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    Civ VI update scheduled for Thursday, 24 September 2020, 16:00:00 UTC

    On a Mac.... Got a 0K update and the DLC appeared.
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    Game freezes at random

    I have seen this too. I have tried to reduce the frequency by cutting extraneous mods, reducing map size (I usually play Enormous with YNAMP) and going to the strategy view about turn 100. This seems to help, but still get hit randomly.
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    Mods for Mac, help

    You can use the Steam mods, but will need to find a way to get them. Someone with Steam can download the current version, then send the files from their Mods folder. The challenge is keeping them up to date whenever a new version comes out.
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    Time for a new rig

    Just about any modern Mac will run CivVI well enough. Obviously the higher you go, the better the performance. The only one I would hesitate on is the MacBook Air (In case you were thinking portable). All of the laptops have slower graphics cards and performance than desktops. (Disclaimer: I...
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    [NFP] Frontier Pass

    Everything looks good on my end as well. Noticed that like with Bootcamp, the first launch after installing the patch took longer than normal. Not sure what the deal is with that.
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    [NFP] Frontier Pass

    Mine is downloading now as well.
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    Is there an increased Zoom Mod that works for MAC?

    This is the mod that I use. You can zoom in really close (great for seeing art) and also increase zoom out.
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    [R&F] Rise and Fall on Mac?

    Fired up steam on my Mac and surprised to see a download from CivVI. Sure enough Rise and Fall loaded up just a moment ago.
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    [ (260180)] Game Crashes upon loading, then returns to the main menu

    I have seen the same thing. Just searched the site for this and saw your message. When loading a saved game, it goes to a screen with "Start Game" in the center, then bounced to the Main Menu. I am assuming it is related to mods (I am using several)
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    December Patch & DLC Release - Not Currently Available for Mac

    Interestingly, I had to watch the download to see it, because it only appears as one item. But it actually completes twice during the process. The second download is much smaller. For me I could see a gap of two or three bars between them on the download graph. YMMV.
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    December Patch & DLC Release - Not Currently Available for Mac

    Just downloaded and there was a second smaller download. Booted and have the DLC. Huzzah!
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    December Patch & DLC Release - Not Currently Available for Mac

    Both were release a short bit ago. Obviously the patch was not available, but I was disappointed that the DLC was also PC only. I was able to access the DLC through my PC Steam client, but confirmed that it still does not download on the Mac client.
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    Fall 2016 patch for Mac

    Patch is available. I am downloading now.
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    Fall 2016 patch for Mac

    Yes, I have played MP with a PC friend using Bootcamp.
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    Late game crashes, FYI...

    I have also seen increased crashes late game. I often turn on Strategic View when going through a period with minimal movement/actions. But then turn it off to go to war/look around. I have not seen a consistent reason why it will happen. I have been late game on a huge map with multiple wars...
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