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- CFC Full Rules -


Oct 5, 2001
Welcome Members!

As a member of the CFC community it is important that you become familiar with the expectations we have for participating and the specific rules our moderating staff enforces. As you read through the following text, please keep in mind that no set of rules or list of inappropriate behaviors can ever be complete enough to show every possible situation. These rules are the guidelines that the staff uses in maintaining order and civility at CFC. While an effort has been made to clarify many situations, the moderators can, and will, interpret these rules and apply them to specific situations as they see fit. We cannot hope to cover every single rule in detail, nor write specific rules to cover every single contextual situation.

We are not publishing these rules so that 'bush lawyers' can use them to try to prove that the moderating team or the rules are inconsistent. We have published them so you can better understand why moderators and Administrators do what they do. Moderators are encouraged to use discretion in the application of these rules and should not be expected or assumed to blindly apply "the rules" in each and every case.

The rules apply to all aspects of the forum, including Private Messages (with the exception of the English-language rule by mutual consent (below)), Social Groups, Visitor Messages and Tags.

New posters to CFC should read all the rules. the New Members: Getting Started section that tells you about how new accounts are restricted until specific thresholds (postcount and days since joining) are met. That section also provides an overview of how to personalize your account.

ESSENTIALS: What it means to be a member of our community
NEW MEMBERS: Account restrictions and personalization
POSTING IN THE FORUMS: Getting started
CIVILITY & DISCUSSION: Our expectations of you

The Rules

Spoiler :

Your agreement with us
You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, racist, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this forum. In addition, if you post at this site, what you post is considered to be in the public domain. Should you choose to leave the forum (or behave in a manner that results in your account being banned), any deletion of your account, or the posts you have made (including attachments) is at the sole discretion of the administrators.

Minimum age requirement
You must be at least 13 years of age to access and use CFC. There is no exception to this requirement. CFC does not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13 that falls within the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and associated rules.

Your rights to Freedom of Speech don't apply here.
You are welcome to have opinions. You are welcome to question certain subject matter posted on these forums. You are welcome to dislike a certain post or disagree with it. Though we typically encourage people to express their opinions and ideas, we have the right to delete yours if necessary, should we consider it abusive, inappropriate or not in the best interests of the community. Remember: This is a public forum, and your posts are indexed and can be found by search engines. This means that they can be found by friends, family, employers or the like. Take care with what you post, as CFC cannot guarantee your anonymity on this forum.

Your account is for YOU only
You may use your account to post your opinions, your thoughts, and your views within the guidelines stated on this page. You may NOT use your account to post for people who are not members or have had their posting permissions removed. You also may not grant others access to your account.

We have zero tolerance for piracy. This includes posting pirated material, linking to pirated material, telling people how to avoid copy-protection etc, or even advocating piracy. We also consider "abandonware" to be piracy, as it has no official legal recognition. Please do not link to abandonware sites.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal of your posting privileges
Depending on the severity of your violation and the number of times you have previously violated the Forum Guidelines, the Administration may choose to suspend your posting privileges or terminate your account. If you are suspended you will not be able to post on our forums for an amount of time to be determined by the Administration.

Multiple accounts are not permitted
Create one account, and keep it. Exception: A temporary additional account is allowed to allow communication to resolve access issues with your principal account. It will be merged into your principal account when access has been restored. If you wish to change your user name for whatever reason, please contact an admin.

Moderators are identified by the various tags under their user names. It is their job to keep order within the forums and respond to inappropriate posting and advertising. The fastest way to get moderation attention is to report a post. All reported posts go to a specific subforum where any moderator can see and respond to them. Please do not respond to inappropriate posts or post in obvious spam advertising threads. Just report them.

We reserve the right to change these rules and policies at any time
It is YOUR responsibility to read announcements regarding rules and policy changes. Ignorance is no excuse. Announcements are located above the threads list table inside each forum. Specific policies for a specific forum may be posted in sticky threads at the top of each forum. It is your responsibility to read these and be aware of any changes.

