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    More Storage?

    Of course storage limit can be avoided with careful micromanaging.But then again, this is a game, and question is do we want micromanaging for something like this?
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    Bug Reports

    I agree it is fantastic mod, but seems abandoned.Pity.
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    New Founding Cities Mechanic [IMPLEMENTED]

    I like the general idea of settler profession, but it caused me a bit of a problem.When playing older mods usually I liked to start on West coast via adding unit in World Builder.Now I can't do it because there is no WB option to change profession. Any idea how to solve it?
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    Suggestion: Units upkeep/maintenence

    I also like idea of units spending small number of resources per turn for upkeep. What about ships requiring material for maintenance - wood, sailcloth, and also cannons and powder for military units?Of course bigger ships would require more per turn.Like 1 for carrack, 2 for merchantmen... Same...
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    Road building / ship speed on gigantic maps

    Hi Ray, Do you have issues in late game with saving on gigantic maps?I remember having problems saving RaR, and here is old thread: New savegame format
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    AND2 and SVN Bug Reports - A New Dawn 2 ONLY

    I can confirm actual display is messed up.It says - for food, but after building it food supply increases.
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    Fixed Borders Questions

    I noticed battle outcome affect civ A with fixed borders only if it is positive. On the other hand, I don't have fixed borders so battle affects me if I loose unit.If I win nothing happens.
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    General A New Dawn discussion

    Hello, I am currently playing on Marathon speed, and it is kinda slow for me.Does anyone know maximum number of turns per game speed?
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    AND2 and SVN Bug Reports - A New Dawn 2 ONLY

    Sorry, but it doesn't make sense to me. -75% + 40% give -35% instead of - 115%.
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    AND2 and SVN Bug Reports - A New Dawn 2 ONLY

    Thank you for quick reply. Should -75% + 40% give -35% instead of - 115%? Or you meant Construction firm gives + for production and - for military production?Which would make no sense.
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    AND2 and SVN Bug Reports - A New Dawn 2 ONLY

    I am not sure if it is a bug or not, but military production report shows -115% modifier.Pacifism civic gives -75%, and I am not aware of other event or civic that adds missing -40%. rev 1087, Deity level
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    Enemy has been spotted

    I am sure.Only 3 notifications are visible in Event log, and I would like to increase the number. This is on giant map, and from what I can remember only 2 were available on huge map.That makes me think it is coded somewhere.
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    Cost of siege units

    Unbalanced cost is probably leftover from before. Realistic consideration for games is to proportionally increase cost for better units.Period.
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    Enemy has been spotted

    Is there a way to increase number of notifications per turn?Maximum I receive is 3, although sometimes there are more enemies close to my cities.
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    Recalculate Modifiers

    I can confirm recalc "forgets" events like "power for whole continent", and also bonuses gained for researching Future technologies. Any chance someone will look into this?
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