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Latest Changes

Discussion in '[MAC+WIN] Civ4 - History Rewritten' started by Xyth, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004

    "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."
    - Winston Churchill

    Latest Changes

    --- Version 1.23.2 ---

    • Nubia: Blast Furnace (UB) renamed Bloomery

    • Numerous adjustments to religious and peacetime attitudes
    • Many leaders will now capitulate less readily

    • Meditation: was decreasing instead of increasing unit cost

    • Gunship: can no longer flank Mobiles SAMs

    • Earth (Huge): adjustments to some start positions
    • Earth (Standard): fixed Mongol start position

    • Military Advisor: fixed, redesigned, and improved

    • Civil War: fixed potential error during rebel civ selection
    • Civilopedia: more entries added
    • 'Break Endless AI Turn' keybinding should now always work

    --- Version 1.23.1 ---

    Civil War
    • Fixed crash when seceding civs capture siege units

    • Humanism: fixed bug making it unselectable

    • Numerous improvements to cultural city art

    • Gunship: can now flank Mobile SAMs
    • Mobile SAM: redesigned, no longer an upgrade to the SAM Infantry

    • Nomad: can now be chosen by Melee units

    • Museum: +50% culture bonus was missing

    • BUG Settings screen tidied up, many superfluous options removed or made standard
    • New 'Auto Avoid Growth' and 'Auto Resume Growth' settings added
    • 'Break Endless AI Turn' keybinding fixed
    • Strategy Overlay: fixed broken keybindings
    • World Builder: updated to PlatyBuilder 4.13b

    • Further tweaks to OOS Logging
    • Numerous updates and additions to the Civilopedia
    • Various other tweaks and fixes

    --- Version 1.23 ---

    • New Civilizations: Burma, Java, Malay, Mississippi
    • Angkor: new unit art for Ancient, Classical and Medieval eras
    • Dravida: Aaivu (UU) now has +25 vs Archery units instead of first strikes
    • France: Restaurant (UB) now requires Civil Liberties
    • Indonesia: replaced by Javan and Malay civilizations, new unit art for both
    • Maya: fixed Blowgunner (UU) messages
    • Polynesia: improved city list

    • Added Leaders (New Civs): Anawrahta, Bayinnaung, Shin Sawbu, Tun Perak, Tuskaloosa, Uwahci'l
    • Added Leaders (Old Civs): Barghash, Jasaw, Krishnadevaraya, Tu'itatui
    • Boudica: now Aggressive and Spiritual
    • Cunhambebe: now Expansive and Martial
    • Dharmasetu: now a Malay leader
    • Gajah Mada: now a Javan leader
    • Hattusili: new art
    • Hongwu: now Judicial and Political
    • Joshua: new art
    • Songtsen: new art
    • Suharto: now a Javan leader
    • Te Rauparaha: redesignated as Rahiri
    • Numerous changes to favourite civics
    • Numerous adjustments to leader personalities
    • Fixed missing 'offer refused' texts

    • Judicial: now gives +1 happiness from Courthouse instead of Jail

    • New Government civic: Chiefdom
    • New Law civics: Restitution, Retribution, Liberty
    • New Labour civics: Subsistence, Professionalism
    • New Economic civic: Regulated Trade
    • New Society civics: Tribalism, Caste System, Estate System, Citizenship, Nationalism, Multiculturalism
    • Removed Civics: Codification, Despotism, Jurisdiction, Proclamation
    • Environmentalism: renamed Sustainability
    • Equal Rights: renamed Equality
    • Most civics redesigned and rebalanced

    • Altruism: no longer reduces building costs if you have no state religion
    • Discipline: no longer grants experience to units with no promotions
    • Duty: no longer reduces building costs if you have no state religion, now unlocked at Patronage
    • Ethicism: fixed a bug causing longer than expected Golden Ages
    • Hedonism: no longer reduces building costs if you have no state religion
    • Humanism: no longer reduces building costs if you have no state religion
    • Humanism: fixed issue preventing Great Person generation
    • Idolatry: fixed golden age length reduction
    • Polytheism: no longer reduces building costs if you have no state religion
    • Preservation: fixed faith from wonders calculation

    • Missionaries: limit raised on larger maps
    • Inquisitors: limit raised on larger maps

    • Renaissance Era: reworked (new Techs: Heritage, Insurance, Jurisprudence)
    • Industrial Era: reworked (new Techs: Healthcare, Representation, Telephone)
    • Modern Era: redesigned as the Global Era (new Techs: Infrastructure, Marketing, Nuclear Power, Surveillance, Tourism)
    • Future Era: redesigned as the Digital Era (new Techs: Renewable Energy, Quantum Gravity, Supermaterials)
    • Removed Techs: Atomic Physics, Automobile, Composites, Cybernetics, Railroad, Sociology, Stealth, Superconductors
    • Bionics: redefined as Biotechnology
    • Nationalism: redefined as Nationhood
    • Space Flight: renamed Space Exploration
    • Welfare: renamed Charity
    • Numerous adjustments to Great People tech preferences

    • Bomb Shelters: cost increased to 250
    • Broadcast Tower: cost increased to 280
    • Bunker: cost increased to 260
    • Hotel: cost increased to 280
    • Park: cost reduced to 250
    • Public Transport: cost increased to 320
    • Numerous changes to tech requirements

    National Wonders
    • National Park: cost increased to 800
    • Red Cross: cost increased to 800
    • Numerous changes to tech requirements

    World Wonders
    • Colosseum: fixed issue where UUs would not receive free xp or promotions
    • Shwedagon Paya: fixed error during AI Reformation
    • Versailles: cost increased to 1000
    • Numerous changes to tech requirements

    • New Units: Biplane, Drone
    • Air Units rebalanced
    • Attack Sub: redesigned as Nuclear Submarine
    • Cannon: now requires Copper or Iron
    • Submarine: redesigned, now unlocks at Plastics
    • Tactical Nuke: renamed Nuclear Missile
    • Tiger: should no longer spawn on Ice
    • Transport: new art
    • Numerous changes to tech requirements and training costs

    Great People
    • Fixed art link for Egyptian Great Scientist

    • Executives: limit raised on larger maps
    • Many internal optimizations and fixes

    • Mountains: can now be worked by cities (2 production)
    • Tribal Islands: will no longer spawn Barbarian Caravels

    Natural Wonders
    • Barringer Crater: fixed missing production and commerce
    • Pamukkale: yield changed to 0/0/3
    • Uluru: yield changed to 2/0/1
    • Yellowstone: yield changed to 0/1/2

    • Gas: now revealed with Pneumatics
    • Oil: now revealed with Refining

    • Ignoring irrigation now unlocks at Genetics

    • Earth (Huge): most Natural Wonders added
    • Several tweaks to start positions
    • Fixed issue where start positions could be wrong after exiting to menu

    • Anarchy length reduced
    • Cities now require slightly more food to grow to the next size
    • Climate Change scales better by era, land turning to water disabled (for now)
    • Culture slider also causes culture to spread via trade routes
    • Less 'free' culture applied to city territory per turn
    • Several adjustments to dissent balancing and scaling

    • City Automation: Avoid Growth now switches on automatically when unhappy/unhealthy
    • City Screen: Ethnicity (ex. Nationality) bar now sorted by highest culture
    • Civilopedia: further tweaks and refinements
    • Domestic Advisor: fixed turns calculation on Specialization page
    • Tech Advisor: fixed error when looking up Corporations in the pedia
    • World Builder: updated to PlatyBuilder 4.11

    • Nationality renamed Ethnicity (more appropriate term for mechanic)
    • Build Wealth: now unlocks at Property (33%), Finance (50%), Marketing (100%)
    • Build Research: now unlocks at Philosophy (33%), Scientific Method (50%), Computers (100%)
    • Build Culture: now unlocks at Artisanry (33%), Printing (50%), Mass Media (100%)
    • Build Espionage: now unlocks at Politics (33%), Nationhood (50%), Surveillance (100%)
    • Water size requirement to construct coastal buildings increased to 12 (from 10)
    • Water size requirement to train naval units reduced to 12 (from 20)
    • Numerous updates to concept articles in the Civilopedia (work in progress)
    • Improved OOS logging
    • Numerous other tweaks and fixes

    Older Changes

    --- Version 1.22 ---

    New Features
    • Civilizations now generate Faith, rewarding Great Prophets
    • 36 Religious Tenets to customize your religion
    • Great Prophets can perform Reformations to change your Tenets
    • Reformations can affect other followers of your religion
    • Religious diplomacy attitudes now tied to Tenet choices

    • Arabia: fixed issue preventing construction of Library or Madrassa
    • Berbers: new leaders and refined citylist
    • Dravida: new War Elephant art
    • Egypt: Obelisk (UB) reduced to +1 production
    • India: new War Elephant and Siege Elephant (UU) art
    • Israel: Bamah (UB) now allows just 1 priest
    • Kushan: new War Elephant art
    • Nubia: new Rifleman and Cavalry art
    • Rome: Forum (UB) now gives +25% GPP as intended

    • New Leaders: Ahmad al-Mansur, Masinissa, Yusuf ibn Tashfin
    • Removed Leader: Yaqub al-Mansur
    • Robert the Bruce: redesignated as Cináed mac Ailpín
    • Seondeok: fixed missing diplomacy texts
    • Tin Hinan: redesignated as Dihya al-Kahina
    • Changed traits: Crazy Horse, Herod, Mao, Shaka, Suppiluliuma, Trung Sisters, Vercingetorix
    • Numerous changes to favourite Civics
    • All leaders now have a favourite Tenet

    • Creative: fixed several issues with commerce from culture level
    • Enterprising: ships should now retain extra cargo space when upgraded
    • Financial: Corporation specialist bonus changed to Corporation Golden Age bonus
    • Humane: now grants -50% civic dissent (instead of 50% longer Golden Ages)
    • Industrious: fixed several issues with production from culture level
    • Philosophical: now grants 50% longer Golden Ages (instead of specialists from Great People)
    • All '+100% Great Person emergence' bonuses reduced to +50%

