Jul 8, 1986 (Age: 36)
Civ6 Difficulty Level
Civ6 Versions
  1. Basic Edition
  2. Rise & Fall
  3. Gathering Storm


Civilization VI modder of limited repute and usefulness

mainly found answering simple questions with way-too-thorough replies in the Mod Creation Help sub-forum.

Author of: the Custom Civilization ModBuddy template (for Civ VI, R+F & GS)
Ideal for: aspiring and first-time modders. Always welcome queries and feedback related to this template.

Current project(s): Mainly working on projects behind-closed-doors for now.
Most interested in adding more variety using existing mechanics (more-of-the-same type mods).
Also exploring how far existing modding mechanics can drive gameplay variations (how cryptic).



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