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Yuor opinions needed here.....


Feb 14, 2002
I recently played on my mates CIV 3 the other day and after a few hours when i figured it out i was addicted.
He told me that Call to Power and Test Of Time were cheaper then CIV 3 but are still good games.

I want to buy one but which? CTP ot TOT? Which is the best?

Also could someone tell me the difference between the 2?
I agree that CTP is a waste of money, but what is the difference between ToT and MPG? I am running MPG, but have never seen ToT.
Well anyway, MGE was what I was refering to in one of my previous posts:
Originally posted by ren
and also ToT is the same as normal Civ 2 for the most part, it has some extra parts in the game aswell though, CTP is a waste of time and money ;)
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