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Civilization VI Gallery

Images from Civilization VI

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  1. beetle
    I would have put Busan one hex west to get the mountain in ring 2, since that unlocks a couple wonders. Otherwise, I think the placement is very strong. Maria will complain, but she is one of...
  2. beetle
    I think where the Warrior is standing in this screen shot is the best place for your first expo. Expand borders to capture Kilimanjaro (from the CS) as soon as you have gold enough. Expand...
  3. Zeta Nexus
    I just click the little pick to see "What tha hell is that?!" ...but it IS awesome! Cool pic! :thumbsup:
  4. Balthasar
    In New York in 1932, the celebrated wit and writer Dorothy Parker met the man who would be the most instrumental in her future Hollywood career: Alan Campbell. Campbell was an actor who had...
  5. Balthasar
    The Life of Emile Zola was either the first or second biographical film (or 'biopic') to win the Oscar for best picture. Some authorities bestow that honor on The Great Ziegfeld, which had won...

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