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Mar 13, 2001
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I was just wondering. I installed an SNES emulator 4 days ago and tried to play Zelda. I never played console game and I was curious to see why it was such a worldwide success. Well, I admit although it's not really a pure RPG (paper based meaning) but it's fun. And since the emulator allows people to play over the net, I would be eager to play Secret of Mana with somebody... Although I'm not sure my invitation will get many replies.
Secret of Mana is a 3 player game right? That sounds interesting. I need the game ofcourse and what emulator are you using?
One of the (maybe THE) best SNES emulator, is the freeware SNES9x and you can get it at... www.snes9x.com :) Simple. I tried Secret of mana 2 days ago with another guy who was on a dialup, unfortunately, so it was laggy but I guess with 2 people playing over DSL/cable it should be fine. And the MP works the same way than for Callus ;)
Callus didn't work all that well last time we played.....was I on dial up at that time or cable?
I loved the original Legend of Zelda on my old Super Nintendo. Actually, i wish i kept the old thing.... Its not quite the same on a computer and keyboard!

It was really addictive... I think the magic of the old games (well, the good ones!) was they left enough to the imagination... for you to really get involved... none of this super-realistic stuff plus the awesome music track for it!

Now that you've reminded me of that game im gonna have to go and download it! goodbye any spare time i had.... :lol:
I have only played the Ocarina of Time and was very impressed.I hate Nintendo's affinity for cutsy characters,but the game was done beautifully.It really gives the feeling of being a movie..being part of it and able to affect many plot lines.A good mix of puzzles,strategy and zip zap type stuff.Not impossible,but not a walk over.
I have a general idea already, but can someone here explain exactly what an emulator is, and how one works? Or should I try someplace else?
An emulator reproduces a machine behaviour in your computer. By machine I mean any set of chips, sound, etc.. of any other computer. That means you can run software compiled for a different processor on your PC. And there's even a Pc emulator for PC!
Anyway in our case, that allows you to play console games on your own PC. It's perfectly legal, I mean the emulator. Concerning the roms, it's legal if and only if you own the game you wanna play.
Originally posted by Groovin'
I loved the original Legend of Zelda on my old Super Nintendo. Actually, i wish i kept the old thing.... Its not quite the same on a computer and keyboard!
I have seen a HOWTO on turning your NES or SNES controllers into PC game pads....do a search thru yahoo/google.com and I bet you can find it.
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Whats Secret of Mana? The only RPG game ive ever played is the original Zelda... plus how does multiplay work in that sort of game anyway?
Secret of Mana is an awesome RPG, a zelda like, for SNES. The multiplayer works fine. One side hosts, the other side connects, then the emulator assume that there are 2 people playing the game, and... it works exactly as if both people were sitting in front of the same TV screen, playing together the SNES game :) Amazing, isn't it?
I have Secret of Mana on my old super nintendo an thats a classic and I rememberd when I played secret of mana 3 players that was fun:)
Zelda r0x0rs

I still haven't finished Link's Awakening...
Originally posted by GenghisK
And there's even a Pc emulator for PC!

Hey i bet things like this proves that you ran out of space on your hard drive in a very stupid way. j/k

Thats still one of my favorite games, the only thing I've never done is get the red boomerang, anyone know how to get it? I use the rom now, because the game dosen't save anymore. :(
i have actually managed to finish zelda 3 once.[dance]
To get the red boomerang, you just have to throw the blue one into the magic fairie's pond (the one that lets you choose an item and throw it into the pond)

ps. Try to throw in an empty glass jar into the same pond, it comes out full of magic drink
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