Co-founder of the Colonialist Legacies modding team.
Enthusiast of Indigenous Civs
Steam ID
Neirai the Forgiven
Civ6 Difficulty Level
Civ5 Difficulty Level
Civ6 Versions
  1. Basic Edition
  2. Rise & Fall
  3. DLC (various)
  4. Gathering Storm
Civ5 Versions
  1. Basic Edition
  2. Gods & Kings
  3. Brave New World
  4. DLC (various)
Software Developer


Colonialist Legacies (Civ V mods):
First Nations of Canada: The Anishinaabe (with More Civs) -- The Beothuk -- The Blackfoot -- The Coast Salish -- The Cree -- The Dene -- The Inuit -- The Tlingit (with Firebug) -- The Wabanaki
Aboriginal Australia: The Kimberley -- The Kulin -- The Murri
Neirai's Civ V mods:
Native America: The Nez Perce (with More Civs) -- The Seneca (with More Civs)

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