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MOO2 monsters

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by ottawan, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. ottawan

    ottawan Chieftain

    Jul 7, 2004
    I have recently come back to this game after playing ages ago when it first came out and am trying out new stuff.

    Do you want an overload of space "Beasts"?

    Play against one opponent in an "Average" society with Antaran attacks and you will soon be inundated with eels, hydras and the odd dragon with a crystal thrown in to boot.

    I have noticed that the eels show up before you have the tech to beat them and that they spawn into your outposts before your colonies.

    As you research the techs to defeat them the Antarans show up to destroy your forward bases, never the inner ones.

    And as a side note, you almost always end up with the Silicoids as your opponent, hence no tech trades!

    Makes for a fascinating game!

    Anyone ever tried something like this?
  2. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Can't say that I have, but I tend to not play with the Anties any more. They are just too boring. They can do no real damage, so they are just an annoyance.

    I don't bother trying to capture ship, so I have nothing to gain from them. I don't care about the silis as I will be repulsive and cannot trade with anyone anyway. Trading and demanding is too much of an exploit and I do not want to be bother with talking to them.

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