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Gods and Kings Sparta! OCC

Hallo Civfanatics forumuser!

I m pretty new to Civ 5 GAK and i was just wondering someone of u can give me some hints to bring a spartan storyline into the reality of Civ 5.

I read the guide from Soldado about his approach of a scientific victory on deity. No i am wondering if a occ challenge in a lower difficulty lvl would be possible. I would like to incorporate the CS and therefore i want to play Alexander but afterfounding Sparta i just want to puppet all conquert cities.

But after founding the City my personal concerns start. How shall i gather a high enough amount of gold to maintain a Army which can threat neigbouring citys and on the other hand please Cs to allie with me?

I m woundering if i can get away with Honor, patronage and Merkantilism or should i chose other Social Policies for a real Spartan Empire?

Should i in the beginning ignore the cs or just complete their tasks to get them allied with me and only throw money at them when patronage kicks in? I don't think that just completing their tasks will keep a high amount of them allies with me.

When should i start agression in conquering other empires to have a chance to conquere them and get no disadvantage 4 building no settlers?

And which technologies should i start to not fall to far behind on the technological sight of the game. Should i just pump out units in Sparta or should i just buy them and build just buildings in Sparta?

Which wounders would u guys recommend to help my Sparta being victorius on lets say Difficulty King!

Thank u all 4 your time and excuse my bad english
Mfg PrYoN
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S.K. Ren
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Well Honor is a no-brainer. Patronage and Autocracy would be the others. Be sure to found a religion and give it Religious Texts or Itinerant Preachers. With a Religion and Patronage opener, Alexander loses no influence with city-states with your religion. Then just spam Trading Posts and Mines relying on Maritime CS to keep you growing.
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In Civ5 OCC is not really a hard mode challenge the way it was in past games (where more cities was always better). You just need to play with a different strategy and you'll find that a super tall empire can be just as competitive as a wide one. I have a lot of fun playing OCC on emperor.

Some tips and hints for building an empire with just one city:

Population and bonus stacking are the key to keeping pace and then overtaking the AI. Tradition, Temple of Artemis and Hanging Gardens are all good ways to stack up food bonuses to help you build population in the capital.

Bonus stacking continues with wonders - with all that population in one place you can get some serious hammers and gold in one city allowing you to build wonders faster then the AI while buying the units you need. National Wonders are a big thing here - National College (Science), National Treasury (Gold) and Iron Works (Hammers) should all be built. In fact you should really be building just about every National Wonder, with one city they are available immediately after just one building and have the lowest cost.

And the bonus stacking carries on in policies - with one city the policies costs are as low as they come and with an abundance of wonders plus stacking (Hermitage, Sistine Chapel) you can be gaining policies in under 10 turns. Use policies to add additional stacking bonuses not just from tradition but from other policies. Depending on what type of victory you want you might pursue Piety and Freedom to stack up culture, or combine policies from Autocracy, Commerce and Big Ben to buy entire armies at the drop of a hat or use Rationalism and Freedom for a science, diplomacy or balanced win.

Happyness is something else that changes - until you start conquering cities happyness is a non-issue once you've covered Tradition and linked up one luxury. This means you can devote attention to gold, science and culture and gain a large lead over the AI.

Territory and defense are also changed. With only one city to defend (and after a while a huge buffer created by your borders) you can keep a relatively small army for defense until you want to conquer. It's also easier to maintain relations with the AI because they won't feel threatened by you, they'll go to war with their more expanionist neighbors instead. Keep in mind that your score will probably be lower until you grab a lot of puppets (you should be around the middle or higher) - don't worry, you aren't weaker then the AIs at the top, your power is just based a lot more on potential; while the AIs take centuries to master something (like build a world conquering army) you can shift gears from growth at any time and do the same thing in decades or even years.
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Gabriel Pyyrhic
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As far as gameplay goes, what S.K/DavidCAD say (Although I would take Religious Unity as you are more concerned with spreading your religion to CS, then other players, unless you are playing on a smaller map).

As far as historical flavour, which unless I am interpreting you incorrectly, was one of your questions. Honour/Autocracy, with a fairly strong cultural focus. Either Piety or Rationalism would be appropriate given the greeks city states love of both. Patronage is great as far as gameplay goes, but not so much as far as historical flavour. (Also if you are going for history make sure you enable Persia, Egypt, Carthage (Phoenecia), Celts, Germans, India, Rome, and Babylon (although this was part of Persia at the time) or Arabia (Queen of Saeba/Sheba).

I guess it all depends on how much you are sold on the role playing, and how much you want gameplay strategic advice.

Also remember to tick the OCC option in the advanced options tab if you want a true OCC, although you will have to raise all captured cities I believe. [I have never used this option so I am only commenting on what I have read on the forums].

Just remember you need to start the march to war as soon as you get hoplites and some catapults. Earlier even if you are good at it, or have a soft neighbour. Also remember you do not need iron, only horses for your Companion Cavalry, which are insanely powerfull. My strategy would be get Hoplites, go barb bunting (preferably fullfilling a religious CS quest), get catapults, destroy the weakest civ you can find, get companion cavalry, move on to the next civ until such times as your opponents have better units.

I would suggest a full on CS approach with regard to religion.

BASE INFLUENCE = Papal Primacy + Pledge To Protect + Aesthetics (Patronage) = 45 Base Influence
SPREAD = Religious Unity. 100% spread to CS.

From here you can choose your two follower beliefs/Pantheon as you see fit.

At this point you have every CS on the map as a friend, with no degredation per turn, doing any CS quest will turn them into allies. It makes you unstoppable for a Diplomatic victory, and pretty damn overpowered for any other. As your influence will just keep rising you should be untouchable during coups come the renaissance so long as you have worked to push the influence of each civ on the map up high enough.

Admittedly you will get some flak from sensitive CS civs, but they will not look to kindly on your early warmongering anyway.

If you want to stay friends with some of them, try to make sure the AI's DOWS you not the other way around, ie denounce them, tell them "they will pay", ask them to stop settling near you, convert their people etc etc.

Remember there are many strategies you can employ with each civ, the most usefull is often the one that fits your surroundings/situation rather then a set strategy that sounds good on paper. For example if you start next to the huns, you may need to rethink your early strategy.

Anyway gotta go. Hope this helps. Just play around with it and have fun. In the end the Spartans got assimilated, so if you lose you can always say you were going for historical accuracy
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Syntax Error
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Declare war on everyone you meet. Should be fun
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Originally Posted by PrYoN View Post
... afterfounding Sparta i just want to puppet all conquert cities. ...
If you play a OCC game you can't puppet anything. In OCC games, all conquered cities are immediately razed even capitals. This is the only game mode in which a capital can be razed.

If you really want to puppet everything, then OCC is not the game mode you want. Instead it would be a normal game in which you only plan to build one city.
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Gabriel Pyyrhic
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I think he means OCC in the sense of have one settled city, not the OCC Advanced Function Tab.
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