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  1. Balthasar
    In New York in 1932, the celebrated wit and writer Dorothy Parker met the man who would be the most instrumental in her future Hollywood career: Alan Campbell. Campbell was an actor who had...
  2. Balthasar
    The Life of Emile Zola was either the first or second biographical film (or 'biopic') to win the Oscar for best picture. Some authorities bestow that honor on The Great Ziegfeld, which had won...
  3. Balthasar
    On May 29, 1937, Jean Harlow was shooting a scene for the movie Saratoga in which the character she was playing had a fever. Harlow was clearly sicker than her character, and when she leaned...
  4. Balthasar
    The first well-known, documented use of a multiplane camera in animation was not in the United States; it was in Germany. Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger produced the 1926 color-tinted animated film...
  5. Balthasar
    The "Super Scenario" title screen uses an actual screenshot of the game map (based on Chris Nolan's Gotham City) as its background, with clouds, titles and 'Civ III-man' layered-in on top.

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