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Civilization VI Gallery

Images from Civilization VI

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Recent Comments

  1. peurojoque
    You need 1600 Faith to buy the first Naturalist.
  2. Captain Pugwash
    Why can't I buy a Naturalist with Faith. It says I don't have enough but you can see I have > 800.
  3. greatbeyond
    anyone have any ideas as to why the splash box won't go away after Civ4 starts? This is plain Civ4 and it wasn't always like this. One day a couple of GOTMs ago it just started showing up. If you...
  4. OrionVeteran
    @Gasp I suspect the problem resides with your MAC computer and not the mod.
  5. Gasp
    I've been playing my last save and some auto save of previous turns and this problem did not occur... I should mention I am playing on Mac with MacBUFFY 3.19.003 But I actually have the same...

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