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v34 Changelog

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Caveman 2 Cosmos' started by Azurian, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    v34 Beta (SVN 6430):
    Published at 9 November 2013.

    Added Sannita as Caveman2Cosmos Wiki Admin.
    MrAzure is Founder / SuperAdmin, (PM him for Admin access).
    Sannita's Introduction: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=12870412&postcount=29

    Performance / AI
    -Small performance improvements to resource trading and evaluation.
    -Small performance improvement of graphics paging operations.
    -Performance optimization for worker and sea attack response AIs.
    -Some experimental changes in memory allocation strategies.
    -Minor balance changes to Lumber jack and lumber mill to encourage keeping of forest.
    -Fixed save format incompatibilities (leading to crashes) when assets change number of culture levels or define new properties.
    -Fixed culture threshold overflow, which could result in cities beginning with legendary culture.
    -Lacking int int declaration added in a loop.
    -Added Soureccode for dll with xerces.
    -Tweaks to get the AI to value spacing its cities out farther.
    -Numerous new Combat Classes defined in preparation for implementing assignments on our units.
    -Established a minimum 1% damage to defenses with the new Breakdown ability intended for Rams.
    Added a comment line that indicates the file path beginning with Assets/ to all unit files - makes it a little easier to copy over to documentation.

    -New Tag for UnitCombatInfos and PromotionInfos files: OnGameOption (each game option listed MUST be on for the promotion or unitcombat to be active in the game.)

    -Auto-Assignment mechanism to units of Era, Religion, and Culture UnitCombats (bases it on the unit's prerequisites.)

    -Added Fight or Flight gameoption which will turn on Early Withdrawal and Pursuit unit abilities. They will now be off by default.

    -Added a Diminishing Return function to CvUnit and have applied the mechanism to withdrawal if the Fight or Flight gameoption is OFF. This means that withdrawal values when finally tallied for battle will never exceed 100 and will continuously get tougher and tougher to approach 100 the more withdrawal the unit has. This should replace the necessity to have a limit but until the system is proven effective I'm not removing what may be some limiters on withdrawal abilities that currently exist. The diminishing return function can take any value in CvUnit and return the diminished return value. Will be very useful elsewhere if it proves to work properly which is very difficult to setup a test to prove so will have to see it operate in an actual game to make sure. Will probably add some kind of indicator in the texts for diminishing return if it proves confusing to players.

    -This update does update the debug dll as well. I should be either adding the PDB to the archive after committing this OR I'll upload it here for Koshling or any other programmer if and when the need arises.

    -Adds Withdraw/Pursuit and Early Withdraw values according to the planning document I've been working on. Mostly contained to the Fight or Flight gameoption.

    -Super Forts update - observation towers and forts. Fortified caves, and early forts.
    -Code to prepare for setting hidden game options to their defaults at the start of the game.
    Code to "upgrade" terrain features coral and reef when the beacon or lighthouse is built on them.

    * Code updated with Albert's adjustments to the load process.

    * Added new tag PursuitVSUnitCombat to Units and PursuitVSUnitCombatChangesTypes to Promotions and UnitCombats.

    * Implemented new tag use on Law Enforcement, Mounted, and Explorers.

    * An attempt to debug some OOS errors taking place during combat.

    * Rules change causes all units to have half base assigned withdrawal value when the fight or flight game option is off.

    * I did a number of fixes to problems observed by the new xml validator tool but I think most of those were already done by the time of this commit however some of my methods of fixing might not be quite the same...

    -Dozens of new Unit Skins for Prehistoric, Ancient, and Classical Units by Sparth.
    -Added more native re-skins by Sparth for Comanche.
    -Added and Moved all the NEW re-skins by Sparth to core art/units.

    -Added Wild West leaderheads for those who want to make a scenario of the Wild West (American) or just plain use them.
    Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday,Jesse James.

    Changed all artstylesinfos for n american cultures in modules area to reflect above.

