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Civ5 - War Academy The compiled list of high-quality Strategy Articles for Civ5

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War Academy Article Index

This thread houses an index of the articles that are within the War Academy, for ease of reference and navigation. New articles will be added to the index as they become available.
Civilization Guide: America, Bandobras Took
Civilization Guide: England, Veneke
Civilization Guide: India, BjoernLars
Civilization Guide: Japan, dexters
Civilization Guide: Persia, MadDjinn
Civilization Guide: DLC Inca, Pouakai
[G&K] Civilization Guide: Rome, Lordleoz + team
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Rome, Lordleoz
[BNW] Civilization Guide: Celts, Browd

Unit Guide: Modern & Future Units, Camikaze
Amphibious Invasions, SemperFi2382
Dealing With Barbarians, grandad1982
Ranged Combat, BjoernLars
The Mechanics of Combat, vexing
Understanding the Zone Of Control, chrin67
Unit Movement in Civilization V, chrin67 & vexing

Basic Guide to Social Policies (includes video!), MadDjinn
Social Policy: Tradition, vexing
Social Policy: Liberty, slobberinbear
Social Policy: Honor, Bibor
Social Policy: Piety, Bibor
Social Policy: Patronage, vexing
Social Policy: Commerce, Veneke
Social Policy: Rationalism, insaneweasel
Social Policy: Freedom, vexing
Social Policy: Autocracy, MadDjinn
Social Policy: Order, MadDjinn

[BNW] Religion: How Does the Religion System Work?, Browd
[BNW] Religion: How to Found and Enhance a Religion, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Spreading and Defending Your Religion, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Pantheon Beliefs, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Founder Beliefs, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Follower Beliefs, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Enhancer Beliefs, Browd
[BNW] Religion: Reformation Beliefs, Browd

Complete Guide to Happiness, WeaselSlapper
How do trade routes/roads/railroads/harbours work?, Veneke
Research Agreements, vexing
[BNW] Cultural Victory and Tourism, Carlsguides
[BNW] Tradition: Three Cities Approaches, Tabarnak
[BNW] Diplomacy: Interacting with Civs and Positive/Negative Diplomacy Modifiers, Carlsguides
[BNW] Early-Game Concepts for Beginners, Carlsguides

Civ5 Acronyms and Terms, binhthuy71
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civ5 war academy, index

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