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Historical victories DoC version 1.17.1: Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Arab, Vikings, India, Mongol, France, Byzantium, Greece, Persia, Roman (Paragon/Marathon), China, Babylon (Monarch/Marathon),
Historical victories DoC version 1.16.8:
America (Paragon/Marathon)
Historical victories DoC version 1.16.7:
Iran, Maya, Italy, Canada, Tamil, Prussia, Ottomans (Paragon/Marathon), Egypt (Monarch/Marathon),
Historical victories DoC version 1.16.6: Holy Roman (Paragon/Marathon) Brazil (Monarch/Marathon)
Historical victories DoC version 1.16.3: Netherlands, England, Aztec, Argentina, Turkestan, Portugal, Indonesia, Tibet,, Iran, Byzantium, Phoenicia, Moors, Poland, Turkey, (Paragon/Marathon), Polynesia, Mughal, Mali, Korea, Ethiopia, Japan (Monarch/Marathon),
Historical victories DoC version 1.16.2: Thai (Paragon/Marathon)
Religious victories DoC version 1.16.3: Secular/Persia, Pagan/Greece, Confucianism/China (Paragon/Marathon), version 1.16.2: Buddism/India, Islam/Arabs, Zoroastrianism/Persia, Judaism/Greece, Orthodoxy/Greece, Protestantism/Holy Roman, Catholicism/Roman, Hinduism/India (Paragon/Marathon)


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