    -Newer made Flags for (by Sparth)

    -New Leaderheads by Sparth.
    Paleo Indians
    Slovakian l.
    Fidel Castro and Koshininako (Anasazi leader) has changed animated head to static picture.

    Conduct (Prehistoric)

    -Manchuria (from Yellow to Light Yellow).
    -Cuachic (Mixtec) by Yudishtira.
    -Comache by StrategyOnly.
    -New Art Styles to Native American Cultures.

    Heroic2 now requires Combat 6

    Buildings (110)
    -Added 5 new crop buildings (Bottle Gourd Farm, Cassava Farm, Rye Farm, Sassafras Grove, and Starfruit Orchard).

    -Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Childcare Hut, Harems, Executioner's Hut, Fresco Paintings,Circadian Chamber, Morphogen Nanobots, Dream Visualizer, Dreamtime Machine, Typewriter Factory, Phonograph Factory, Electroactive Polymer Factory, Animatronics Workshop, Animation Studio, Transistor Factory , Radio Factory, Calculator Factory, Pencil Factory, Diskette Factory, CGI Animation Studio, Culinary School, Gastronomy Lab, Dye Factory, Plastic Reclamation Plant, Aluminum , Reclamation Plant, Steel Reclamation Plant, Titanium Reclamation Plant, Copper Reclamation Plant. Iron Reclamation Plant, Lead Reclamation Plant, Tin Reclamation Plant, Silver Reclamation Plant, Gold Reclamation Plant, Platinum Reclamation Plant , ,Rubber Reclamation Plant, Paper Reclamation Plant, Glass Reclamation Plant Fine Stoneware Carvers, Red and Black Ware Painter, Jade Death Mask Carver, Bacterium Bioforge, Bacillus Concrete, Designer , Probiotics Clinic, Natural Insecticide Sprayers, Bacterium Landfill, Cellulase Capsule Factory, Hydrocarbon Refinery, Ostrich Farm, Branding Hut, Wet Nurse Hut, Excrement holes, Branding Hut, Bonemarrorwer, Nest Thief, Tree Carvings, Laundry Hut, Lizard Hunter's Camp, Omega Crew, Hot Potato, Capture the Flag, Jumprope, Hopscotch, Quiltmaker, Earthworm Gatherer, Snail Gatherer, Anthill, Mezcal Worm Gatherer , Bamboo Worm Gatherer , Cicada Gatherer , Giant Cockroach Gatherer , Jumiles Gatherer, Tarantula Gatherer , Mopane Moth Gatherer , Mealworm Gatherer , Palm Weevil Gather , Rice Beetle Gatherer , Grasshopper Gatherer , Bogong Moth Gatherer , Centipede Gatherer, Pillbug Gatherer, Dung Beetle Gatherer, Butterfly Gatherer , Junebug Gatherer , Dragonfly Gatherer , Scarab Beetle Gatherer , Goliath Beetle Gatherer , Cricket Gatherer , Ladybug Gatherer , Praying Mantis Gatherer, Scorpion Gatherer, Firefly Gatherer, Hercules Beetle Gatherer, Assassin Bug Gatherer , Parrot Catcher , Macaw Catcher , Cockatoo Catcher , Parakeet Catcher , Toucan Catcher , Bird of Paradise Catcher , Lyrebird Catcher , Quetzal Catcher , Peacock Catcher , Junglefowl Catcher , Hummingbird Catcher , Canary Catcher

    -Eggs are now Revealed and Enabled at Scavenging .
    -Changed Cyberpunk buildings to be replaced by some later game buildings.
    -Tweaked Radioplex, Antique Store, Electronics Store, Art Supply Store, Local Radio Station, Record Shop, Elementary School, High School, Private School and City College.
    -Tweaked Mall, Supermarket and Hypermarket.
    -Tweaked Brothel, Movie Theater, Throne Room and Costume Shop.
    -Added 20 Auto-Build Education buildings.