Spoiler :

New Member Restrictions
Newly registered members may not use signatures, e-mail forum members, post visitor messages, use the private messaging system or join or create social groups, until they have been members for 5 days AND have at least 5 posts.

Also uploads to the modding file database have to get approved by one administrator, unless they have been a member for 30 days AND have at least 30 posts.

The information in the above paragraphs has changed. Any registered member may now use a signature, post visitor messages, use the conversation (previously known as a private message) system and upload to the modding database. It is no longer possible to email other members through CivFanatics and social groups no longer exist. (Edited by Petek on Nov. 2, 2019.)

Postcount titles & avatars
Each poster has a title and an optional avatar image shown below his/her username. The default titles are Chieftain, Warlord, Prince, King, Emperor, and Deity. The minimum postcounts required are listed below:

Chieftain (Minimum Posts: 0)
Warlord (Minimum Posts: 100)
Prince (Minimum Posts: 300)
King (Minimum Posts: 600)
Emperor (Minimum Posts: 1000)
Deity (Minimum Posts: 2000)

You can also put a picture, or avatar, under your name. There are hundreds of Civish avatars for you to choose from.
By default new members cannot choose an avatar. After 5 days and 5 posts, you can select a custom avatar up to 50 kb, or one of the default avatars.
For people who bought the "supporter" upgrade, the limit is 100 kb.

You can change your title or avatar in your Personal Details page

Keep your signature brief
This forum has a signature feature that allows you to "sign" your posts with a customized block of text. The text may include links to other sites (as long as they are within the forum rules) and emoticons. No derogatory references to other members, spoiler tags, quote tags, or youtube tags are allowed in signatures.

Signatures are limited to 5 lines of regular (size 4) text. Using smaller text (size 3) allows 6 lines of text, or (size 2) allows 7 lines of text. No text size larger than size 4 should be used. The number of lines for any text size includes blank lines and room used by emoticons and is evaluated at 1024x768 resolution. Images, aside from this sites emoticons, are not allowed.
Moderator Action: edit - changed the text sizes and lines allowed to be in line with the changes brought by the xenForo upgrade. leif

Zero tolerance on piracy
Posting links to warez sites and program cracks (including no-CD crack) are not allowed on the forum. Anyone found guilty of participating in piracy activity on the forum will be punished. Please note that "abandonware" has no legal status, and for the purposes of this rule, we consider linking to abandonware as piracy.

Behave as you would in a public location
This forum is no different than a public place. Behave yourself and act like a decent human being. If you're unable to do so, you're not welcome here and will be made to leave.

Spoiler :

Starting a new thread
Creating a thread carries a responsibility and we hold opening posts (OP) to a higher standard than other posts.

CFC is primarily a discussion forum, and topics posted should be such that decent discussion is possible. If you are presenting a news article for discussion, you are required to note what specific aspect you wish to discuss (just posting "discuss" or similar is insufficient). In posting a news or media article, you are strongly encouraged to also post a link to the source of the article. If you do provide a link to an article or story, please quote a relevant section of the link that summarizes the discussion you want to start. Occasional 'light' topics such as "what is your favorite ..." are tolerated, but even these threads should be presented in a way to promote discussion (such as asking posters to explain their answer). A thread that supports 'closed' answers or mostly single-word or single-line responses may be closed as spam or postcount (pc) threads. If your opening post in a thread doesn't meet the requirements of a decent discussion, the thread is likely to get closed and you will be infracted. Please state clearly what you want to discuss, why it might be interesting and your opinion on the matter. Please also check whether there is already a current thread on the same topic before you open a new one. Duplicate threads are usually merged and the one first started will appear in the list of threads.

Post in the correct forum
The forums are well-organised, and we want them to stay that way. Ensure that the thread topic you post is relevant to the forum you are posting it. If you're unsure, ask a moderator. Please note that in the Creation and Customization forums, the "main" forums are where questions are to be posted. The various sub-forums are not for questions.

Spelling and grammar
English is not everyone's first language. Not everyone has perfect language skills. As such, don't comment on other peoples' ability to spell words correctly or construct sentences. If you cannot understand their meaning, you may let them know in a nice manner.

