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Two "Maybe" Bugs

Discussion in 'Civ3 Conquests - Bug Reports' started by jumbo2002, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. jumbo2002

    jumbo2002 Big Elephant

    May 10, 2001
    Not sure if this is a bug, or just a change...

    I was the sole holder of Free Artistry, and had built Shake's Theater. In past versions, building the wonder of a "wonder-only" optional tech would lead to being able to sell it for only meager gold. However, I was able to sell FA for Physics+~700 Gold.

    Another possible bug...but I wasn't paying attention too closely, and so this may have been something I did rather than a bug:

    Middle Ages, had a decently sized empire, hadn't yet built Forbidden Palace. There was relatively low corruption throughout the empire. Then, I bullt the FP in the Eastern half of the empire...and several cities in the west, that before had been running fine, began suffering from crippling corruption. Was in Republic the whole time, and didn't add any cities.
  2. Grille

    Grille panel insect

    Dec 19, 2002
    Kiel, Germany
    Care to post a save? And/or disband the FP city (which should also destroy the FP, but giving you the FP build option again anyways) and report about the observed results again (increasing income or such)?
    This thing sounds like the "rank" exploit/bug from vanilla/PTW isn't entirely fixed (???) or at least changed to something else (???).
    Feel free to participate in this thread as well:
  3. dexters

    dexters Gods & Emperors Supporter

    Apr 23, 2003
    Yes, the AI seems to still pay a lot of money for FA even after you build Shakespeare. Definately a bug. There is a thread on Apolyton about this too.

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