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Zombie Dragon missing


Oct 5, 2009
Hello there,

i am looking for a unit, a Zombie Dragon, one of Kinboat's lovely series of Dragons. I had it once, I've got the thumbnails, but no flcs. Does anybody know where I can find it? My necromancer's need it.

I don't believe Kinboat made a "Zombie Dragon" but he did make a Green, Red, White and Black Dragon. I think all the same Dragon, just different colors.
I have the Green Dragon that I made a units_32.pcx and slightly adjusted the Large and Small .pcx files and the sounds.
Just in case I will remind that there is a unit of the zombie elephant from Supa.
Yeah that one is awesome. After researching genetic engineering (iirc) you can build it in my mod if you have access to elephants.
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