The forum is an English language forum
Threads must be posted in English. If you need to post a short phrase in another language, provide an English translation with it. If it is found that you have posted something in a language other than English which breaks the rules (e.g., the bad language rule, or flaming), you will be infracted for it.

Other languages are allowed in signatures and user titles etc, however a translation should be provided in this thread.

There are some threads to help people learn other languages. English translations are required in these as well.

1337-sp34K (or variants) is not considered English language. "U" instead of "you" is mildly tolerated, but some grumpy old-fashioned moderators may be annoyed by it.

Images and file attachments
Currently we have the [img ] tag and the file attachment feature enabled. For files under 500 KB, you may use the attachment feature to attach the file. In addition, you can use Easy Upload to upload bigger files to the file server. You can help free up valuable forum server space and also improve forum performance by deleting any attachments you no longer need at the attachment management section of your User CP.

If you need to attach images often, we recommend using these easy to use free image hosting services: PhotoBucket or ImageShack. For temporary hosting of large files or if you need to send a big file to another member, you can use free services like Rapidshare, Megaupload or similar ones, which allow you to upload files of differerent sizes (depending on host, up to 1 GB).

Spam is posting something that does not make a significant contribution to the discussion at hand. The forums are discussion forums, and it is therefore expected that posters will post in a way that contributes to discussion. It is also expected that new threads will promote discussion. Moderators may periodically allow some lighter or more frivolous threads, but this will be at their discretion. Posting isolated links without meaningful poster input as to the value of such a link does not contribute to the discussion as will be considered spam. There is a lower tolerance for spam in threads where there is a good discussion taking place.

Moderators have zero tolerance for threads that are really spammy (eg. post a number, post a letter of the alphabet) or which are started merely as a vehicle to troll, flame or chat.

Quoting other posters or sites
You are responsible for everything in your post. If you quote something that someone else has posted, you are responsible for that content as well as your own. If that content is offensive, you may find yourself infracted for it, even though you were not the original poster.

Quoting someone and changing their quote to change the meaning of what they posted is acceptable, provided it is made very clear that you have changed the quote, and what part you changed.

Quoting someone only to agree with them may be tolerated depending upon the specific forum or subforum, but please try to add your own thoughts (ie. Don't just post "I agree" or similar). If you persistently post such non contributions to the discussion, your post may well be considered spam by the mods and be deleted or infracted.

Copycat threads
We like a variety of discussion. Periodically, a thread topic may inspire someone to post a similar topic. If too many threads on very similar topics are made, moderators may choose to limit the numbers of these (for example the "ask a..." threads).

Picture threads
There are several picture threads that are periodically renewed. They will be archived to a non-postcount forum once they reach 1000 posts (archiving is temporaly paused though). For each of these individual threads, please read the rules in the opening post. Discussion is allowed in these threads, provided it is meaningful discussion of the pictures posted. Off-topic discussions are not permitted.

Forum Games
The Forum Games subforum is the place where a variety of game threads are allowed. Such games are not to be run outside of the Forum Games subforum. This is a no postcount forum.

Elitism and personal threads
In the forums, we expect everyone to treat other posters equally and fairly. As such, threads that suggest that some members are better, funnier, more popular etc, and threads that discuss specific forum members, either positively or negatively are not allowed.

Periodically, threads that discuss forum members or attributes of forum members that are 'neutral' (neither positive or negative) may be allowed. An example from the past has been to post pictures that you associate with certain members. It is strongly recommended that you seek moderator approval before posting these types of threads. Moderators may make them 'conditional' (for example, that people have to give their permission before they can be discussed in the thread). Such threads will be closely monitored, and trolling and flaming are not tolerated in them.

Birthday threads are permitted, but only for people who are regularly active in the particular forum that the birthday thread is posted in. That means that they must have been members for at least a number of months, and contributed a number of posts / content to that forum.

Occasionally, threads where an individual wants to discuss something from their personal life may be permitted. It is recommended that you ask a moderator first and even more strongly recommended that you take care in posting personal information about yourself.

