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    Modifying lumber chop yield

    How do I change the number of hammers chopping lumber yield? Thanks in advance.
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    Do we need strong combat AI?

    Up the difficulty?
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    How to give extra starting unit or technology?

    Thanks so much! But I am actually replacing the original files. It seems easier and more intuitive this way ;)
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    How to give extra starting unit or technology?

    Hi, I am trying to give Rome an extra starting unit and/or technology in the Civ5Civilization XML file, and I've tried several combinations but can't get it to work. For instance, this is what I tried for an extra technology: "<Row> <CivilizationType>CIVILIZATION_ROME</CivilizationType>...
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    Quick modding questions

    Hmmm, ok. I will skip increasing the yield then. My main objective as a long-time Civilization player is essentially to have more units (since I enjoy warmongering) and slow down research so units have longer staying power, rather than become obsolete in the blink of an eye. So I thought I...
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    Quick modding questions

    Deleted. Double Post.
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    Quick modding questions

    Thanks! Also, your explanation of the AI thinking process is useful. I thought Research Agreement would only disadvantage human players because of the random cancellations; but I guess it hurts the AI as well, if the AI prefers the "instant gratification" route ;) I will quadruple the...
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    Quick modding questions

    I just finished it, but it's very complicated for what I want to do--which is not create a mode out of scratch, but change a few simple values ;) Also, there's nothing about Research Agreements in there. Actually, it may be better if I simply increase the cost a lot. Which XML document...
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    Ancient Korea DLC...?

    Seoul is still in the game post-patch. So perhaps Korea would not be in the next DLC?
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    Ranged Attack Upgrade Path

    A good point. I think the mortar solution is best.
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    Burning 1st game questions

    Do you have a link to that thread? The problem changing the upgrading path is that Cannon/Artillery tree would be the only ranged alternative to Rifleman, and Cannon/Artillery might be a bit over-powered with 1100 XP worth of Promotions ;) I also do not understand why they made separate...
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    Burning 1st game questions

    Ok, so I just bought the game last week played almost a full game of Marathon/standard map/Emperor level, and I had two "burning" questions: 1. Research Agreements: What is the point of Research Agreements? I had the first two I entered cancelled and thereafter I never entered into them...
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    Quick modding questions

    Hi, three quick questions: 1. How do I mod out Research Agreements? (It almost seems like a gimmick that only benefits the AI players, since the AI players keep cancelling with me.) 2. How do I mod out certain units that I do not want like the Giant Death Robot, Nuclear Missile, and Atomic...
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    How to get more civs in a map

    Is there a way to get more civs into a given map? I cannot seem to be able to do it from the game set-up screen, though I can change the number of city-states. I think city-states are an interesting wrinkle, but it appears that the default civs v. city-states ratio is a bit off kilter.
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    Worldbuilder broken

    A question: Does this affect Fire Tuner at all? I want to be able to change some settings and experiment during my 1st game (I just bought it tonight).
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