    • All Religious civics removed (replaced by Tenets)
    • Equal Rights: golden age from great people now quarter-length

    • Buildings that used to provide Prophet GPP provide Faith instead
    • Monasteries: no longer obsolete, now require a number of Temples
    • Missionaries: limit now scales with world size
    • Inquisitors: limit scales, always successful, and can no longer purge your state religion

    • East India Company: now consumes Tea instead of Cocoa

    • Doctor: now provides +1 food, +1 research, +3 GPP
    • Priest: provides Faith instead of GPP
    • Spy: no longer provides any research

    Great People
    • Doctor: several art changes/substitutions (hopefully no more crashes!)
    • All varieties should now have the correct glow effect

    • Labourer: several new art variants

    • Artisanry: new requirement to Build Culture (33%)
    • Humanism: renamed Humanities
    • Patronage: new requirement to Build Culture (50%)
    • Philosophy: new requirement to Build Research (33%)
    • Improved research cost scaling from late Industrial

    • Executives: limit now scales with world size

    National Wonders
    • Naval Arsenal: now unlocks at Finance

    World Wonders
    • Cristo Redentor: swapped effects with Jetavanamaraya
    • Jetavanamaraya: swapped effects with Cristo Redentor, cost increased
    • Notre Dame: now requires Dogma and Architecture
    • Shwedagon Paya: redesigned (allows reformation of Divinity Tenets)
    • Taj Mahal: attitude bonus reduced but no longer tied to golden ages

    Natural Wonders
    • Everest: +2 happiness, no longer blocks barbarians

    • Tribal Islands: no longer cause a crash when spawning barbarians

    • A few minor adjustments to build times
    • Railroads can now be built over Highways, and vice-versa

    • Terra: fixed an error

    • Main Screen: improved positioning and scaling of progress bars
    • Research Bar: fixed error when player enters anarchy
    • Domestic Advisor: new Military page, numerous fixes and improvements
    • Civics Advisor: completely rewritten and redesigned
    • Technology Advisor: overhauled with new filters and features
    • Corporation Advisor: fixed errors with the Social Welfare and Environmentalism civics
    • Civilopedia: more information added, numerous tweaks and improvements
    • World Builder: updated to Platy Builder 4.06d
    • Stripped out several extraneous parts of BUG

    • Dissent now scales a bit better with worldsize
    • New colonies and rebel civs start immune to anarchy for several turns
    • Vassals no longer grant happiness to their Masters

    --- Version 1.21.1 ---

    • A few minor fixes/tweaks to city naming

    • Fixed a few broken diplomacy messages

    • Warrior Code: no longer grants a Golden Age for Great Generals

    • Great Temples: Temple prerequisite restored
    • Shrines: no longer require Temples
    • Vodun: Great Temple renamed Hounfour

    Civil War
    • Smarter selection of breakaway civilizations
    • Larger rebel cities will have more defenders
    • Breakaway civs will be less isolated diplomatically
    • Breakaway civs will be much less vulnerable to espionage
    • Breakaway civs will no longer sometimes 'inherit' culture from a dead player
    • Rebel civs will no longer capture the old civ's unique units
    • Fixed a few crashes

    • Colonist: now provides a Granary instead of a Water Well
    • Pirate: disabled (potentially causing eternal AI turns)
    • War Elephant: fixed animation issue with Chinese variant

    • Reinforced Hull promotions will also work for the Great Barrier Reef

    • New Terrain: Islands
    • Atolls: changed yield (+1 food)
    • Reefs: improved generation, no longer appear far from land
    • Tribal Islands: no longer appear alone, now on Atolls or Islands

    • Marine Reserve: can also be placed on Atolls

    • City Screen: second Resource filter is now functional
    • Domestic Advisor: entirely redesigned
    • Religion Advisor: further refinements
    • Corporate Advisor: redesigned similar to the Religion Advisor
    • Dissent Advisor: merged into the new Domestic Advisor
    • Fixed some quirks with assigning free specialists
    • Added hotkey (Ctrl-C) to try escape from endless AI turns
    • Updated to Platy World Builder 3.18
    • Stripped out several extraneous parts of BUG

    --- Version 1.21 ---

    • Civil War!
    • Separate GPP for each Great Person type
    • Natural Wonders

    • Amurru: new UB (Kiru, replaces Bath)
    • Angkor: Bayon (UW) renamed Prasat Bayon, now a National Theatre replacement
    • Arabia: Petra (UW) renamed Al Khazneh, now a Mint replacement
    • Assyria: Siege Ram (UU) has improved art, redesigned as a Siege Tower replacement
    • Assyria: new UB (Ekal Masartu, replaces Barracks)
    • Assyria: new UW (Ezida, replaces Academy)
    • Brazil: Fazenda (UB) is now a Distillery replacement
    • Brazil: Carnaval (UW) is now a National Festival replacement
    • China: Pavilion (UB) renamed/refined as the Tíng
    • France: new UB (Restaurant, replaces Supermarket)
    • Hatti: Huwasi (UB) has new art
    • Hatti: Puruli (UW) is now a National Festival replacement
    • Inca: new UB (Tambo, replaces Post Office)
    • Indonesia: Candi (UB) is now a Clinic replacement
    • Indonesia: Borobodur (UW) is now a National Theatre replacement
    • Iroquois: Longhouse (UB) is now a Tannery replacement
    • Japan: new UB (Dojo, replaces Barracks)
    • Japan: Himeji Castle (UW) is now a Military Academy replacement
    • Kongo: UB renamed Raffia Mill (former name was a mistranslation)
    • Mali: new UB (Djali, replaces Post Office)
    • Netherlands: UB redefined as the Polder (still replaces Levee)
    • Polynesia: Marae (UB) is now a Civic Square replacement
    • Russia: new UB (Belltower, replaces Lighthouse)
    • Siam: new UB (Floating Market, replaces Grocer)
    • Siam: Ramakien (UW) is now a Heroic Epic replacement
    • Sioux: new UB (Inipi, replaces Clinic)
    • Swahili: Mji Mkongwe (UW) is now a Mint replacement
    • Tamil: redesignated as the Dravidian civilization
    • Tamil: Kalari (UB) is now a Stadium replacement
    • Tamil: new UW (Brihadeeswarar, replaces National Theatre)
    • Tibet: Gompa (UB) is now a Library replacement
    • Vietnam: new UB (Dinh, replaces Civic Square)
    • Numerous changes to capitals and citylists

    • New Leaders: Basil, Bilqis, Dingha Cisse, Domenico Selvo, Gajah Mada, Gustav Adolph,
    • New Leaders: Hongwu, Ibrium, István, Lorenzo de' Medici, Menelik, Richelieu, Seondeok, Suharto
    • Removed Leaders: Attila, Hayam Wuruk, Marcus Aurelias, Wu
    • Abu Bakr: new art
    • Casimir: updated art
    • Lalibela: new art (old art used for Menelik)
    • Logan: changed to Thayendanegea
    • Piye: new art
    • Numerous trait reassignments
    • Several missing or broken diplomacy texts fixed

    • New Traits: Martial, Political
    • Extensive redesigning of most traits to accomodate new traits and GPP changes
    • Protective: renamed Defensive

    • All civics now have a dissent rating
    • Altruism: redesigned (medium upkeep, low dissent, unlimited doctors, +50% GPP with state religion)
    • Authoritarianism: no longer has a GPP penalty (high dissent instead)
    • Caste System: now low upkeep (but high dissent)
    • Clan Warfare: now low upkeep (but high dissent)
    • Confederation: now low upkeep (but high dissent)
    • Equal Rights: Golden Age length reverted to 1/2 length
    • Free Market: now low upkeep (but high dissent)
    • Fundamentalism: also allows Inquisitors to be trained
    • Paganism: redesigned (low upkeep, low dissent, +2 health in all cities, +1 happiness from Cemetery)
    • Slavery: health penalty removed (high dissent instead)
    • Warrior Code: Golden Age length reverted to 1/2 length
    • Fixed an error that could cause certain civics to not function for some players

    • New Specialists: Doctor, Great Doctor
    • Specialists now grant +3 GPP each again
    • Several other adjustments to specialist stats

    Great People
    • New Great Person: Great Doctor
    • Cities now have individual progress towards each Great Person type
    • Great Spy: can now discover technology
    • Great General: can now discover technology and start golden ages

    • Globalization: new requirement for Permanent Alliances
    • Pharmaceuticals: first to discover receives a Great Doctor
    • Record Keeping: new requirement to adjust espionage slider
    • Sociology: new requirement to Build Culture (100%)

    • Humvee: strength lowered to 18
    • Increased the capture/enslavement chance for units with that ability

    • New Buildings: Clinic, Constabulary, Hotel, Mill, Museum, Park
    • Removed Buildings: Industrial Park, Scotland Yard
    • Extensive redesigning of buildings
    • Extensive redesigning of unique buildings
    • Bank: now constructed by Great Merchants
    • Hospital: now constructed by Great Doctors
    • Intelligence Agency: now constructed by Great Spies
    • Security Bureau: redesigned as a National Wonder
    • Numerous changes and optimizations to building art

    National Wonders
    • New National Wonders: Mint, National Festival, Security Bureau, Telephone Network
    • Extensive redesigning of several National Wonders
    • Holy Office: removed
    • National Park: new art (old art used for Park)

    World Wonders
    • Colosseum: fixed several errors preventing it from working
    • Cristo Redentor: redesigned (1500h, +2 Prophet GPP, +8 culture, +1 food from Priests)
    • Great Library: redesigned (350h, +2 Scientist GPP, +8 culture, +1 commerce from Scientists, allows 3 Scientists)
    • Jetavanramaya: Golden Age length reverted to 1/2 length
    • Nazca Lines: would grant a Spy instead of a Great Spy
    • Porcelain Tower: espionage bonus reduced to 2 per state religion building
    • Pyramids: will no longer grow a city that's set to avoid growth
    • Sistine Chapel: culture bonus reduced to 2 per state religion building

