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civ 4 exploit/bug/cheat

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by MapleLeaf, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. MapleLeaf

    MapleLeaf New Member

    Oct 29, 2005
    k i just got civ 4, played as the greeks on prince level.

    AI Civs are staring to get way ahead in Techs.
    They won't trade or give it in the name of friendship.

    So being a small fledging society. The Americans start war in the name of conquest.

    I hold them off a few turns. When teddy roosevelt finally "grants an audience"
    for the price of peace he wants corinth.

    i say no, for the joy of seeing his reactions i pick all his techs & gold as a counter offer.

    will he accept hell no right! so i click "let's bury the hatchet what's the price"

    a pop up info comes saying that you can trade while asking for peace only one side can offer as incentive

    fine close that window and the "will you accept MY offer " changes to "we accept your offer"

    so i got all the techs and gold of the americans.

    Thinks it's a fluke? i delcared war a few turns later on the aztecs. same thing when peace talks begin i do the whole process again and came out with all their techs. i tried to get all the cities in the deal but no luck.

    SO in short. The AI is ahead won't give up TECHs in any way shape or Form ,
    delecare war!.

    When you are able to assume "peace talks" choose all their techs gold /per turn as well. choose "let's bury the hatchet...." pop up window info , close it then "we accept your offer"


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