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    Random Events list

    Yes, I do care. Thank you :)
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    Random Events list

    Toda roba!:)
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    Random Events list

    There is no problem. I can wait another year or two. I just hope that you are all right, Ori, and nothing ineradicable happened while you were offline :)
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    Random Events list

    ORI What about the questions in my post of Feb 14, 2013 01:37 PM (
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    New pitboss

    No. I can't. I have a bueautiful wife who wants a baby. I am busy at nights.
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    New pitboss

    Not so many players are new as you may think :)
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    Trade Routes

    This is an MP game. Their Athens is 10 pop, has Temple of Artemis My London is 23 pop We have open borders, lasting peace, trade routes, overseas. Athens must have the trade route with London of 10 com. 2.3 as base value (1/10 of London's population) +100% for ToA +100% for overseas trade...
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    Vocum Sineratio: Dona Eis Relions

    Oh Thanks a lot, now it's all clear to me.
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    Random Events list

    I hope somebody knows. Some things are still unclear to me in the mechanics of random events. So when a new game is generated it is decieded based on the "active" value whether a certain event will be included in this game. It's clear There is a chance of 1%/2%/4%/4%/6%/8%/10% per turn for...
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    Vocum Sineratio: Dona Eis Relions

    Am I right to suppose that on larger maps, the probability of spontaneous spread will be significantly higher than on smaller ones (е.g. Standard vs Huge) for the cities equally distanced from the holy city? I think, it's worth adding some formulas in the article to calculate...
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    Inner Mechanics of Top 5 Cities (Info Screen / F9)

    It can be useful for multiplayer. You can try to guess which of the creative opponents has the best F+P stats, especially if you are one these creative guys. By the way. What is food rate? Food surplus or crude food (all the food collected from tiles)?
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    Technology Research Explained....

    Is it really so? I've read many people on the forums who assumed the midifiers were multiplicative and the formula wuold be FLOOR ( (Total Base Beakers + 1) * ( 100% + KCwT modifer*Prerequisites modifier ). Is there some game code to support either of the two assumptions? And the magic...
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    How are Great General points accumulated?

    So, guys. Can someone say clearly how many GG points are generated for non-leadership 1xp point, gained for fighting inside cultural bourders by an imperialistic leader with the GW? 3 GG pts? 4 GG pts?
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    Dog Soldier, seriously?

    Axes don't obsolate warriors. Spears do.
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    The Next Empire

    Hi, guys. Sorry for being silent so long. My laptop crashed. So I can't play anyway and don't know when I eventually can. Tried to write here from PDA but I see you haven't got anything. Sorry and enjoy playing.
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