    • Religions now founded by Great Prophet ability, rather than on birth
    • Religions can no longer be founded in existing holy cities
    • Asatru: Great Temple renamed Hof
    • Druidism: shrine renamed Ynys Môn
    • Olympianism: new founding movie
    • Great Temples are now built by Great Prophets
    • Shrines are now built as Great Temples were
    • Inquisitions completely overhauled and simplified, no foreign inquisitions
    • Inquisitors now remove a single selected religion (and its buildings) from a city
    • Holy Cities (and Shrines) can no longer be purged and will not respawn if razed

    • General Mills: now founded by Great Doctors
    • Nestlé: now founded by Great Doctors

    • New Terrain: Atolls
    • Jungle: no longer cause unhealthiness
    • Global Warming system replaced (work in progress)

    • Corn: food lowered by 1 when farmed
    • Elephant: now obsoletes at Combustion
    • Fish: no longer requires a tech to reveal
    • Horse: now obsoletes at Combustion
    • Potato: food raised by 1 when farmed

    • Fort: now unlocked at Engineering
    • Pollution no longer removed when building one polluting improvement over another

    • Start positions defined by leader on Large and Huge Earth maps (coming to other maps later)
    • Earth (Huge): updated with terrains and resources by Jarlaxe Baenre (thanks!)
    • Earth (Standard): fixed Polynesia's start location
    • Remade New Zealand on all Earth maps
    • Maps now obey the number of civs set in the Custom Scenario screen
    • Fixed an error when playing maps with preselected civics or improvements

    • Added an option to toggle guaranteed strategic resources near start (previously on by default)

    • Updated to most recent version of Platy World Builder
    • Redesigned 'Dawn of Man' screen
    • Redesigned Religion Advisor screen
    • Many other UI tweaks

    • Diplomatic victory is no longer possible via the Apostolic Palace
    • Golden Ages no longer double GPP
    • Fixed several errors with Golden Age length calculations
    • Fixed an error when placing cities using advanced start
    • Fixed an error when a new civilization joins a game midway (e.g. colonies)
    • Fixed a crash on some systems caused by the English Man of War UU
    • Removed a debugging message whenever improvements are built
    • Minimum BTS version set to 3.19
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
  2. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004
    --- Version 1.20 ---

    • New Civilization: Brazil
    • All civilizations now have a second unique unit
    • Most unique units have had their bonuses altered or redesigned
    • America: Navy SEAL (UU) is now a Paratrooper replacement
    • England: Redcoat (UU) removed, new UUs are Yeoman and Man of War
    • Ethiopia: Oromo Warrior (UU) removed, new UUs are Sarwe and Mehal Sefari
    • Inca: Quechua (UU) removed, new UUs are Slinger and Aucakpussak
    • Indonesia: Tongkang (UU) removed, new UUs are Silat and Padewakang
    • Mongolia: Keshik (UU) redesigned as a Heavy Horseman replacement
    • Netherlands: East Indiaman (UU) redesigned as the Fluyt
    • Portugal: Carrack (UU) is a Caravel replacement once again
    • Siam: Mahout (UU) renamed Chang Suek
    • Sumer: Vulture (UU) renamed Etlu
    • Vietnam: Chien Binh (UU) renamed Tay Pháo

    • New Leaders: Cunhambebe, Dom Pedro
    • Po'pay: fixed red background with certain animations

    • Diplomatic: relations bonus wasn't being applied in certain situations
    • Financial: corporation spread refund removed, now always builds wealth at 100% rate
    • Humane: improved Golden Age length calculations
    • Progressive: cottage growth bonus was unintentionally granted to Traditional leaders instead
    • Tactical: wealth on combat victory removed, now causes +25% enemy war weariness
    • Traditional: building cost discount no longer applies retroactively to the capital

    • Confederation: now unlocks slightly earlier at Politics
    • Clan Warfare: redesigned (medium upkeep, no war weariness, +100% wealth from pillaging and capturing cities)
    • Democracy: now unlocks much later at Civil Liberties
    • Equal Rights: triggered golden ages now 1/4 length, down from 1/2 length
    • Jurisdiction: now unlocks slightly later at Sociology
    • Mercenaries: now gives wealth for combat in rival territory, instead of no war weariness
    • Monarchy: Palace happiness now applies properly when also running Reciprocity
    • Paganism: redesigned (+50% chance for Great Prophets to found a religion, +1 happiness from Cemetery)
    • Pluralism: no longer allows a state religion when certain other civics are chosen
    • Reciprocity: fixed an error caused by construction of a new Palace
    • Warrior Code: triggered golden ages now 1/4 length, down from 1/2 length

    • Great Prophets now have a modified chance to found religions, no longer 100%
    • Fixed splash screen for Asatru, Druidic, and Teotl shrines

    • Aqueduct: existing improvements will accept irrigation immediately, effects removed if city razed
    • Cemetery: now provides a free priest specialist instead of free specialist and priest slot
    • Cothon (Phoenician UB): now grants health from Whales as the Harbour does
    • Factory: unhealthiness from resources replaced by +3 unhealthiness
    • Industrial Park: unhealthiness from resources removed

    • Hagia Sophia: no longer allows both a unique and default building
    • Jetavanaramaya: triggered golden ages now 1/4 length, down from 1/2 length
    • Olympic Games: redesigned and reimplemented
    • Pyramids: cities won't grow during disorder, effect reflected in city screen

    • Colonist: now 4 str, fixed some bad logic and multiplayer incompatibilities
    • Crossbowmam: redesigned (6 str, 1 first strike, 25% city defense, 25% hills defense)
    • Cuirassier: no longer immune to first strikes
    • Heavy Horseman: no longer immune to first strikes
    • Horse Archer: redesigned (8 str, 2 move, 30% withdrawal, +50% vs Heavy Footmen, -25% city strength)
    • Horseman: city attack penalty changed to -25% city strength, bonus vs Siege lowered to 25%
    • Longbowman: redesigned (6 str, 1 first strike, 50% withdrawal, 50% collateral, 50% hills attack)
    • Skirmisher: redesigned (4 str, 1 first strike, 25% withdrawal, 25% collateral, 25% hills attack, now unlocked at Employment)
    • Trireme: renamed War Galley
    • War Elephant: no longer requires Iron
    • Fixed a bug causing Flanking Strikes to not work for several units
    • Several adjustments to unit AI

    Unit Art
    • India: a few units have new art
    • Kushan: new Ancient and Medieval era art
    • Tamil: a few units have new art
    • Fixed several broken War Elephant animations

    • Ambush: now requires Ballistics
    • Blitz: no longer requires a technology
    • Flanking: also available to Archery units
    • Guerilla: attack and defense bonuses redistributed
    • Nomad: rank 3 redesigned (+25% Desert/Savannah attack, +10% healing in foreign territory)
    • Woodsman: attack and defense bonuses redistributed
    • Now only the highest rank promotions are shown in selected unit display

    • Journalism: now unlocks Permanent Alliances instead of Sociology

    • Improvements can be built over formerly polluted Flood Plains or Wetlands
    • Building polluting improvements on wooded tiles will now provide chopping production
    • Polluting improvements are no longer immune to nukes
    • Razed cities will no longer sometimes have extra yield
    • Wetlands can now be drained when they're polluted

    • Earth (Large): new map by Boggy
    • Earth (Huge): updated with new terrains and resources by Jarlaxe Baenre (thanks!)

    • Cities can be automatically renamed when changing owners
    • Unit upgrade discounts now applied additively
    • Some events were made available/unavailable too early
    • Added Platyping's extended and enhanced WorldBuilder
    • MANY other optimizations and bugfixes (thanks Platyping!)​

    --- Version 1.19 ---

    • Capital and city naming can now vary by leader and era (work in progress)
    • Phoenicia: War Harbour (UW) redesigned as a Naval Arsenal replacement
    • Portugal: Torre de Belem (UW) redesigned as a Naval Arsenal replacement
    • Polynesia: Marae (UB) also provides an artist specialist
    • Tamil: Dharani (UU) redesigned as a Dromon replacement

    • New Leader: Abbas
    • Harun al-Rashid: new art (old art used for Abbas)
    • Reassigned favourite civics for many leaders

    • New Civics: Centralization, Proclamation
    • Removed Civics: Barbarism, Bureacracy
    • Starting civic in each category now have effects
    • Numerous changes and rebalances to civics to accommodate new starting civics

    • New Techs: Chivalry, Welfare
    • Removed Techs: Archery, Stirrups
    • Numerous adjustments to tech prerequisites; several bottlenecks resolved

    • Aqueduct: Reservoir feature should no longer be removed from captured cities
    • Courthouse: Maintenance reduction reduced to 25%, espionage increased to 4
    • Jail: Grants -25% maintenance instead of war weariness reduction, espionage lowered to 2
    • Monument: UB variants no longer obsolete
    • Shipyard: no longer appears in build lists of landlocked cities
    • Water Well: now gives +1 health normally, +2 health under Agrarianism

    National Wonders
    • New National Wonder: Naval Arsenal
    • Palace: commerce and happiness bonuses shifted to starting civics
    • Seasonal Palace: now requires Castles instead of Courthouses
    • Hurry costs should now be more consistent

    World Wonders
    • New World Wonder: Jetavanaramaya
    • Nazca Lines: Great Prophets from this wonder can now found religions
    • Pyramids: also allows cities to grow while training Workers and Labourers
    • Shwedagon Paya: also causes Missionaries to always succeed
    • Statue of Liberty: can now be built in coastal cities only
    • Hurry costs should now be more consistent

    • Workboat: no longer classed as a military unit

    • Non-state religions now cause unhappiness in cities
    • Fixed religious influence display in victory screen
    • Zoroastrianism: fixed a few audio bugs

    • Active executive limit lowered to 3
    • Corporation HQs no longer lose culture when conquered

    • Pollution should no longer destroy Flood Plains or Wetlands
    • Chopping production adjusted
    • Tribal Islands (goody huts) can now be found at sea

    • Adjusted yields: Cotton, Flax, Incense, Olives, Silk, Sugar, Tobacco
    • Fish: now revealed by Fishing tech
    • Prime Timber: no longer appears on unforested tiles
    • Several enabling techs reassigned
    • Reduced clumping of certain resources

    • Numerous compatibility fixes to the standard BTS events (thanks Nightstar!)

