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Your First Games

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by Empiremaker, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. ybbor

    ybbor Will not change his avata

    Nov 16, 2003
    Chicago Suburbs
    ditto. i quit that game fast.

    I rmemeber in another early game i read in the civilopedia (at least the [civ3] one, looks like it's differant in [c3c]) that early scouts carried dried meat in their pouches. I took my scout around and wandered from cow to goat, hoping to keep my scout well-fed :D
  2. MRick

    MRick Chieftain

    Feb 24, 2005
    Nantes, Brittany
    I can't remember my First Civ1 or Civ2 Game, but I remember well my First game on Civ3 Vanilla.

    I played Chieftain, and put all random on a medium map with 8 Civs.

    I got the Persians, and that was cool !
    I had beaten Emperor on Civ1 and Civ2 already, but as it seemed all new, I played chieftain for this first Civ3 Game.

    Well, I had some trouble connecting resources at First (I didn't understand why I could get those horses with the road, and it didn't work for the Iron... It was outside my cultural borders, in the middle of a large moutain area !). So I was already at middle age when I connected Iron, and could start to build Immortals.
    I was alone with the Romans on a medium continent, and I was already at war with them. So one the first occasion I sent an immortal, and won a battle... so... Golden Age ! ;)
    I wiped out the Romans easily and I colonized all my continent.

    And I developped Easily, built many wonder and many cultural building (I discovered how those border works by reading the civilipedia and experimenting a little, so I was very happy to expend my borders very far with culture. By the begining of age Industrial, I had build all the MA wonders (plus the 3 or 4 form Ancient age, including the Pyramids, the Collossus, and the Great Library that did not brought me any tech ever) I send a galion to explore the seas because I was feeling very lonely on my big island...

    I discovered that the other continent was bigger than mine, but overcrowded by 6 Civs that seemed to have been at war with each other quite a bit. I exchanged the maps, and quilckly discovered all the world.
    All those 6 Civs where smaller than me, and they all were terribly backward, they were at the begining of the Middle Age techs ! ;)

    I was about to continue my isolationistic development, but after the backward civs of the new world discovered Astronomy, I was force to declare war because those stupid AI sent settlers on the several little tiles that where not yet assimilated by my borders !
    Grrr ! :mad:
    This is MY continent, I didn't go settling around on YOUR continent, so keep out of mine ! :gripe:

    I made an MPP with the greeks as I wanted to test this new feature, and soon, I was at war with all the 5 other civs. I sent transports full of Cavalry and infantry to crush those stupid pikes and knights !
    That was bloody, but I had trouble with the opposition in the 2 first cities I captured.
    And the Greek were going very bad with every one but me against them, so they kept loosing cities, and I liberated all those cities. This was much easier, I was welcomed by the greek citizens as a liberator, no resistance problems !

    The Greeks were wiped out, but I recovered all their cities ! :D

    And then I made peace.

    I developped faster, building lots of culture in my new aquired greekland.
    I didn't build the spaceship because I already knew that type of victory. I triied diplomatic, but they were all furious because of the previous wars...

    So when I had finished to discover all the techs, I was thinking about thinking all my brand new Modern Armors to crush all those ridiculous Musketmen and Riflemen...


    So I started the bloodbath, carefully picking one civ at a time, and declaring war on the next one as soon as I destroyed the last city.
    So I crushed 1 Civ (the Indians I think), then another (Egyptian maybe), and I almost finished a 3rd one, and then I won the game !

    What ? I didn't killed every one ?

    Domination ?

    No I didn't took the cities, I only kept the greek ones, and rased all the other...

    I had reached 100 000 culture !!!

    Do I discovered the cultural Victory on my First Civ3 game ! :goodjob:

    I was a bit frustrated not to crush every one (those modern armor were very funny to use against Riflemens !)

    But I was happy to find there was another way to win than space or conquest.

    So I started my second game on warlord, and won by space race, but that is another story...
  3. Smellincoffee

    Smellincoffee Trekkie At Large

    Jun 29, 2003
    Heart of Dixie
    I played as the Aztecs. I had read the manual, but a lot of the material hadn't yet been absorbed. I was using PC Gamer's guide (which, as I became a better Civ3 player, I found was worthless. It advocated worker automation and ROP rape and so many other things...) ,so all of my workers were automated from the get-go. I came to Civ3 from AOK, so I was trying to attack with spearmen and such. I wasn't aware of a lot of the game's rules, so I moved troops in first, then attacked. I don't think I engaged in a single war where I declared war first. I learned a lot, and I achieved Domination in 2024. I hadn't even finished researching tanks yet. That was actually the best map I've played on. Three continents. One continent had European civs on it, one continent had Middle East civs on it, and the other had American civs on it. I learned that Bismark is a real pain to have around, that immortals aren't to be messed with, and invading a continent with eight troops isn't going to work. :lol:
  4. Bartleby

    Bartleby Remembers laughter

    Apr 21, 2004
    Englishman in Cork
    I really can't remember my first Vanilla games. I know my first PTW game was as the Koreans (random civ). My first C3C game was as the Zulu (random again). They were both Huge map Histographic games, at Regent level.
  5. BigNHuge

    BigNHuge This... Is your story...

    Apr 29, 2003
    My first civ game was on Civ3 and it was on the standard earth map. I was america, thought since they are the strongest today. I just kept building workers and rejoining them to the city, as i thought that was how you made the population grow. :/
  6. Salamandre

    Salamandre Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2003
    I think I can get the prize for the dumbest player.

    In my first game, years ago, I noticed that workers can build colonies on ressources. When I built one I noticed my income raise by 1 gold. (the worker cost-but I didnt know)

    So basically what I did whole game was to build workers and make colonies everywhere in the world, figuring I will make money. :lol:

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