    -Reduced the cost of Controlled Fire [National Wonder].
    -Added Muiderslot Castle by Sargon.
    -Added Mesa Verde by Sargon.
    -Added Tumen Amugulang Palace by Sargon.
    -Added Gobekli Tepe by Sargon.
    -Added Laxminarayan Temple by Sargon.
    -Added Changdeokgung by Sargon.
    -Added Fine Stoneware Carvers, Red and Black Ware Painter, Jade Death Mask Carver by Sargon.
    -Added Emu Egg Carver and Hawaiian Surfboard Carver by Sargon.
    -Added Added Aesop's Fables by Sargon.
    -Added the Gate of the Sun by Sargon.
    -Added Environmental Achievement by Sargon.
    -Added Safety, Medical and Tourist Achievements by Sargon.

    -Added Log Roller System (National Wonder), Aerial Basket Ropeways (National Wonder) , Fertility Festival (National Wonder) ,Great Holmegraad Hunt (National Wonder)by Mr. Azure.

    Prehistoric Wonders by Sargon
    Added Blackwater Draw
    Added Bluefish Caves
    Added Catcus Hill
    Added Charlie Lake Cave
    Added Kilgii Gwaay
    Added McCallum
    Added Meadowcraft Rockshelter
    Added Monte Verde
    Added Puerta Furada
    Added Richardson Island

    -The following Siege Units are now Capturable:
    Hwacha Log Ram, Battering Ram, Siege Ram, Ballista, Siege Tower, Organ Gun, Ribauldequin, Gatling Gun, Culverin, Falconet, Great Bombard and Mortar.

    -Added Aircraft Settler and Spacecraft Settler units.
    -Tweaked Pioneer to upgrade into an Aircraft Settler.
    -Reactivated the Lunar Rover and moved it to the Units mod folder.
    -Gave the Aircraft Settler and Spacecraft Settler extra cost per turn.
    -Added Seedship unit as a mid Galactic Era setter type unit.

    -Obsidian Spearman, Obsidian Maceman, Obsidian Axeman, Obsidian Swordsman, Jaguar Warrior and Lightning Warrior now all require Obsidian resource to be made.

    Unit Combat Class Changes
    [TABLE]|Name|Old ID|New ID|

    -Added Taxonomy Sub-Combat Classes to Aardvark through Cobra.
    -Added Taxonomy Sub-Combat Classes to Cod through Muskox.
    -Added Taxonomy Sub-Combat Classes to Narwhal through Wolverine.
    -Added Taxonomy Sub-Combat Classes to Mammoth, Rhinos, Zebra and Sarbertooth.

    -Added UUs for Belgium, Iceland and Trojan by Yudishtira.
    -Added UUs for Huastec, Siberian and Tlaxcaltec culture by Yudishtira.
    -Added the Tlatilco War Priest by Yudishtira.
    -Added UUs for Jivaro, Taiwan and Moche cultures by Yudishtira.
    -Added UU for Quang culture by Yudishtira.
    -Added the UUs for Californian and Jamaican cultures by Yudishtira.
    -Added UU for Soviet culture by Yudishtira.

    -New Tamer for horses and donkeys.
    -Added Tamed Pachyderm units.
    -Rest of the Beast Master tamed animal updates.
    -Minor fixes to Subdued Animals pedia text.

    Captives update - now require more normal settled slave specialists that special settled slave specialists in a city.

    Fixed Camel Knight, War Elephant, Mameluke, Battle Elephant, Nakharar, Uighur Knight, Turkoman Rider, Winged Calvary, Elmeti, Grivpanvar, Flail Elephant, Mahout Lancer, Howdah, Dai Chui, War Mammoth, Zebra Knight, Bear Knight strengths in relation to the Knight.

    Super Forts - Claim Stony Resource (stone, marble, obsidian, clay and salt) but only for gatherers. Just to show it works.

    Terrain and Maps
    -Added a new terrain, Orbit.
    -Added a new map script C2C_ThreePlanets which has Earth, Lunar and Mars maps all on one map. However all maps are very simplistic.

