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Zululand by Dumanios(Modular)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - New Civilizations' started by Dumanios, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    The Zulus were one of many indigenous African tribes, made famous for having a film and being in Civs 1, 2, 3, 4(via Warlords) and Revolution.

    Here, the Zulus have generic Sub-Saharan Africans after Musketmen. They also have a couple Boer units, a British tank, South African Mech Infantry, Gunship, and Modern Armour.

    Missionaries are unchanged.

    Spoiler :
    Row 1: Scout, CEO, Warrior, Swordsman, Axeman
    Row 2: Maceman, UU, Pikeman, Musketman, Rifleman
    Row 3: Grenadier, Anti-Tank, Infantry, SAM Infantry, Paratrooper
    Row 4: Marine, Mech Infantry, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman
    Row 5: Chariot, Horse Archer, Knight, Cuirassier, Cavalry
    Row 6: War Elephant, Tank, Modern Armour, Gunship, Cannon
    Row 7: Machine Gun, Galley, Trireme, Stealth Bomber

    Ancient Civilians

    Spoiler :
    "Row" 1: Great Spy
    Row 2: Settler, Worker, Explorer, Spy, Great Engineer
    Row 3: Great Prophet, Great Artist, Great Scientist, Great Merchant, Great Warlord

    Medieval/Renaissance Warlord

    Industrial/Modern Civilians
    Order same as 2nd Pic.

    Defeat British Imperialism here.

    Spoiler :
    Mostly everything: Siam's African units

    Warrior, Worker(both), Scout, Warrior, Axeman, Swordsman, Maceman, Archer, Pikeman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chariot, Knight, War Elephant: African flavour units in Dumodios.

    Cuirassier: Bakuel's African Early Cavalry

    Dutch Rifleman(used in the Boer Rifleman): The Capo's Industrial Dutchmen

    Grenadier: Bakuel's African Grenadier

    Cannon: Bakuel's African Cannon

    Rifleman: Bakuel's African Rifleman

    Musketman: The Musket Impi on the DL Database

    Cavalry: Kochman's Boer Commando(Link's to a Boer civ)

    Modern Armour: South African Olifant from Earth 2010

    Mech Infantry and Gunship: KrugerPritz's Rooikat and Rooivalk

    Tank: Churchill from RTW 3.19

    Various Units: Varietas Delactate

    Comments, Criticisms, and Advice appreciated.
  2. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Version 2 Released

    New art for the Infantry and Modern Armour.
    Added Flavour art for the Galley, Trireme, and Stealth Bomber

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