    • Leaders now sorted alphabetically in custom game screen
    • Several Hotkeys reassigned (see Pedia for details)
    • Several Civilopedia texts added or updated
    • Dotmap layer should no longer crash or behave strangely

    • Free happiness from difficulty level reduced
    • Minor tweaks to how number of free units is calculated
    • Espionage slider no longer available before Politics is researched
    • Cross-platform multiplayer should hopefully now be error free
    • Fixed a crash caused by broken/missing colour definitions​

    --- Version 1.18 ---

    • Dutch: UW changed to the Amsterdam Bourse
    • Removed outdated strategy pedia entries for several civilizations

    • Fixed Diplomacy Text: Clovis

    • Financial: now refunds corporate spread costs, interest removed
    • Industrial: also gives 50% faster production of Labourer
    • Protective: wasn't meant to be giving a free Drill I promotion
    • Tactical: now gives wealth (based on experience) for killing enemy units in rival territory
    • Traditional: fixed a bug that granted combat culture to non-Traditional leaders

    • Agrarianism: redesigned (+1 health, +1 commerce from Farm, 1 production from Pasture)
    • Aristocracy: now gives +25% espionage, instead of unlimited spies
    • Bureaucracy: redesigned (medium upkeep, unlimited Spies, +100% wealth in capital, +1 commerce from Lumbermill and Watermill)
    • Clan Warfare: now has medium upkeep
    • Confederation: redesigned (medium upkeep, no maintenance costs from distance, +1 happiness from Harbour)
    • Democracy: no longer grants unlimited Scientists
    • Environmentalism: redesigned (+1 free specialist, +2 commerce from Windmill/Nature & Marine Reserve, no unhealthiness from Corporations)
    • Free Market: redesigned (medium upkeep, unlimited Merchants, +50% commerce from trade routes, +2 commerce per corporation)
    • Free Religion: renamed Pluralism, now has low upkeep
    • Industrialism: redesigned (high upkeep, unlimited Engineers, +2 unhealthiness, +2 production per corporation)
    • Organized Religion: renamed Orthodoxy
    • Professionalism: redesigned (+1 trade route per city, +1 commerce from Orchard/Workshop, 1 happiness from Market)
    • Rationalism: redesigned (high upkeep, unlimited Scientists, +1 research per specialist, +2 happiness from School)
    • Redistribution: trade penalty removed
    • Social Welfare: also mitigates unhappiness from Corporations, commerce from Village/Town removed
    • Standing Army: now gives +100% Great General emergence instead of +2 happiness from Barracks
    • Theocracy: now has low upkeep
    • Warrior Code: now gives +2 happiness from Barracks, instead of Great General bonus

    • New Building: Shipyard
    • Public Transport: redesigned (costs 280, +10% production and commerce from Oil, no unhealthiness from Village & Town)

    • Brandenburg Gate: fixed an error thrown every turn after construction, movie should now play
    • Colosseum: fixed some bugs and a rare crash (hopefully)
    • Olympic Games: fixed error where it could remain in a city permanently
    • Porcelain Tower: now unlocked by Printing

    • Corporations redesigned and replaced by 14 real world examples
    • Corporations now cause unhappiness and unhealthiness in their cities
    • Corporate maintenance removed
    • Some Corporation HQs grant Research or Culture per city instead of Wealth
    • Headquarters removed from Wonders Pedia page, merged with Corporation entries

    • Battering Ram: now susceptible to flanking strikes
    • Chariot: can also upgrade to the Horse Archer
    • Heavy Footman: now upgrades to Rifleman (as do its UU variants)
    • Horse Archer: redesigned completely as a Classical/Medieval unit
    • Horseman: no longer has a bonus vs. Melee, now unlocks at Riding
    • Infantry: also requires Rifling
    • Pikeman: now upgrades to Rifleman
    • Pirate: now has a 25% withdrawal chance
    • Siege Tower: now susceptible to flanking strikes
    • Skirmisher: now does more collateral damage but to fewer targets
    • Ship of the Line: also requires Gunpowder
    • Swordsman: no longer has an attack bonus vs War Elephants
    • Trireme: cost reduced to 40 (was 50)
    • Warrior: now 50% stronger against animals, can hunt them for food
    • Wooden Siege and Naval units build 25% faster with access to Prime Timber

    Unit Art
    • Chinese War Elephant: art replaced with a version that animates correctly
    • Mesoamerican Worker: Medieval art is no longer a red blob

    • New Promotion: Nomad (3 ranks)
    • Medic: no longer available to Mounted units

    • Asatru: new movie
    • Druidism: new movie
    • Toltecayotl: renamed/redefined as Teotl, new movie
    • Monasteries now obsolete at Electricity
    • Capped 'Fewer Religions' calculation at 18 civs

    • Coast: now a bit more distinct from Ocean
    • Desert: now requires 2 movement and has a 25% defense penalty
    • Flood Plains: unhealthiness lowered to 0.25
    • Jungle: now gives some production for chopping
    • Savannah: no longer removes 1 production from its base terrain

    • New Resource: Prime Timber
    • Amber: now obtained by Harvest Boats
    • Banana: renamed Fruit, new art, obtained by Orchards
    • Dye: fixed a bug preventing it being placed on maps
    • Elephant: now obtained by Pastures
    • Flax: new art, now obtained via Farms
    • Jade: new art, now obtained by Quarries
    • Olives: now obtained by Orchards
    • Spice: now obtained by Orchards
    • Wheat: improved art
    • Numerous adjustments to resource distribution

    • Improvements have been extensively rebalanced and tweaked
    • Several improvements have new terrain restrictions (also shown in Pedia)
    • Several improvements that required a resource can now be built in certain terrains as well
    • Several improvements have a chance to produce a resource
    • Several art adjustments
    • Winery: redesigned as Orchard

    • Highway: can now be built over a Railroad

    • New Maps: Africa (Large), Europe (Standard), North America (Large)
    • Removed Maps: Mediterranean (52x32), Western Europe (38x48)
    • Eurasia: cropped North America and the Atlantic
    • All maps renamed with their mapsize setting instead of their dimensions
    • Maps list which civs they are compatible with
    • Numerous tweaks to coastlines
    • Fixed many disconnected or backward flowing rivers
    • New resources and terrains are still not finished being added to maps, sorry
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect starting locations when quitting and reloading maps

    • World: improved start location assignment, including old world starts

    • Culture levels scale with gamespeed more appropriately
    • Build Wealth/Research/Culture/Espionage are now split into 3 ranks (33%, 50%, 100%)
    • Fixed an error thrown when pillaging outside cultural borders
    • Several refinements and additions to the Civiliopedia​

    --- Version 1.17 ---

    • New Civilizations: Anasazi, Kongo
    • Celts: new colour scheme
    • Ethiopia: new colour scheme
    • Israel: new citylist and UB (Bamah)
    • Polynesia: new art for Marae (UB)
    • Vikings: renamed Scandinavians

    • New Leaders: Kochininako, Mbemba, Nzinga, Po'pay, Richard Lionheart
    • New Art: Tin Hinan, Xoc
    • Fixed Diplomacy Text: Akbar, Nasser, Topiltzen
    • Reassigned Traits: Brian Boru, Joshua, Robert

    • Progressive: upgrade discount now applies only to military units
    • Tactical: no longer reveals the owner of hidden nationality units

    • Standing Army: upgrade discount now applies only to military units

    • Building costs adjusted to scale more appropriately through the eras
    • Laboratory: now provides 2 scientist slots instead of 1

    • Colosseum: fixed a bug where the wrong unit could be built
    • Hagia Sophia: now lets you build the regular building as well, cost increased to 500

    • New Unit: Colonist
    • Asvaka (Kushan UU): redesigned with has movement rate of 3
    • Ballista Elephant (Khmer UU): redesigned with a city attack bonus and able to ignore building defense
    • Cog: new art for Mediterranean and Oriental civs
    • Destroyer: now has an attack and defensive bonus against Torpedo Boat, Submarine, Attack Sub
    • Hoplite (Greek UU): redesigned with free Cover and Formation promotions
    • Horse Archer: now has a first strike, no longer has a bonus vs Siege Units
    • Horseman: strength increased to 6, city attack penalty increased to 50%
    • Humvee: no longer able to attack, withdrawal chance lowered to 25%, better AI
    • Immortal (Persian UB): redesigned with a free March promotion
    • Jaguar Warrior (Aztec UU): given Woodsman II as well
    • Keshik (Mongol UU): redesigned with no city attack penalty and 25% withdrawal chance
    • Legionary (Roman UU): no longer more expensive to build
    • Privateer: new, more universal art
    • Skirmisher: strength increased to 3, AI improved
    • Torpedo Boat: can no longer enter ocean tiles
    • Fixed several upgrade paths for UUs

    Unit Art
    • All unit art comprehensively optimized for better performance and memory usage
    • New art for most units: Arabia, India, Tamil
    • New art for several units: China, England, Iroquois, Japan, Korea, Mali, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nubia, Rome, Sioux
    • New art for a few units: America, Berber, Byzantium, Egypt, Germany, Hatti, Israel, Kushan
    • New art for a few units: Phoenicia, Polynesia, Russia, Siam, Spain, Sumer, Swahili, Zulu
    • Existing unit art improved: Angkor, England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Siam
    • Added more cultural diversity to Great People and Generals
    • Numerous tweaks and improvements to unit animations

    • New Missionary Art: Pesedjet, Baalism, Olympianism, Shamanism, Toltecayotl
    • All missionaries now have correctly displaying effects when spreading religion
    • Shortened some of the longer religion sounds