    -Full of Resources has like 5-6 different maps combined into one, you pick and play the way you want it to play. Might have a weird start python message, but dont worry about that . . . SO.

    -NEW mapscript SmartMap, great for Extremely Gigantic making maps the way you want them, o don't believe the "continents" making is working, but its OK other wise, i believe.

    -NEW mapscript Totestra ,Its a newer way for those who like PerfectWorld2f, Tectonics and alot more maps.WARNING it does take about 1 minute PER each level of game-play, meaning it will take around 10 minutes to load a Gigantic map. Large usually takes about 5 minutes or so. There is ALOT of water in this mapscript.

    -Added 10 NEW Diseases. Mostly as a placeholder until the more advanced disease system is put in place.
    -Tweaked Bubonic Plague and Smallpox at +200 Disease. Also Malaria and Typhoid Fever at +150 disease.

    -Did ALL the Civilopedia Entries for the new Transhuman Buildings, (for Faustmouse).
    -Renamed Mining Nanobot Control Center to Mining Nanite Control Center

    -German translations and corrections.
    -More Italian translations by Hale_9204

    Fine Stoneware, Red and Black, Jade Mask, Typewriters, Phonographs, Electroactive , Polymers, Pencils, Diskettes, Canned Food, Transistors, Radios, Calculators, Emu Egg, Cellulase Capsules, Fine Leather, Ostrich Feathers, Bugs, Lizards.

    Adjust map resources Donkey, Guinea Pig, Guava, Kava and Parrots should al be showing up on maps.

    Culture Resources by Sargon (34)
    Akkadian (Middle East)
    Jordanian (Middle East)
    Lydian(Middle East)
    Anasazi (North American)
    Aymara (South American)
    Colombian(South American)
    Bulgarian (European)
    Castilian (European)
    Romani(Gypsy) (European)
    Finnish (European)
    Leonese (European)
    Dzungar (Asian)
    Liangzhu (Asian)
    Malaysian (Asian)
    Konjo (African)
    Athenian (European)
    Ashanti (African)
    Blackfoot (North American)
    Chippewa (North American)
    Croatian (European)
    Danish (European)
    Epirus (European)
    Fijian (Oceanian) Ghana (African)
    Macedonian (European)
    Massagetae (Middle Eastern)
    Nama (African)
    Nivkh (Asian)
    Pictish (European)
    Pima (North American)
    Roxolani (European)
    Slovak (European)
    Tahitian (Oceanian)
    Yaghan (South American)
    Zuni (North American)

    AddedConfederacy (USA) to cultures.

    3 events for tech sailing:


    Events for Supper Forts

    New subdued animal building Crab Myth.

    Added Education.
    Added Tourism.
    Added Entertainment (Disabled).
    Added Luxury (Disabled). .

    -Edited AI Weight to 95 for Education, Luxury, Entertainment, and Tourism Properties because YieldInfos has Food at 100, Production at 110, and Commerce at 80 in Yieldinfos.xml. Since Certain buildings require Points to build it makes sense to have them near the range of Production, but not overlap Food or Production or Research (125).

    -Applied Education property to Science Mod buildings.
    -Research buildings now require a minimum Education level. (Only Science Mod so Far).
    -Added Propagators to Properties that is a copy and paste from the ones in Crime.
    -Changed AI Weight for Disease Property from -100 to 0 (based on Koshling).
    -Changed Decay (City, Plot to -4) for Education (per Hydro).
    -DISABLED Entertainment and Luxury Property until we have a discussion about them, and to focus on Education and Tourism for this release.
    -Applied Education property requirements to buildings from the Health and Electricity Mods.

    -Removes (comments out) the attempted prerequisites on buildings for education.

    Returned the science values for Education buildings so now they give both science AND education.

    Added Snofru1 Building Art Pack I, II, III.
    Added new icon/buttons by Snofru1 for Flounder Nets, Seawalls and all Guilds.
    Added Different LH for Nimi.