Banter and Chat
'Banter' between 'friends' is treated no differently from any other forum posts. For example, if you flame a 'friend' and think that because you don't really 'mean it' then it is OK, it will still be considered as flaming and dealt with accordingly. Moderators do not have the time, or inclination, to check with each person whether they are offended by the flaming, and it would also result in the appearance that the rules are not applied consistently.

If you want to "chat" with another member (or members), please do not do so in one of the threads. Instead, start a conversation.

Spoiler :

A primary goal of CivFanatics is to promote interesting and useful discussion of topics that interest our members. Not being civil in your posts will result in you being infracted by the mods and could result in bans from the site or forum if you continue to post in such a manner after having been told to stop. Trolling, flaming, name calling and insulting are not permitted. Direct threats of violence to other posters, sincere or not, will likely result in an immediate ban.

Identifying flaming and trolling posts can be a very subjective decision depending upon the context. At CFC our moderators make the call on what is acceptable and what is not.

Flaming is essentially posting something that insults, or is intended to insult, another poster. Flaming is not limited to only direct insults. Indirect insults, such as posts which characterize an opinion, a person or a group of people negatively are also not tolerated.

You are an idiot.
This is a direct insult, and is not allowed.

Anyone who thinks [related to opinion poster is debating issue] is an idiot.
This is an indirect insult, and is not allowed.

Only an idiot would say that.
Again, this is an indirect insult, and is not allowed.

Everyone defending this is an idiot.
Again, in context this is an indirect insult, and is not allowed.

Flaming is generally limited to forum members. "Flaming" of celebrities or public figures etc. is generally tolerated, provided that the aim of this is not specifically to annoy supporters of that celebrity on the forums.

Trolling is posting something with the intent to annoy or to generate a negative reaction from other people. It can be interpreted as anything for which it is reasonably foreseeable (in the moderators' opinion) that someone will react to it. It can be a very grey issue, and moderators will use their discretion and judgment. Examples of things that are generally considered trolling are as follows:
--Extending a negative issue to a wide group of people. For example, if one member of a group, religion, political persuasion or ethnicity does something bad, a post that implies that all members of this group, religion, political persuasion or ethnicity are similar, this is considered trolling.
-- Posting a very negative topic or post about a certain group. E.g,. "Why are all (race, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation) stupid / fat / boring" etc.
-- Discussing the person, and not the topic. Ad hominems are generally not tolerated. We want people to focus on the discussion topic, not on the people discussing it. As a guideline, if your post only discusses the person (eg. their opinions, their background etc.) and is not related to the topic, you may be considered to be trolling. Discussing the poster, when civil and directly relevant to the topic, may be tolerated.
--Using personal information gained about people to attack them, or to get them to react in an unrelated thread. E.g. if you know that someone has gone to a certain university, works a certain profession, or is a certain religion, making oblique comments about this may be considered trolling (even if you don't mention the posters specifically).
-- Mocking someone by copying their posting style, thread topics, spelling, language etc.
--Posting a thread on a controversial topic, but not posting anything that is really a point for discussion.
--Generally being rude. Being overly critical, or expressing your opinions in a rude manner.
--Passing comments on the style with which another poster posts, or the quality of their posts - stick to discussing the points they are making.

In short, be civil, polite and discuss the topic. If you disagree with someone's opinion, you are free to state why you disagree with it, but you must be polite in doing so.

You should not pass negative judgment on the quality of other peoples' arguments (e.g., referring to their opinions or posts as 'clueless', 'moronic', 'ignorant', 'stupid', 'fail'; etc). Some leeway is allowed to discuss the quality of peoples' posts or what you believe their intent is, provided it is not rude or abrasive ("Nope, you haven't convinced me", "You should post some evidence to support your position").

