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[MOD] Brethren of the Coast Mod

MCSmarties's Brethren of the Coast Mod for Sid Meier's Pirates!


This Modification changes the Dutch Civilization to the Brethren of the Coast (ie Pirates) "Nation".
Specifically, most "Dutch" elements are replaced with "Pirate" elements (the FPK pack contains a whopping 71 modified files!), such as:

* Characters: Barmaid, bartender, daughters (6), governors (3), mayors (2), captains (8 ), captain of the guard, merchant and shipwright
* Ship flags, pennants and sail emblems
* Event, map and town flags
* Decorations in the tavern and in the governor's mansion (can you identify the Brethren in the paintings?)
* Stern decoration of the ships
* Ship and Settlement names
* Crew members and land army
* The name "Dutch" is replaced with "Brotherhood"
("Brethren of the Coast" is too long and causes grammatical problems...)

You get it here! (Note: The link will die if there's no activity for more than a month)

I've also attached the file as a zip.


1. Copy the 'Brotherhood.fpk' file to your 'Custom' folder.
2. Copy 'text.ini' to your 'Assets' folder.

To remove this Modification simply delete the files again.


* Be aware that doing this will remove any text replacement mod that you currently have installed.
* Also make sure you don't have ANY customized Dutch textures in your custom folder.


* Some screens still have the name of the civilzation appear as 'Dutch'.
* The Cities still look Dutch (ie house textures, roofs, etc. - there are just too many files to mod)
* There is a slight decrease in texture quality on those textures that have been edited.
* City names that appear above the cities and settlements while sailing are still in orange
* Although I did modify the Dutch land army units, they still appear the same as in the unmodded game. Weird.
* There are suddenly a lot more pirates cruising the Caribbean!
Wait, is that a flaw? Smile


I would never have been able to put this mod together without the enormous amount of work that has been done before.
I have liberally used textures, sometimes as-is, from pre-existing mods.
Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that. Anyway, tons of Kudos to the modders that came before me!

Files that I have re-used come from the following mods (I hope this list is complete but I'm not 100% sure):

* Elderp's Pirate's Theme Packs (not only did I re-use all the files, but these themes are what gave me the idea to completely replace the Dutch with the Brethren of the Coast)
* Thoerr's Prussian Invasion (these files were the real starting point for this mod)
* devguy's Plain Daughters
* Loki's Bar Scenes
* CaptRedde's Assorted Pyrates
* Another_Russian's Condent Pennant
* IrishJim's Ireland Mod (although I didn't directly reuse any files, it helped me figure out some things)
* I don't know who made the sail emblem I'm using for the Brotherhood, but I love it!
(if you'd rather use a different texture, name it and put it in the 'Assets' folder)
* Finally, several files are lifted directly from the game itself (usually "Pirate" files I renamed to their "Dutch" equivalent, sometimes also tweaking them a bit)

OK, OK, I know you want to see screenshots! Here you go:


Three of the six modded daughters

Now you can play the game as a true pirate from the beginning to the end, never helping a European nation! ARRRR!

Original Web Page
Attached Files
File Type: zip (6.41 MB, 337 views)
Philosopher. Someone with too much free time.

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How to install:

1. Download the file.

2. Find your Custom in your Pirates file directory. Normally it is C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Pirates!\custom

You can also find go My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Pirates!\ and create a folder called custom.

3. Extract the files inside the zip to either custom folder.

4. Open the custom folder you just extracted the files to. Copy the text.ini and go one directory up and paste it into assets.

5. Launch SMP.
Philosopher. Someone with too much free time.

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