    Alternative Timelines
    New Beastmaster units and buildings - Camilid Tamer (camels and llamas) and Bovine (Bison, Buffalo, Cattle and Musk Ox). Pachyderm Tamer building there but no tamed units yet.

    Added three mp3's from Sgtslick for Falconry ,Hotairballoon, and Plowing.

    Bug Fixes
    -Fixed some theoretically possible concurrency crashes
    -General Civilopedia Text Fixes.
    -General TechInfos Text Changes.
    -Changed Japanese Longbowman graphic to basic yumi NIF to address artifacting.
    -Fort for Industrial era for certain artstyles was fixed.
    -Fixed crash when founding religions
    -Fixed small issue with groups that have both hidden and non-hidden nationality when culture of an enemy spreads to their plot.
    -Made auto-build buildings appear in new cities immediately when they are founded.
    -Edited some Audio XML settings.
    -Fixed Asteroid terrain feature from being too low on the terrain.
    -Edited Air Balloon Rides and Blimp Advertising changed to work with hover BAT.
    -Fix pink icon in tech tree for new tower improvements.
    -Fix bug in Empire State wonder python code when checking for map resources only.
    -Fixed end of turn hang reported by Civilpl2
    -Some experimental changes in memory allocation strategies
    -Deleting useless Thumbs.db
    -Deleted double Iroquois Civ (One in core, one in modules area).
    -New portraits and icon/button for Ho Chi Minh.
    -Deleted animated Castro and replaced with static one Hydro found
    -Fixed CTD on load/recalc - probably also fixes the recently reported issue with plotGroup recalc under WINE.
    - Encoding corrected in: Pirates, Sa and CIV4UnitInfos (O'Connor).
    -Filenames and urls corrected: Head Hunters (space removed).
    -Moved some Polish cities names around.
    -Fixed Ski Patrol to be Norwegian UU again.
    -Updated FPK with some of Snofru1's icon/buttons.
    -Cannery now produces Canned Food.
    -Put back the Bulldozer unit.
    -Minor adjustments to the buildings the tamed animals can build.
    -Tuned down the wind sounds from 100 to 50, was to much of a distraction when hovering over them.
    -Fixed a missed case of the plotGroup fix from yesterday (fixes SO latest crash).
    -Tweaked Science Mods education trigger to match their building cost.
    -Merged Aircraft, Cat, Computers, Dog and Furniture resources into the Manufactured Resources file.
    -Corrected event image to read proper line for Stuck In Swamp reported by Stormwind.
    -Fixed Inniskilling unit icon/button to show up.
    -Fix Deer unit and building pedia entries.
    -Update Bad Karma MLF for future work (still not included in game or even near ready).
    -Moved Super Forts work into DH modules. You can see them but not build them yet. This is so artists can start work on them.
    -Added Italian Captives text - thanks Hale_92-04
    -Put back adaptive costs on upgrading captive units even though no matter what value put in there it charges you zero gold to upgrade.
    -Remove civic yields from fort improvements,
    -Upgrade Fort to Bunker to Command Centre as part of Super Forts merge.
    -New observation posts as part of Super Forts.
    -Change the name (text) of the improvement Bunker to Command Bunker so the pedia works
    -Found 2 mistakes on Achievement Buildings, made corrections.
    -Fixed Belgium unit.
    -TXT_KEY_IMPROVEMENT_BUNKER, There was 2 build Bunkers, and No improvement bunker, now there is.
    -I changed the headdress from white to grayish-brown for storyteller (Comanche).
    -Changed the Money Press btn provided by Snofru1.
    -Tweaked some calvary units.
    -Fixed error i had SO_CIV4ArtDefinesSchema.xml should have read:Comanche_CIV4ArtDefinesSchema.
    -Got the Warlord New skin working for Great General (Comanche).
    -Fixed a rounding issue with the build filters that was improperly invalidating buildings under applicable filter settings.
    -deleted duplicate Overwhelm event.
    -Added Comanche to the Cultural Linked python, thx DH for the reminder, AGAIN.
    -Minor text fix for AAranda wonders and art fix so cow fits on pedia screen.
    - Scroll bar fix for properties.
    - Removed old unit file that had been added back in some how.
    -Re-did the changed DH made to Sargon's schema's pls make a note of this Sargon, thx.
    -Bugfixes that repair the core problems the mod is currently suffering from.
    -Changed the Education Property so that it will not reset its values in all cities and plots after each asset update.
    -Correct English text on snake pits text (Hopefully).
    -Fixes DH's Asset problems and adds his adjustments to the Beastmaster file to the SVN.
    -Resized the wooden tower in Super Forts.
    -Forgot to change <bWhiteFlag>0</bWhiteFlag> to <bWhiteFlag>1</bWhiteFlag> for these 2 flags (Comanche/Chippewa).
    -Fixed "Island of Cuba" to just "Cuba" since the nation is not always an island.
    -Fix missing Captives game text.
    -Super Forts palisade improvement now only gives culture to the plot it is on.
    -Military Standards now obsolete at Aviation.
    -All pre-industrial workers can now claim stone resources outside their cultural borders.
    -Fixed alot of EventInfos that had the wrong TXT WorldNews thx to alberts2 for his XMLValidator that found this.
    -Adjusted The_J's promotions so you don't steal research etc. from wild animals.

