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Question Single Player Hotseat

I'm just curious if anybody out there plays Hotseat games as a single-player game, with a single human controlling multiple civilizations and then adding a whole bunch of computer opponents. I thought this would be a neat way to try and beat the computer on a higher level than you normally would, as your civs could team up and kick the snot out of the AI.

I tried yesterday (I never bought PTW so I've never had any MP options before) and found it very diffcult in the early game to keep track of who is who and the constant switching early on when you only had a single unit and a single city made the game very choppy.

I know the game will play much more smoothly later in the game, but I'm wondering whether people think it's worth putting up with the early game to get to the later game playing in this way.

I also thought about setting up a game where each civ may already have 4-6 cities and a bunch of units, and then starting the hotseat game taht way, but I figured it would take me just as long to set this up in the Editor as it would to slog through the game to get to that point.

Just curious....

PS : Yes, I know some people regularly beat the AIs on high levels and I shouldn't have to need to team up, but when you only get 5 hours of civ time a week after the kids are finally in bed and the chores done and the like, you don't progress as fast as those single people out there with tons of free time. If only I was 22 again, then I could talk about how to beat the AI on Diety. Of course, I didn't have all the cool stuff I have now when I was 22. Six of one, half a dozen of the other....
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