    • Roads: reverted to 1/2 movement cost
    • Paved Roads: changed to 1/3 movement cost, 1/4 after Cartography
    • Highways: changed to 1/5 movement cost, 1/6 after Satellites

    • Furs: no longer appear on Ice

    • All mapscripts given an option for culturally linked starting locations
    • Fractal: world wrapping options fixed
    • Highlands: world wrapping options fixed
    • Removed Maps: Gaul (25x30), North Africa (93x46)

    • AI now only gets free starting techs on the two highest difficulty levels
    • Cities can no longer be founded on Ice
    • 'Fake' buildings are no longer listed in several parts of the UI
    • Golden Age length scales better with game speed
    • Inflation was too harsh on slower gamespeeds
    • Resistance in captured cities now scales with game speed
    • Fixed a few audio-related crashes​

    --- Version 1.16 ---
    First version with new numbering scheme

    • Portugal: Carrack (UU) now available at Compass

    • New Leader: Te Rauparaha (Polynesia)

    • Financial: how often interest is received now scales with gamespeed

    • Employment: also requires Masonry
    • Polymers: renamed Composites again
    • Property: no longer requires Masonry
    • Reassigned the free techs the AI gets on higher difficulty levels

    • Authoritarianism: GPP penalty increased to 50%
    • Free Religion: now has low upkeep
    • Redistribution: Cottage growth penalty removed, now has -50% trade route yield

    • All specialists now give +2 GPP (reduced from +3 GPP)

    • New National Wonder: Refinery
    • Forge: Copper and Iron bonuses increased to 10%
    • Kiln: Peat bonus increased to 10%, cost lowered to 50
    • Laboratory: now unlocks at Electricity
    • Royal Cemetery: also requires Masonry
    • Stable: Horse and Elephant bonuses increased to 10%
    • Increased the chance that certain buildings will survive conquest

    • New Wonders: The Colosseum, Porcelain Tower, Brandenburg Gate
    • Angkor Wat: now unlocks at Civil Service
    • Great Library: now unlocks at Philosophy
    • Hagia Sophia: redesigned (lets you capture enemy UBs)
    • Kremlin: renamed Saint Vasily's Cathedral since that's what it actually is
    • Notre Dame: now unlocks at Patronage
    • Shwedagon Paya: now unlocks at Ethics
    • Sistine Chapel: brought in line with similar wonders of its era
    • Taj Mahal: also causes golden ages to improve diplomatic relations
    • Temple of Kukulkan: was accidentally named 'The Pyramids'
    • Several wonders have had their costs adjusted
    • New wonder movies should now display on OSX

    • New Unit: Pirate
    • Dromon: now able to pillage and blockade, has upkeep costs
    • Frigate: now available earlier at Optics
    • Galleass: now has +25% coastal defense instead of +50% coastal attack
    • Galleon: now available at Charter
    • Ironclad: strength increased to 20
    • Mobile Artillery: was accidentally named 'Artillery'
    • Privateer: strength reduced to 9 (from 10)
    • Ship of the Line: now available earlier at Meteorology
    • Torpedo Boat: strength increased to 18, movement reduced to 3

    • Reverted experience change to standard BTS progression

    • Shrines: now require Temples instead of Great Temples
    • Fixed a rare bug that could cause all religions to be founded at once

    • New Terrain: Savannah
    • Reefs: less common and shorter overall, no longer grow
    • Ocean trade now unlocks earlier at Compass (+1 trade route moves to Meteorology)

    • Coffee: revealed at Horticulture
    • Gems: revealed at Mining
    • Incense: revealed at Ritual
    • Sugar: revealed at Crop Rotation
    • Tobacco: revealed at Horticulture

    • Workshops: no longer cause pollution

    • New Routes: Paved Road, Highway
    • Routes have been rebalanced to include the new route types
    • Routes now have a small gold cost to build (but not to maintain)

    • New Game Speeds: Saga (1200 turns), Odyssey (1800 turns)
    • Adjusted number of turns in a game (Quick: 300, Normal: 600, Epic: 900)
    • Calendar revamped for all game speeds
    • Cities can now build culture at Artisanry (formerly Patronage)
    • Numerous Civilopedia texts added
    • Enabled Wonder Movies, Religion Movies, and Tech Splash for Multiplayer​
  3. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004
    --- Version 0.9.5 ---
    Last version with old numbering scheme

    • America: Mall (UB) had the wrong stats
    • India: Mausoleum (UB) redesigned as a Cemetery replacement
    • Portugal: were unable to build Caravels and Carracks, now fixed
    • Swahili: Dhow (UU) is now a Cog replacement

    • Catherine: renamed Yekaterina, has stunning new art
    • Ho Chi Minh: new AI, should no longer make demands every 5 turns
    • Le Loi: now has custom diplomacy text
    • Nebuchadnezzar: improved model and textures
    • Rajendra: now has custom diplomacy text
    • Reassigned Traits: Sejong
    • Fixed a crash that occurred with several leaders under certain graphic settings

    • Enterprising: no longer gives Sentry promotion to Mounted units
    • Traditional: the production bonus for buildings already in capital now works properly

    • Authoritarianism: now has a -25% GPP penalty
    • Environmentalism: also gives +2 commerce for Marine Reserves
    • Professionalism: now gives +2 commerce for Workshops
    • Redistribution: GPP penalty replaced by Cottage growth penalty

    • New Building: Post Office
    • Barracks: now grants 4 xp to land units (formerly 3 xp)
    • Bath: redesigned (+1 culture, +1 health, +10% heal rate, requires Aqueduct)
    • Broadcast Tower: redesigned (+25% culture, -25% war weariness, +1 happiness per 10% culture rate, +1 happiness from Hit Singles)
    • Cemetery: cross art replaced by gravestones
    • Cinema: redesigned (+25% culture, +2 Artist slots, +1 happiness, +1 happiness from Hit Movies)
    • Civic Square: culture and GPP bonuses reduced, shifted to Medieval era
    • Customs House: adds 1 trade route, foreign trade modifier reduced to 50% (formerly 100%)
    • Distillery: redesigned (-25% war weariness, -1 health, +1 happiness, +1 happiness from Sugar)
    • Forge: redesigned (-1 health, 2 engineer slots, +5% production with Copper/Iron)
    • Intelligence Agency: +8 espionage removed
    • Jail: no longer grants 50% espionage or 2 spy slots
    • Kiln: redesigned (+2 commerce, -1 health, +5% production with Peat)
    • News Press: also gives 1 free specialist, enemy war weariness reduced to 5%
    • Security Bureau: no longer has 2 spy slots, cost lowered to 180
    • Sewer: redesigned (+2 health, +1 population, 1 spy slot)
    • Stable: also gives +5% production with Horses and Elephants
    • Tannery: no longer gives production with Cattle or happiness with Deer
    • Tavern: redesigned (+25% trade route yield, +1 happiness with Coffee/Tea/Wine/Tobacco)
    • Weaver: redesigned (+25% culture, +1 happiness with Dye/Cotton/Flax/Silk)

    • New Wonder: Nazca Lines
    • Chichen Itza: given its proper name: Temple of Kulkulkan (Chichen Itza is the city)
    • Great Lighthouse: now give 1 coastal trade route in all cities, +50% foreign trade in its city
    • Holy Office: now only causes 1 unhealthiness, can no longer be captured
    • Military Academy: redesigned (free Leadership promotion to units built in city)
    • National Park: also gives free specialists for Marine Reserves
    • Red Cross: gives March promotion instead of Medic I

    • New Units: Labourer, Dromon, Cog, Clipper, Torpedo Boat, Humvee
    • Naval units rebalanced
    • Siege units redesigned and rebalanced
    • Ironclad: redesigned as an ocean-going warship
    • Submarine: can no longer detect other Submarines
    • Workers: can now drain Wetlands but can no longer build Railroads or Scrub Fallout (but upgrade to Labourers that can)

    • New Promotions: Reinforced Hull I, II & III
    • Units now level up at every 5 combat experience (5, 10, 15, 20, etc)
    • Drill promotions strengthened, also unlock similar promotions to the Combat promotions

    • Tech tree extensively reworked and rebalanced (139 techs total)
    • New Ancient techs: Carving, Ceremonial Burial, Archery, Leather Working, Seafaring
    • New Classical techs: Alchemy, Ethics, Nobility, Plumbing
    • New Medieval techs: Civil Service, Crop Rotation, Ethics, Logistics, Paper, Stirrups
    • New Renaissance techs: Cartography, Geology, Meteorology, Optics, Urban Planning
    • New Industrial techs: Fertilizer, Machine Tools
    • New Modern techs: Atomic Physics, Automobile
    • New Future tech: Cybernetics
    • Banking: redefined as Finance
    • Composites: redefined as Polymers
    • Cultivation: redefined as Horticulture
    • Jet Engine: redefined as Aerodynamics
    • Networks: redefined as Telecommunications
    • Oral Tradition: redefined as Oratory
    • Welfare: redefined as Sociology
    • AI tech preferences and power calculations improved
    • Several uninteresting or poorly implemented techs removed
    • Starting techs rebalanced and reassigned

    • New Terrain: Wetlands, Reefs
    • New Resource: Peat
    • Forest: Now gives 0.25 health per tile (formerly 0.5)
    • Jungle: Now gives +1 commerce, food penalty removed
    • Terra mapscript is back and updated
    • Numerous tweaks to terrain art and map generation
    • Giant and Massive mapsizes should now scale more consistently

    • Salt: now gives +1 health as intended, AI won't trade it for free anymore, no longer obsoletes
    • Seal: obsoletes at Ecology
    • Tobacco: no longer has base unhealthiness, instead causes -1 health with Grocer and Supermarket

    • New Improvement: Marine Reserve
    • Forest Preserve: renamed Nature Reserve, can also be placed on Wetlands/Elephant/Furs
    • Lumbermill: can also be built in Jungles
    • Pollution from Improvements no longer prevents commerce from rivers