    Dancing Hoskuld: Moved my New Free City mod into use.
    StrategyOnly: Added personal LHs/flags in for a scenario i am making.
    MrAzure: Added but then Removed the New Culture Ranks.
    Dancing Hoskuld: Updated the Bad karma zip for pirates.
  2. raxo2222

    raxo2222 New Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    Nice list
  3. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Active Member

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    As I said at the time it was posted that should be BULL not BAT. We don't use BAT in C2C it probably wont work with our cultures given that in part it is about unique units.
  4. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    Yeah i made that change back on 28 Sep already in the SVN.
  5. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
  6. Loffas

    Loffas Member

    Oct 5, 2012
    Örebro, Sweden
    Definitly like!! that you need obsidian now to make obsidian units. Allways felt weird about every civ having obsidian units. Thats just not the case in real history. Now just a few is goona have them plus the obsidian reasorce is going to be more importent :)
  7. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    Updated from 6219 to 6367.
  8. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    Updated from 6367 to 6430.
  9. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Active Member

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    You seem to have missed the new tamer buildings from the buildings section and the new early forts from the super forts line. Also that forts now upgrade if they are fortified - main thing from super forts.
  10. Sparth

    Sparth C2C Team Member

    Oct 6, 2013
  11. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
  12. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    So hows it going here, i dont want you to get too far behind here, otherwise it does get hectic finding everything.
  13. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    i am getting left behind because there are about 100 changes every 2 weeks. :(
  14. MantaRevan

    MantaRevan New Member

    Oct 9, 2011
    Seattle, Washington
    When does version 34 release?
  15. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    After mid-Jan, thx for asking
  16. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Active Member

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Not until January or February.
  17. Loffas

    Loffas Member

    Oct 5, 2012
    Örebro, Sweden
    What does the "New Free City" mod implement?
    Haven´t heard of it before.
  18. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Active Member

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    When you build a new city you get some free buildings based on your tech level.

    The "New Free City" mod assigns to some building a tech at which they become free. However the city still has to meet the requirements for that building eg forest, bamboo or jungle to get the early wood building.

    It is a work in progress but since there have been no comments on it at all, not even complaints about it, work has stalled. There are over 700 potential buildings to have a tech assigned with the number growing each day.
  19. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    I'm complaining that work has stall because you've gotten no complaints or comments about complaints. :mischief: :p :D

    JosEPh ;)
  20. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Active Member

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    What people don't seem to have noticed is that I made it not an option. I think that means it is liked. Although in my last set of test games it does not seem to have been there but with all the changes to auto build stuff who knows.

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