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Historical improvements, the ability to improve units in technological evolution and a large number of more units (and all working) is what this incredible scenario needed. Great contribution.
Well, I can say without a doubt , that the description of this is wrong. There are no sounds
Really well done, though it has more than a smattering of slang.
I think Horses should be mentioned in the explanation of Melee.
And maybe a term for units that can retreat when attacked.
it would be useful to change the model to the G version
good work
Thank you :)
I now have questions. Why?
Hello, I have a problem... The mod starts but the writings do not appear, there are empty spaces where there should be writings, both in the menu and in the game... I have civ4 for steam and extracted it in programs(x86)-steam-steamapps-commond-civIV beyond the sword-beyond the sword-mods
Thank you very much. Everything works, as expected)
awesome unit
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