    • UUs, UBs and UWs now have their own sections in the Civilopedia
    • Concept articles in the Civilopedia that have been rewritten for HR are marked with a star
    • Added warning about complexity of World mapscript
    • Fixed an error where Progressive leaders received free Great Prophets in the Classical era
    • A few fixes for Windows compatibility​

    --- Version 0.9.4 ---

    • Inca: Terrace (UB) lowered to 25% food kept to match the Granary
    • Persia: new UB, the Ab Anbar (replaces Aqueduct)
    • Polynesia: Waka (UU) cannot enter ocean until Navigation, cost lowered to 40
    • Portugal: Carrack (UU) redesigned as an early Galleon replacement

    • New Trait: Traditional
    • All other traits have been redesigned
    • Reassigned Traits: Boudica, Djoser, Gilgamesh, Montezuma, Nasser, Pacal
    • Agamemnon: fixed some broken diplomacy text tags

    • Aristocracy: allows unlimited spies, no longer gives happiness for Castle
    • Authoritarianism: also gives +1 espionage per specialist
    • Caste System: now available at Priesthood, also gives +1 production to Workshops
    • Codification: redesigned (+5 happiness in largest cities, +1 wealth per specialist)
    • Confederation: gives 1 trade route, no longer gives +25% espionage
    • Conscription: gives +100% xp in cultural borders, no longer gives cheaper upgrades
    • Clan Warfare: also gives increased wealth for capturing cities, maintenance penalty removed
    • Democracy: redesigned (unlimited scientists, +50% GPP, +1 commerce from Village/Town)
    • Equal Rights: now gives a free specialist per city instead of +5 happiness in largest cities
    • Emancipation: replaced by Social Welfare (+1 production/commerce per Village/Town, can rush with gold
    • Environmentalism: Corporation penalty removed
    • Free Religion: no longer gives research per specialist
    • Free Market: gives +50% trade route commerce instead of a free trade route
    • Industrialism: no longer gives research per specialist
    • Jurisdiction: now gives faster Cottage growth instead of a free specialist per city
    • Mercantilism: replaced by Bureaucracy (No foreign Corporations, +100% wealth in Capital, +1 production/commerce from mills)
    • Organized Religion: now available at Divination
    • Professional Army: redesigned as Standing Army (+2 experience, -50% upgrade cost, +2 happiness from Barracks)
    • Rationalism: gives +2 research per Specialist, no longer allows unlimited scientists
    • Redistribution: now has a -25% Great Person rate penalty
    • Slavery: now also gives +1 commerce to Plantations and Quarries
    • Vassalage: redesigned (Lower military unit support costs, +25% espionage, +2 happiness from Castle)
    • Warrior Code: available at Steel Working and redesigned (+100% Great General, +25% military unit production, +25% culture)

    • New Game Option: 'Fewer Religions' (lowers the ratio of religions to civilizations to 2:3)
    • Removed Game Option: 'Choose Religions' (did nothing under prophet-founded religions)

    • Aqueduct: now provides fresh water for irrigation
    • Bath: requires Well to build
    • Castle: no longer obsoletes
    • Forge: causes -1 health with Copper, Iron
    • Grocer: no longer gives any benefit for Spices
    • Smokehouse: redesigned (25% food kept, +1 health with Salt, +1 happiness with Spices, no longer obsoletes)
    • Supermarket: reverted (+2 food, +1 health from Cattle, Deer, Pig, Sheep)
    • Tavern: provides 1 less commerce
    • Walls: no longer obsoletes
    • Well: no longer provides fresh water for irrigation, cost increased to 50

    • New Unit: Cruiser
    • Caravel: strength reduced to 2, gains 20% withdrawal chance, cannot enter ocean until Compass
    • Chariot: upgrades to Heavy Horseman instead of Horseman
    • Destroyer: redesigned (Str 22, Move 8, +50% vs Subs + Attack Subs, no bombardment)
    • Galleass: strength increased to 5, new art for Middle Eastern civilizations
    • Galleon: new art for Mediterranean civilizations
    • Ironclad: now upgrades to Cruiser
    • Modern Armour: also requires Total War
    • Swordsman: receives a 50% attack bonus against War Elephants
    • Tank: also requires Total War
    • Trireme: strength increased to 3, removed bonus vs. Galley, new art for Germanic, African and Middle Eastern civs
    • War Elephant: also requires Metal Casting, needs Copper or Iron, cost raised to 70
    • Workboat: cannot enter ocean until Compass
    • Naval units now scale more consistently in size across eras

    • Civil Rights: also requires Labour Unions
    • Electricity: also requires Replaceable Parts
    • Journalism: also requires Corporation
    • Military Conduct: also requires Fealty
    • Nationalism also requires Military Conduct
    • Physics: also requires Compass
    • Property: requires Agriculture and Pastoralism (and no longer Ritual)
    • Record Keeping: no longer requires Textiles
    • Rocketry: also requires Radio
    • Textiles: requires Hunting and Ritual (and no longer Agriculture)
    • Shipbuilding: also requires Construction
    • Space Flight: also requires Computers
    • Writing: also requires Textiles

    • New Resources: Bison, Jade
    • New Resource Icons: Cocoa, Coffee, Flax
    • Salt: now obsoletes with Refrigeration
    • Resources once again give happiness and health just for having access to them
    • Rebalanced resource distribution
    • Fixed many mapscripts to work properly with the new mapsizes and resource changes
    • Disabled currently incompatible mapscripts

    • Camps: can no longer be built on hills unless an appropriate resource is present
    • Mine: now causes -1 health
    • Pasture: removed food increase at Refrigeration
    • Plantation: gains +1 commerce at Cultivation
    • Offshore Platform: now causes -1 health
    • Oil Well: now causes -1 health
    • Quarry: now causes -1 health, gains +1 production at Machinery
    • Workshop: -1 food replaced by -1 health, gains +1 production at Guilds (instead at Chemistry)

    • New load screen and advisor panel backdrop
    • Fake buildings no longer display in the city screen
    • Fixed the 'Text_Trigger_Key_Event_Tavern_Riding' error message
    • Fixed several 'Error in BeginPlayerTurn event handler..." messages
    • Fixed a problem where the AI couldn't determine the category/value of resources when trading
    • Fixed Golden Age modifiers not stacking correctly
    • Fixed mixed up links between the Aztec Jaguar Warrior (renamed) and the Jaguar animal
    • A few fixes for Windows compatibility
    • Many new pedia texts added (thank to Simon_Jester and other contributors)
    • Numerous small fixes and tweaks​

    --- Version 0.9.3 ---

    • Amurru: The Garden (UB) redesigned as a Bath replacement
    • Byzantium: The Hippodrome (UB) redesigned as a Stadium replacement
    • England: The Public House (UB) redesigned as a Tavern replacement
    • France: The Salon (UB) was accidentally available in the Ancient era
    • Germany: The Rathaus (UB) now gives +1 happiness to Judicial leaders as intended
    • Kushan: The Caravanserai (UB) redesigned as a Tavern replacement with new art
    • Maya: The Ball Court (UB) now gives an extra happiness and a 10% commerce boost with Rubber
    • Polynesia: The Marae (UB) redesigned as a Courthouse replacement
    • Turks: The Hammam (UB) redesigned as a Bath replacement
    • Vietnam: The Mua Roi Nuoc (UB) changed to give one free Artist specialist

    • Casimir: his hat should fit a bit better
    • Yaqub: improved textures and shaders

    • Diplomatic: added better description for "Stronger Vassals"
    • Progressive: unit upgrade discount should now work properly, scientist specialist removed
    • Tactical: war weariness now reduced by 50%, engineer specialist removed

    • Conscription: unit upgrade discount increased to 50% and should now work properly

    • New Ancient tech: Textiles
    • Aesthetics: also requires Philosophy
    • Artisanry: also requires Textiles
    • Aviation: also requires Radio
    • Ceremonial Burial: removed
    • Chemistry: also requires Gunpowder
    • Civil Liberties: also requires Economics
    • Compass: also requires Navigation
    • Employment: also requires Construction
    • Explosives: also requires Plastics
    • Future Tech: also requires Stealth
    • Free Artistry: also requires Artisanry
    • Globalization: also requires Aviation
    • Labour Unions: also requires Welfare
    • Land Tenure: also requires Law
    • Laser: also requires Radar
    • Military Science: also requires Nationalism
    • Plastics: also requires Refrigeration
    • Printing: also requires Machinery
    • Record Keeping: also required Pottery or Textiles
    • Riding: now requires The Wheel and Textiles
    • Shipbuilding: also requires Textiles

    • New Ancient/Classical Buildings: Kiln, Well, Smokehouse, Weaver, Tannery, Tavern
    • New Medieval/Renaissance Buildings: Civic Square, Distillery, Sewer
    • New Industrial/Modern Buildings: Cinema, News Press, Gas Plant, Solar Plant
    • Cemetery: redesigned slightly (+1 health, +1 free specialist, +1 priest slot, requires Ritual)
    • Coal Plant: now produces even more unhealthiness
    • Colosseum: renamed Stadium, also gives +10% commerce for Hit Singles
    • Granary: food kept reduced to 20%, also gives health bonus for Potatoes
    • Grocer: now gives health for Bananas, Olives, and +10% commerce for Spices
    • Market: now gives happiness for Amber, Elephants, Whales and 10% commerce for Tobacco
    • Supermarket: redesigned (+25% wealth, 25% food kept after growth, requires Granary and Grocer)
    • Theatre: no longer gives happiness for Dyes but gives +10% commerce for Hit Stageshows
    • Pyramids: now requires Masonry and Property
    • Versailles: now requires Patronage and Architecture
    • Several optimizations and improvements to building art

    • New Worldsizes: Giant (13 civs), Massive (15 civs). *** EXPERIMENTAL: may be too memory intensive ***
    • New Resources: Amber, Cocoa, Coffee, Flax, Gas, Potato, Rubber, Salt, Seals, Tea, Tobacco
    • Ivory renamed Elephant
    • Some existing resources have been rebalanced slightly
    • Resources no longer give health or happiness directly; a building is required to benefit
    • Villages and Towns now get +1 commerce when connected to a railroad
    • Mammoths no longer spawn in Plains

