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    Dawn of Civilization General Discussion

    Thank you. I will check it out.
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    Dawn of Civilization General Discussion

    Is it possible to get older release versions? I mean versions like 1.16.0 or 1.16.3. I want to continue some years old savings, but I cannot find the download for older versions.
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    Leoreth Plays January Poll

    I changed my vote to the russia. I beated the Chinese UHV in the most recent version but Russia was too harsh to go over the medival era.
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    The "OMG! Look what happened in DoC!" Thread

    Oh what a strong Norwegians...
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    Rivers and Hydro Power

    As we use only one map for the mod, it can be hardcoded by listing all tiles near each rivers. It will take some time but well we do such things when needed.
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    The "OMG! Look what happened in DoC!" Thread

    I've never expected an AI to use this trick...
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    Thoughts/Discussion on the Great Divergence

    Because of the establishment of the global supply chain, it is very difficult to represent the economics for/after the industrial revolution in Civ style games. The only successful economy simulator I've seen for that era is the Victoria II. I think Wonders and modifiers in DoC successfully...
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    Playing as a vassal

    Is this give a vassal civ bonus for the English civ player? AFAIK there's happiness bonus for master civilization. I know Canadian independence comes far later than English historical goals but might be exploitable when it applies to more civilizations.
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    Dawn of Civilization General Discussion

    Silly idea: It's 2020 now, and I think we need to expand the time span of the gameplay to the year 2050.
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    [Development] Map Suggestions

    I guess the Han river should go south of Seoul. The river between Seoul and Kaesong should be the Imjin river. And I'd not like to see the Kaesong can be used as a canal. AFAIK there was no peninsula penetrating canal in Korea. Maybe we can add a hill tile at the northeast of the Kaesong tile.
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    In 1.16 with VD, Argentine grenadier cavalries throw grenades when they are selected in the sleep state. It is an art problem, does not affect the gameplay itself but looks hilarious.
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    It's few months ago and I cannot assure but I think I was using both VD and blue marble modmods.
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    [Development] Alternative Map during 1.17

    Saffron should be represented as a spice. There are much cheaper replaces of the saffron as a dye, but nothing can be used instead of saffron as a spice.
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    I think there should be tourist related resource

    To talk about GDP, Japan alone has more GDP than the whole sum of South America. China has 2.5 times of the Japanese one, and Korea has one-third. I don't think that can be represented straight on Civ-style game.
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    [Development] Alternative Map during 1.17

    153 forest varieties? Seems better than Varietas Delectat :crazyeye:
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