Spoiler :
Banning a poster, whether it be for a 3 days or 3 months, is our way of letting you know that your behavior has continued to be outside the rules. Most bans happen because a poster has accumulated enough active points to have earned a ban of some length. Posters should realize that in most cases, they have not been banned for a specific issue, but for the cumulative impact of a number of issues. There are times, though, when a mod or mods will make the decision to ban a user on the spot, and the moderators reserve this right. Spam bots get this treatment without hesitation. Serious misbehaving can earn it for a poster. Once a poster is banned and for the duration of the ban the following happen:

--As a banned user you lose your ability to post in the forums.
--Your signature and avatar will disappear.
--You will not be able to see any posted red or yellow infraction cards except your own. Please note this and do not bug us with "I got banned and they didn't even get a warning" type posts. The chances are "they" did get a warning, but you can't see it as you are banned!

When your ban ends, all will return to normal.

Spoiler :

Advertising is not allowed in any forum. Commercial advertising will be deleted on-sight, and the poster will receive a permanent ban. Commercial advertising, even in your signature, is not permitted.

This advertising policy extends to posting in or starting a thread in one forum, so as to entice people to visit a thread in another forum. If you want to do this, then place the advertisement in your signature.

External links related to the thread topic - such as to other history forums, or news articles - are acceptable.

If you have a civilization-related link to advertise, you can place one thread about it in our Other Civ Related Sites forum, or you may advertise it in your signature. For people wanting to advertise other things of interest to Civ players, you must receive permission from an admin first.

Inappropriate content
This is a family-friendly forum. We do not want, for example, people coming here to talk about Civ and being exposed to (in particular) sexual content. While we tolerate some discussion of adult issues, we do not permit discussions that are explicit. Advocating cruelty, violence, hateful or illegal actions may well fall under the category of inappropriate content and be deleted or infracted. Inappropriate content can refer to other topics as well that are very context related. Moderators may at any time close threads or delete content that they deem inappropriate or not in keeping with the purposes of this site or of a specific forum.
EDIT: Additional Specific standards of Google, our hosts main advertiser. Images against the Google standards may not be posted.:
Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or mature content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages with images or videos containing:

--Strategically covered nudity
--Sheer or see-through clothing
--Lewd or provocative poses
--Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

We generally operate with a one-click rule as well: You may not link directly (one click) to any page that contains content that is not allowed at this forum. This includes links to inappropriate website, even if the landing page does not itself contain inappropriate content. An exception exists for some forms of inappropriate language (see below).

Inappropriate Language
Our basic philosophy is that there is nothing that anyone needs to say on our forums that requires them to swear/cuss. If you can't get your point across without swearing, you will be infracted.

This forum is considered a family-friendly forum. We have an autocensor which will automatically remove many swear/cuss/bad words, but not necessarily all. Just because a word isn't caught by the autocensor, doesn't give you permission to use it. Do not rely on the autocensor to do your thinking for you. Finding ways to get around the ban on swearing or using foul language, whether or not it is caught be the autocensor, may result in an infraction.

If you intentionally bypass the autocensor (i.e. using various tricks so that the autocensor does not remove your word) and the meaning / intent of the word can be easily interpreted, you will be infracted. You may use a string of symbols such as #!%&*#@ to express yourself, as long as no specific meaning can be derived from the combination of symbols or how the symbols fit with the English language text around it.

  • $%&$#@*#^ [note that in acceptable use, there is no surrounding context from which the precise meaning of the symbols can be inferred, just symbols]
Not acceptable:
  • *%#& you!
  • You $ ^ * @ # ( $ % bastard
  • How can you be so %#&*@# stupid?

These language rules also apply to words in pictures and quotes, and words in non-English languages. However, although we generally operate with a one-click rule (see above), an exception exists for some forms of inappropriate language. You may link to a website or page containing inappropriate language, so long as it is not gratuitous or completely out of step with the family-friendly nature of the forums. Gratuitousness will be determined by the moderators on a case by case basis, but as a general guide, any inappropriate language should be incidental to the linked content, or in keeping with a spirit of civil and productive discussion.

Any link to a website or page containing inappropriate language must clearly be marked as 'NSFW'. Failure to mark the link in such a way will result in the application of the standard one-click rule.

This 'inappropriate language exception' to the one-click rule extends to embedded videos, and images placed within spoiler tags.

Although you may link to content containing inappropriate language, you may not post a quote containing any inappropriate language; the text of your post must still be free of inappropriate language.