    • Hit Musicals: renamed Hit Stageshows
    • Incorporated fix for AI civs founding all religions
    • Several layout and filter improvements for Civilopedia​

    --- Version 0.9.2 ---

    • Aztecs: Calemcac (UW) properly starts a Golden Age
    • Korea: Hwacha (UU) is now a Bombard replacement
    • Poland: Husarski (UU) now has the same tech requirements as the Cuirassier
    • Some Monument-replacing UBs now obsolete with Education as intended (affected Egypt, Ethiopia, Hatti, Sioux)

    • Colossus now requires a Harbour instead of a Forge

    • Knight renamed Heavy Horseman
    • Several changes to unit upgrade paths to better suit the new techtree

    • All eras of the techtree have been now been redesigned
    • Added Medieval techs: Fealty, Free Artistry
    • Added Renaissance techs: Civil Liberties, Firearms, Formation, Investment, Nationalism, Sanitation, Welfare
    • Added Industrial techs: Entrenchment, Explosives, Feminism, Film, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Photography, Pneumatics, Rifling, Total War
    • Added Modern techs: Automation, Aviation, Civil Rights, Electronics, Globalization, Jet Propulsion, Networks, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons, Nutrition, Radar, Space Flight, Surveillance, Sustainability
    • Added Future techs: Artificial Intelligence, Astrophysics, Bionics, Nanotechnology, Particle Physics
    • Able to build wealth much earlier (with Property)
    • Tech costs should now progress appropriately across all eras
    • Many changes to AI tech preferences

    • Lumbermills generate +1 commerce once Printing is discovered

    • (Hopefully) fixed out of sync error in multiplayer when religions are founded
    • Fixed some undesirable Missionary behaviour
    • A few fixes for Windows compatibility​

    --- Version 0.9.1 ---

    • Redesign of techtree now extends further into the Industrial Era
    • Tech costs do not ramp up as quickly in the ancient era
    • Tech costs do not scale as steeply with mapsize
    • Added Ancient Techs: Copper Working, Hunting, Mining, Astronomy
    • Added Classical Techs: Aesthetics, Navigation
    • Added Medieval Techs: Cultivation, Evangelism, Hydraulics, Siegecraft
    • Added Renaissance Techs: Ballistics, Humanism, Military Conduct
    • Added Industrial Tech: Refining
    • Several civics, buildings, units, etc have changed tech requirements

    • Redistribution: redesigned with a more appropriate economic focus

    • Great Prophets now require just one Great Temple (in the Holy City) to build the Shrine

    • Bombard: Can now have flanking strikes made against them
    • A few corrections to unit upgrade paths

    • The ancient era should no longer be so starved for commerce
    • Fixed a crash when Poland reaches the Renaissance era
    • Fixed an error where it was possible to build two Military Academies
    • Should be noticeably less MAFs (at the price of slightly slower loading speed)​
  4. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004
    --- Version 0.9 ---

    • Ancient to Renaissance tech tree redesigned and expanded
    • Tech progression should be slower overall

    • Aztecs: Sacrificial Altar is now a Jail replacement
    • England: Public House redesigned as a Colosseum replacement
    • Hittites: Now actually able to build their UW (Puruli)
    • Sumer: Ziggurat redesigned as a Castle replacement
    • Reassigned starting techs

    • Isabella has gorgeous new art
    • Trung Sisters have improved art
    • Spiritual Trait: Now gives production speed bonus to Cemeteries and Great Temples

    • Reverted the initial civic in each category to low upkeep
    • Redistribution: new civic, replacing State Property
    • Most civics have been rebalanced or redesigned

    • Religions are now founded when a Great Prophet is generated
    • Maximum number of religions now scales 1:1 with number of civs at start of a game
    • Shrines require holy city and 2 Great Temples to be built by Great Prophets
    • Fixed and improved Inquisition AI

    • New Buildings: Cemetery, Bath
    • Academy requires 4 Libraries instead of 4 Schools
    • Cereal Mills also consumes Sugar
    • Great Wall now costs 250 hammers (up from 150)
    • Hanging Gardens no longer requires an Aqueduct to build
    • Pyramids now increase worker speed by 50% (access to all Government civics removed)
    • Royal Cemetery now requires 4 Cemeteries to build

    • New unit: Bombard
    • Several changes to chain of unit upgrades
    • Ironclad is now strength 15, move 3, cost 150, with new art
    • Removed ranged attacks from naval units
    • Increased the production cost of most Siege units
    • Siege units no longer provide happiness in cities (for Authoritarianism and such mechanics)
    • Poland has new Ancient to Medieval era unit art
    • Russia has new Ancient to Industrial unit art
    • Removed and consolidated a lot of support unit art (Settlers, Workers, etc)

    • New Resources: Cotton, Olives
    • Camps no longer require a tech to be built
    • Camps can now be built on forests and jungles, giving 1 food
    • Coast no longer gives +10% defense
    • Farms now have a small chance to discover Corn, Rice, Wheat (similar to Mines)
    • Whales now obsolete with Mass Media (formerly Combustion)

    • Now able to build espionage in cities
    • Fixed an error when missionaries are trained
    • Several Civilopedia layout tweaks​

    --- Version 0.8 ---

    • New Civics: 36 civics divided into 6 categories
    • Olympic Games: Once founded in 800 BCE moves to a different city every 4 turns

    • New Civilizations: Indonesia, Tamil
    • Hatti finally has a UW: Puruli (replaces Military Academy)

    • New Leaders: Dharmasetu, Hayam Wuruk, Mangammal, Rajendra
    • Better AI for Topiltzin
    • Many changes to favourite civics

    • New Animals: Hyena, Tiger, Jaguar, Polar Bear, Mammoth
    • Arabia has new Renaissance, Industrial and Modern unit art
    • China has new Horse Archer art
    • Israel has new Industrial unit art
    • Persia has new Renaissance and Industrial unit art
    • Turks have new unit art for most eras
    • Vikings have new Cannon art)

    • Inquisitor now requires Divine Right as intended

    • Diplomatic Trait: Commerce from trade route bonus increased to 15%
    • Message generated when wonders are captured or destroyed
    • Numerous art optimizations​

    --- Version 0.7 ---

    • Inquisitions!
    • Religious Victory

    • New Civilizations: Kushan, Poland
    • India has a new UU: Siege Elephant (replaces Cannon)
    • Vietnam has a new UB: Mua Roi Nuoc (replaces Theatre)

    • New Leaders: Casimir, Kadphises, Kanishka, Nasser, Sobieski, Robert the Bruce
    • Brennus is now Brian Boru
    • Canute now more accurately named Knut
    • Hiram's diplomacy texts fixed
    • Mongkut has improved art and animation
    • Sargon has completely new art
    • Better trait combos for Huayna Capac, Peter, Qin Shi Huang, Suppiluliuma
    • A few adjustments to favourite civics and religions

    • New National Wonder: Holy Office

    • New Unit: Inquisitor
    • Battering Rams and Siege Towers are cheaper to build
    • Battering Rams and Siege Towers are immune to Flanking Strikes
    • Catapults and Trebuchets can bombard again
    • Keshik fixed (they had both Horseman and Horse Archer bonuses)

    • Several starting locations fixed
    • Removed Earth (192x120) map as it's just too huge and crashes constantly

    • New menu screen
    • New interface font
    • Civilopedia layout adjustments
    • Several Civilopedia concept pages updated
    • Numerous art optimizations​

    --- Version 0.6 ---

    • New citylists: Egypt, Polynesia
    • England has a new UB: Public House (Stock Exchange is now a National Wonder)
    • German Rathaus now replaces the Courthouse as intended
    • Hittite UB is now properly named the Huluwasi
    • Hungary has a new UB: the Végvár (Turul is now the UW)
    • Inca starting location is now more appropriate on certain maps
    • Israel has a new UB: Kotel
    • Roman Legionary no longer takes all eternity to build a road
    • Russia now has the correct button for Skirmishers
    • Swahili have a new UB: the Ziara
    • Tibetan Gompa has new art
    • Tibetan Musketman has new art
    • Vietnam has a new UU: the Chien Binh

    • Mongkut has better AI

    • Every civilization has its own Unique Wonder (trigger a golden age when built)
    • Academy is now the University
    • Forbidden Palace is now the Seasonal Palace
    • Globe Theatre is now the English UW, generic version is the National Theatre
    • Hermitage is now the Russian UW, generic version is the National Museum (new art)
    • Military Academy is now the Armoury
    • Moai Statues are now the Polynesian UW
    • Mt Rushmore is now the National Monument and available earlier
    • National Epic removed and replaced by Royal Cemetery
    • Oxford University is now the Academy
    • University is now the School
    • Wall Street is now the American UW, generic version is the Stock Exchange
    • West Point is now the Military Academy
    • Improved art for Angkor Wat, Hagia Sophia, Hollywood, Oracle, Pentagon
    • Numerous buildings scaled better
    • MANY additions/deletions/reorganizations/optimizations to Cultural Citystyles

    • Catapults and Trebuchets no longer bombard, this is to create better defined roles alongside the Battering Ram and Siege Tower
    • Battering Ram and Siege Tower have reduced bombard strength
    • Cannons now have ranged attack like other siege units
    • Fixed crash caused by Mediterranean-style Galleon

    • Pesedjet Pyramid replaced by Pesedjet Mortuary
    • Pesedjet has a new Shrine: Abu Simbel
    • Ba'alist Cathedral replaced by Ba'alite Sanctuary
    • Baalism has a new Shrine: Maabed
    • Taoism has a new Shrine: Tiantán
    • Asatru has a new Shrine: Sigtúnir
    • Toltecayotl Sacrificial Pyramid replaced by Toltecayotl Paganitzu
    • Toltecayotl has a new Shrine: Tlachihualtepetl
    • New art for Mahabodhi, Kong Miao
    • Reverted to older art for Shaman and Heirophant (should solve some crashes)
    • Fixed crash caused by the African-style Christian Missionary

