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[GS] Zombie apocalypse mod

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by sethjohnson, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. sethjohnson

    sethjohnson Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2020
    I have an idea for a mod, bear with me – it’s inspired by the zombie addition to Red Dead and the walking dead.

    The overall idea is to keep most of the mechanics of the game in place (eras, resource management and city states will play a big part) but to set it in a zombie apocalyptic world.

    · The first era would be immediately post zombie apocalypse. The intention here is that the main threat is the zombies – you should be so hemmed in trying to not let your first settlement be overrun that you can’t go exploring much. Think mega raging barbarians. I would use the zombies from Red Dead that spawn after killing a unit.

    · Other problems in this era are food. You can build farms but zombies will come and pillage them until you research a ‘fortified borders’ tech. That closes your borders to zombies and that’s when you can do a bit more exploring.

    · Next era you start encountering other ‘civs’. Trade routes will need protecting at first until relevant tech is researched to auto protect them. Gold is meaningless in this world so replace it with generic ‘supplies’ and trade routes also provide food

    · City states will play a part (or you could just go and conquer them). Military ones could provide troops, costal ones food etc

    · New science and culture tree. More advanced governments would let you use more policy cards. First government would be ‘tribal’ but later you can choose different ways of governing that have different bonuses (like the base game)

    · For more advanced units such as tanks, helicopters the Red Dead idea of finding them is how you get them. But resources are scarce. You can’t attack with them until you have a supply of oil. There will be oil wells on the map but they will be pillaged until you have the relevant tech to be able to repair them. Also you won’t get many of them. A single tank is like a GDR in this game. Horse units will be the main forces.

    · As you go through the eras the idea is the zombies become a continuing nuisance rather than a threat (unless they are in a huge hoard) and it’s the other civs which are the problem. May be a way to get the zombies into a hoard to attack a rival – then you can roll in and clean up what’s left

    · Ways of winning: Domination (take out other civs), Science (research the cure for the zombie condition), Diplomatic (found a world wide government). I think culture and religious victories are redundant here but could be replaced with something else

    · For different civs there could be an ex military faction who get a combat boost, a scientific one, a scavenger one who get a food boost etc.

    These are just some ideas I had, let me know what you think!
  2. chrisgatt7

    chrisgatt7 Prince

    Mar 26, 2013
    War of the worlds mod

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