Moderators may choose to simply delete posts or warn for minor offences (depending on context) rather than infract. People who insist on pushing the boundaries or moderation patience will not get such leniency. Severe offences may result in an immediate ban. Posters who find inappropriate language in a post are encouraged to report the post.

We have zero tolerance for piracy. This includes posting pirated material, linking to pirated material, telling people how to avoid copy-protection etc, or even advocating piracy. We also consider "abandonware" to be piracy, as it has no official legal recognition. Please do not link to abandonware sites.

Posting about Illegal Activities
We do not allow people to post anything that advocates illegal activities (such as illicit drug use). We also, obviously, do not permit people to post things in violation of the law, particularly US law. We do not allow people to advocate for the death of anybody. In particular, DO NOT make anything that could even remotely be construed as a death threat (joking or otherwise) to anyone, or encourage them to harm others or themselves. This is illegal, and will result in an immediate ban. Threats of violence will also result in a ban. This applies to PMs and visitor messages as well.

Respect other Civ sites
We have friendly relationships with other Civ fansites and would like to keep it that way. Being disrespectful towards them or whining about happenings at another Civ site is not permitted.
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Spoiler :

List of current Moderators, Supermods, Staff and Admins

Thunderfall, the owner of CFC, has an appointed staff of Admins and Moderators to solve problems and keep order. They act as a team and individually to enforce the rules. Moderators are assigned to specific forums and each forum has identified lead moderators who set the standards for how the rules will be enforced within that forum or subforum and if any special rules will be applied because of the nature of the forum. While the rules as stated above apply to all forums and subforums, moderators do have the leeway to be more or less strict about how they are interpreted within their areas. What is considered spam may be different in Humor and Jokes and Forum Games than in a Civ 5 strategy thread. Any special consideration or rules will be noted in the specific forum or thread. While we try to be consistent, we don't read every post. A perceived lack of consistency is not a defense for people who break the rules ('but they did it too!'). If you think a post breaks the rules, then report it, don't consider it a license to break the rules yourself.

There are three important things to keep in mind regarding the mods and moderation: do not discuss mod action publicly; report posts that you feel are out of line; and communicate with mods in a civil manner.

Public discussion of moderator actions (PDMA)
Public discussion of actions taken or not taken by moderators or admins is not permitted. If you have a problem with something a moderator has done, then PM the moderator concerned. If you are not aware of which moderator made the action, then PM one of the moderators of that particular forum. Moderators are required to answer you and justify their actions, but they are not necessarily required to agree with you. Please give any mod pmed at least 24 hours to respond. If you do not get a response to the PM within that time frame or are not happy with the response you did get, then you can request a review (see details below). In your PMs, it is highly recommended that you be polite. There are occasions where moderators get something wrong, but generally this is a perception issue, and they may not have seen something in the same way that you have. Remember this if you want to have a constructive discussion with the moderators.

General discussion of how and why moderators do what they do are permitted in the Site Feedback forum when the discussion is in the spirit of improving the forum. Discussing specific incidents of warnings, infractions, bans, specific posters or moderators is not allowed. A statement of a fact of a warning, infraction or ban you yourself have received without value judgements is allowed. Publicly discussing a specific instance as a "hypothetical" is not allowed.

Moderator Abuse
Moderators do not deserve abuse, public or private, even if they have made a mistake. Abusive PMs sent to moderators will be forwarded to the administrators. If they decide that the PM is abusive, the original sender may be infracted. Such infractions are for the abuse and not related to the correctness or incorrectness of the original mod action.

Closed threads
If a moderator closes a thread for any other reason than it has reached 1000 posts, then before you open another identical or similar one, you should PM the moderator for permission. This is because it has been closed for a good reason, and the moderator wants the discussion (or spam) to cease. Failure to do so can result in an infraction.

Use the "report post" function
If you see a post that has broken the rules, then please use the Report Post function ( /or in Black CFC ), and allow the moderators to deal with it. Please note: Reporting a post does not give you immunity from infractions, and it does not give you the right to break the rules yourself in responding to the post (eg. flaming in return to someone flaming you). Do not post that you have reported someone else, as that is likely to inflame the situation rather than calm it, and is therefore considered trolling.