    Other Changes
    • New water graphics
    • Protective Trait: Bonus Great General emergence in cultural borders increased to 100% (from 50%)
    • Several layout improvements to the Civilopedia
    • Included maps now let you choose religions
    • Fixed a possible slowdown caused by the 'fake' buildings
    • Numerous art optimizations​

    --- Version 0.5 ---

    • New Leaders: Argantonio, Filipe II, Henrique (the Navigator), Maximilian I, Michiel de Ruyter, Topiltzin, Viriato, Wu Zetian
    • Assyria have a new UB: the Karum (Market replacement)
    • Berber have a new UB: the Souq (Market replacement)
    • Hatti have a new UB: the Huwasi (Monument replacement)
    • Mali has a new UU: the Farari (Knight replacement)
    • Nubia has a new UB: the Blast Furnace (Forge replacement)
    • Ranged combat for Catapults, Trebuchet, Artillery and Naval Units (those with bombard capabilities)
    • BUG updated to 4.4
    • Cultural Citystyles updated to 0.99

    • Germany has been expanded to include the HRE
    • German UB is now the Rathaus
    • Mali has been expanded as the Mande Empire
    • New citylists: Aztec, Berber, Germany, Greece, Mali, Phoenicia, Swahili
    • Abu'l Mawahib has new art
    • Shamshi-Adad has been remade as Tiglathpileser
    • Better trait combinations for Alp Arslan, Bismarck, Gilgamesh, Hannibal, Herod, Kublai, Louis, Pacal, Pachacuti, Roosevelt, Trung Sisters, Willem, Xoc
    • Hungarian Turul Statue experience bonus reduced to +2 and now available with Metal Casting
    • India and Turkestan have new Horse Archer art
    • Phoenician Bireme can now carry units but cargo space reduced to 2
    • Battering Rams, Siege Rams and Siege Towers are not as fragile now
    • Siege units can no longer capture cities
    • New flag/button: Barbarians
    • Some format/layout tweaks to Civilopedia

    • Tin Hinan's background is fixed (again)
    • Yaqub al-Mansur now has matching eyes
    • British Musketman and Redcoat had swapped art
    • Fixed messed up religion, corporation and resource icons
    • More fixes to religion sounds and effects
    • Numerous fixes and changes to diplomacy text
    • Many behind-the-scenes optimizations
    • Several Windows specific fixes

    • Loading time drastically reduced
    • Mod size reduced by over 400 MB (extraneous textures pruned or resized - this should improve memory efficiency as well)
    • Jimmu. Just wasn't coming together as an interesting leader​

    --- Version 0.4 ---

    • New Civilizations: Assyria, Hatti, Swahili
    • New Leaders: Abu'l Mawahib, Ashurbanipal, Hattusili, Hiram, Shamsi-Adad, Shammuramat, Shehe Mvita, Suppiluliuma
    • Babylon has been redesigned as Amurru
    • Carthage has been redesigned as Phoenicia
    • Celts have a new UU: the Cidainh (chariot replacement)
    • Cultural/regional art for Great Generals
    • South Pacific citystyle (Cultural Citystyles 0.98)
    • New Map: Carter's Earth 192x120

    • Many citylists of the Near East have been overhauled
    • New buttons/flags: Berbers, Israel, Korea, Mali, Nubia, Siam, Turks, Vietnam
    • Better trait combos: Canute, Dido, Ezana, Mehmed, Pachacuti, Ram Khamhaeng
    • El Cid has new AI (thanks to Jarlaxe Baenre)
    • Indian UU renamed Majadura
    • Nubia has new Ancient and Medieval unit art (old art used for the Swahili)
    • New Battering Ram graphic
    • New Privateer graphic
    • Adjustments and additions to regional ship art
    • Adjusted several civ colours to be more distinctive
    • Civs in Custom Game dropdown menu are now sorted geographically
    • Religions in advisor screen are now sorted geographically
    • Religion movies and missionaries now have sounds

    • Jayavarman no longer causes a crash
    • Marcus Aurelias' background is fixed
    • Tin Hinan's background is fixed
    • Japanese Knight is no longer a red blob
    • Phoenician Heavy Footman's animation is fixed
    • Polynesian Marae has fixed animation and size
    • Modern Mesoamerican buildings have fixed textures (thanks to Coffee Junkie)
    • Anunnaki symbol now greys out properly
    • Numerous diplomacy text fixes
    • 'Fake' technologies no longer appear in the pedia
    • Several fixes for Windows compatibility (thanks Andrewicus)
    • Several fixes and adjustments to maps
    • Numerous fixes and optimizations throughout​

    --- Version 0.3 ---

    • New Civilizations: Berbers, Tibet
    • New Leaders: Askiya, Canute, El Cid, Khosrau, Le Loi, Lobsang Gyatso, Songtsen Gampo, Timur, Tin Hinan, Yaqub al-Mansur, Yaroslav
    • New Trait: Progressive
    • 13 Maps with both realistic starting points and free civilization/leader choice (StartingPoints by The_J)
    • Arabia has a new UU: the Ansar (Knight replacement)
    • Carthage has a new UU: the Sacred Band (Spearman replacement)
    • Polynesia has a new UU: the Waka (Galley replacement)
    • Preliminary Windows compatibility (needs testing)

    • Spiritual and Tactical traits redesigned
    • Ottomans are now the Turks
    • Zara Yaqob is now Ezana (to represent Aksum and better fit with traits)
    • Some leaders have reassigned traits: Brennus, Charlemagne, Djoser, Elizabeth, Hannibal, Qin Shi Huang, Sejong, Sundjata, Taizong
    • Arabia has new Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance unit art
    • Aztecs have new War Elephant, Cavalry art
    • Babylon has new Scout, Horse Archer, War Elephant art
    • Britain has new Redcoat, Cuirassier art
    • Byzantium has new War Elephant, Musketman, Cuirassier art
    • Carthage has new Classical Era art
    • Celts have some new unit art across several eras
    • China has new War Elephant, Musketman art
    • Egypt has some new unit art across most eras
    • France has new War Elephant, Cuirassier art
    • Germany has new War Elephant art
    • Hungary has new Worker art
    • India has new art for almost every unit
    • Israel has new War Elephant art
    • Japan has new Warrior, Axeman, War Elephant, Knight art
    • Korea has new Horseman, War Elephant art
    • Mali has new Horse Archer art
    • Mayans have new Cuirassier art
    • Mongolia has new Worker, War Elephant art
    • Nubia has new Horse Archer, War Elephant art
    • Nubian units have beautiful new shields
    • Persia has new War Elephant art
    • Portugal has new Ancient and Medieval unit art
    • Russia has new War Elephant art
    • Sioux have new War Elephant art
    • Spain has new Ancient and Medieval unit art
    • Sumer have new Settler, Skirmisher art
    • Turkey has new Ancient and Medieval unit art
    • Vietnam has new Musketman, Cuirassier art
    • Vikings have new Horse Archer, War Elephant art
    • Some changes to Missionary naming

    • Fixed a Galleon related crash for some civilizations
    • Fixed two building related crashes
    • 'Fake' buildings are no longer listed in the Civilopedia
    • The Rathaus was accidently still possible to build
    • Fixed a broken text tag with the Enterprising trait
    • Fixed an error when Missionaries are built
    • Enterprising trait now works properly when cities are captured
    • Expansive trait now works properly when cities are captured
    • Financial trait now works properly when cities are captured
    • Industrial trait now works properly when cities are captured
    • Spiritual trait can no longer give insane levels of culture
    • Crazy Horse no longer has an identity crisis
    • Fixed a nasty audio bug with the Japanese leaders
    • Carthaginian Heavy Footman now has the correct helm
    • Polynesian Marae no longer tries to animate
    • Fixed some missing buttons on the Tech Tree
    • Added many missing Schema files (needed for Windows compatibility)
    • Fixed many text encodings (needed for Windows compatibility)​

    --- Version 0.2 ---

    • New civilizations: Hungary, Israel
    • New leaders: Agamemnon, Alp Arslan, Attila, Chandragupta, Corvin Mátyás, Herod, Joshua, Kossuth, Marcus Aurelius, Solomon
    • New traits: Diplomatic, Enterprising, Humane, Judicial, Tactical
    • New units: Battering Ram, Siege Tower, Galleass
    • Ships now have regional art variation (pre-Ironclad)
    • America now has some custom unit art
    • Nubia now has a UU, the Medjay (Archer replacement)
    • Most leaders now have customized diplomacy text
    • Upgraded to BUG 4.3

    • All standard traits redesigned/rebalanced except Charismatic and Philosophical
    • Almost every leader has new traits and personalities adjusted to suit
    • America has new button and flag
    • Xoc has improved animations and shaders
    • Renamed a few empires as confederacies
    • Workers and Workboats no longer reveal tiles
    • Maceman renamed Heavy Footman
    • Phalanx renamed Hoplite and given a new button
    • Praetorian renamed Legionary, strength reduced slightly, cost increased, able to build roads
    • Quechua's bonus versus Archery units is reduced to 50%
    • Immortals have been remade as a melee unit, replacing the Axeman
    • Mech Inf now requires oil like all other vehicles
    • Several civs have new Skirmisher graphics
    • All missionaries now have religion specific names
    • New missionary graphics for Druidism, Olympianism, Shamanism, Toltecayotl
    • Used some of the standard BTS unit art more effectively
    • Numerous Civilopedia changes

    • Should now be more compatible with maps that demand specific civilizations
    • Persian Cavalry is no longer a Grenadier
    • Polynesian button and flag now match
    • Sioux UU (Mounted Brave) now has unique stats and a new button
    • Several unit buttons fixed
    • No more pink squares in the Religions Advisor​

    --- Version 0.1 ---

    Initial release​
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    What are the changes of 0.1 compared to BtS?

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