!
    Least Fav Diplo Music: Any of the Native Americans
    Fave Eras: Renaissance to Future
    Least fav Eras: Ancient, OMG ITS SO BORING
    Difficulty level Nobel to Emperor
    Fave Units: Panzers and Samurai, Panzers dominate in later games and Samurai are just cool looking :]
    Stuff I like in Civ: Playing on a World Map and seeing how it turns out, WW2 Scenarios, Playing mods that make the game 5000 times more complex (rise of manking- A new dawn)
  18. LeHam

    LeHam Prince

    Jun 16, 2009
    Pacific Coast
    Favorite Civ Traits: Philosophical, Creative, Charismatic.
    Favorite Leader: Pericles, Lincoln
    Favorite Civ: Greece, America.
    Favorite AI: Lincoln, Roosevelt, any who are not zealots or aggressive.
    Strengths: Knowing when to go to war and when not to. Staying out of trouble with other, stronger AI.
    Weaknesses: Don't always take full advantage of the terrain and don't get the most out of my cities.
    Level of Competency: Noble.
  19. Ataxerxes

    Ataxerxes Deity

    Jul 29, 2009
    Fav Leader: Ramses (sucker for wonders)
    Fav Civ: Sumeria - partly history, partly good UU and UB
    Fav AI: Izzy, Mansa
    Least Fav AI:Shaka, Toku
    Strengths: Diplo (esp AP), rushing
    Weakness: Rexing, backstabbing
    Fav era: Industrial (Cannon war)
    Least fav era: Ancient (I agree, it gets boring)
    Level: Noble (like crushing the AI)
    Fav UU: War Chariot
    Least Fav UU: Panzer (normal tanks look better and they give no advantage except maybe at IMM-Diety) RFC Panzer, however, is awesome.
    Stuff I like: Rhye's mods
  20. Turquoiside

    Turquoiside Emperor

    Jun 18, 2008
    Favourite Leader: Mehmed II
    Favourite Civ: Ottomans
    Favourite AI: Pacal (Typically an ally) and usually Augustus
    Least Favourite AI: Julius Ceasar (Without fail, he always attacks me. ALWAYS.) and Mansa Musa (You know why!)
    Strength's: Diplomacy,
    Weaknesses: War
    Favorite Diplo Music: Let's see...Pacal, Ottomans, Hannibal, Peter and Stalin, Rome, Sitting Bull, (All _Late) Japan, Saladin, Greece, Qin, Justinian, Gilgamesh (_Late and _Mid). All favorites!
    Least Favourite Diplo Music: Shaka
    Favourite Era: Medieval

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