Moderators do not have time to respond to every person reporting a post to inform them of the outcome. If you do not see action taken in response to your reported post after a suitable amount of time (approx. 24 hours), you may inquire politely of the forum moderator as to why no action was taken. Abusing this opportunity, reporting the post multiple times or arguing uncivilly with moderators over their decisions is not allowed.

Do not take moderating into your own hands. Telling people to "stop trolling" or "stop flaming" or "warning" is unlikely to stop them, and may make the situation worse. As such, this may be considered trolling. This also applies to telling people that you have reported their posts.

Moderator tags
Use of the moderator warning tags by non-moderators will usually result in an immediate ban once it comes to our attention. If a moderator edits a moderator tag into your post, deleting it will usually result in a significant infraction.

Use of the ignore function
You can add people to your ignore list, which will passively hide their posts from you (you can still read them if you wish by clicking on them). However, please do not advertise who you have on your ignore list, or that you have added someone to your ignore list. That is considered trolling.

Spoiler :

The Process
If, after having made a genuine attempt to resolve their concerns with the relevant moderator via private messages, a poster still feels that they have been wrongly infracted or banned, they may ask for a review of the infraction or the ban by the SUPERMODS. All reviews follow the same steps.

  1. Member PMs a supermod.
  2. The supermod acknowledges the PM and posts the request in the supermod infraction review subforum (a non public forum).
  3. The mod who issued the infraction is asked to clarify their reasoning on the infraction.
  4. Clearly frivolous requests are dismissed and the poster notified that their request has been denied.
  5. Non frivolous requests are reviewed by a panel of available supermods and admins.
  6. The panel reaches a final decision, from which no further appeals will be considered by the supermods or admins.
  7. The poster is notified of the outcome.
  8. A copy of the appeal thread is published in the infraction review subforum (a public forum).

The Details
Send a PM to one of the Super Moderators. You can find a list of all supermods at the bottom of this page. The supermod you contact will preside over the review. If you have not received an acknowledgement of your request within 24 hours, you may resend your request to a different supermod. Warnings are not reviewable; don't waste our time.

Requests for review are required to be presented in a polite manner. Requests which are not presented politely will be denied. This initial PM is your opportunity to tell your side of the story. Once the process starts, you may not be contacted until a decision has been made. Incivility or abusive language will not help your cause.

Posters should include the following with a request for review. Failure to include all of this information may result in your request being denied out of hand.
  • Reference to infraction in question.
  • All previous PMs regarding the infraction.
  • Why you think that the infraction is wrong.
  • What outcome you are seeking.

IMPORTANT! - Please note that the requests of posters who persistently ask for a review for all, almost all, or most of their infractions (you know who you are) will not be granted, and those posters will generally be dealt with in the same manner as those who abuse the report posts function. The appeals system is designed to provide an opportunity for people who genuinely feel they have been wrongly infracted to have that infraction re-examined by a panel of the more experienced staff members; we will not allow frivolous requests to clog up the infraction system with even more unnecessary paperwork.

Publication of appeal threads
Once a review has been finalised, the appeal thread will be published in the infraction review subforum. The thread will be locked, and all posts within should be considered moderator actions; please remember that Public Discussion of Moderator Action is strictly prohibited. The aim of publication is to provide an insight into the appeals process and infraction system, not to provide discussion material.

Certain material will be redacted from the published thread. For starters, PMs between poster and moderator will be redacted unless both parties consent to their inclusion; these messages are intended to be private, after all. Other material which may be redacted includes, but is not limited to, particularly inappropriate content and discussion of third parties. We acknowledge that removing too much material would defeat the purpose of publication, so redaction will be conducted sparingly.

