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Great new features again. The retreat functionality works like a charm. Now 3 movement units can escape from 2 movement units! Thanks Flintlock!
This just keeps getting better and better. Flintlock's done a great job of prioritizing the changes that yield the most modding possibilities. Thanks Flintlock!
Great, i can wait to have free time to continue modding!
Fit for a king. This is fabulous! Thank you Hroch :D
Very useful unit!
Great! Specific yet vague enough for generic use.
Top Mod ever!
The fixes in Release 11 are fantastic. I've been wanting to limit construction of units based on city improvements since I first played this game nearly 20 years ago. Thanks.
Awesome but should leave a few tiles space on the left and bottom at the bottom left, and also at the top. (Which are otherwise artificially sealed off, which isn't what Captain Cook encountered.)
Thank you very much hrochland, this is perfect!
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