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Wait, appeal to Mathilda? I thought she stepped down. :crazyeye:
I don't see any substantial changes as much as clarifications and getting unwritten rules written. Didn't read anything and think "huh, that's new".
I don't see any substantial changes as much as clarifications and getting unwritten rules written. Didn't read anything and think "huh, that's new".
That's pretty-much it. A lot has been clarified (I hope), a small bit is 'custom & practise' that's been formalized (which is actually generally interpretations of existing rules anyway). We have formalised the appeals process and delegated it to Super Moderators, added in some more information (such as not being able to see 'cards' if banned), and actually lightened-up on some rules (such as using &^%$# for language).
Ok, i want to ask a concrete question ...

One of my fellow team members in a SG got a ban yesterday and decided to not come to this site anymore. I've contacted him via email and he explained to me his reasons that revolve around the specific text the mod sent him explaining the ban .

I, as the team leader, would like to explain the situation to the rest to the team, but I simply can't find a way of doing it without getting in details about the reason of the ban and the sepcific text the mod wrote to justify the ban . So, my question is: exposing the opinion of a banned member about his ban counts as discussing a mod action ? i do not intend to say of my justice on the case, just expose the facts as I know them.
Saying you know a member is banned, just stating a fact without value judgment, is ok.

Giving the specifics, such as the type of infraction, text the mod used, etc would be considered PDMA (discussion of moderator actions). Speaking for a banned member (ie relating their side of the story) is also against the rules:
You may NOT use your account to post for people who are not members or have had their posting permissions removed.
Note, my intention was not to speak in favour of the banned member or to relay messages of him. In fact , my original idea was not much more than what I said above: X member is banned and he decided to not to come back due to not only the ban in itself as by the text it was used to justify the ban ( that ,as I think it is obvious , he does not agree with ;) ) , maybe adding the link to the thread where things happened.

This would be PDMA ?
From the strictest of definitions, yes, it is PDMA.

I can understand that you're wanting to tell everyone in the SG that Member X will no longer be joining us. It's probably better to do it privately, but stating "Member X will not be joining us, PM me for details" is probably okay.

Of course, it depends on the situation. It would be best to PM a mod of the forum you're in and ask how it should be announced publicly, if at all.
An interesting new system. Hope you guys find it works
So was any new infraction system ditched?
So was any new infraction system ditched?

That is still being worked on, any changes will be announced at a later date. :)
Posting a thread on a controversial topic, but not posting anything that is really a point for discussion.

I dont understand how this is considered trolling?
I dont understand how this is considered trolling?

Because if you someone posts a thread without actually any analysis of their own, or without providing any indication of what aspects of the topic they want to discuss, then it suggests that they are posting it solely to get a reaction from others. That is the trolling bit.
So was any new infraction system ditched?

New stuff in the works and moving forward. Cross your fingers and hold your breath.
I'm grateful for the work that so many volunteers have contributed to make this such a useful site!

That said, I would like to suggest the possibility that the site could be even better with some attention to ideals of positive pedagogy. My observation is that those who know enough to advise mid-level players are often much more knowledgeable about how to win than how to help others become winners. This is a common issue in teaching of technical subjects.

To focus for a moment on the negatives, I often post on these fora to get help from the experts when my game is not progressing. The responses I get are often subtly derisive and hard to read, amounting to "Whatsa matter wit you? you made lotsa dum decision! you shlda gone CMC, CAC, LLD, ABHS and then swongled up to DID/NFLAC"

OK, this is a parody, but not really very far-fetched. I've spent a lot of time decoding semi-literate rants replete with unexpected acronyms and other abbreviations, only to wind up feeling inadequate as a player but not much improved from the reading I just did.

What I'd like to say to some of these posters is on the order of "Just because you can beat me at this game doesn't make you an admirable person in my book, and your careless, hasty rhetoric is not making my development as a player any easier."

People post on forums for a lot of reasons. Often it's to learn something, or to help somebody else become more capable. Just as often, unfortunately, it's to say "I'm smarter than you!" The latter may or may not be true, but it's not what I came here to learn.

I wish I had some pithy suggestions to offer the senior staff about how to encourage those who have some talent to help others learn, and how to help those who are often off on an ego trip to chill a bit and put their time where their talents are. I'm just offering this as an observation and stimulus for possible organizational development. I think there are a lot more people who could learn to enjoy this game with the right help.
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