Fan of good ol' 4x like Civ1&2, or MOO (1&2)
Broke Moo2's impossible with a -10pics race which scored ~26k ^^

What we have now, I'm not fond of. Feels too heavy for me, with many things to learn for not much gameplay real depth/benefit.
Tried and got bored with Civ4 (especially when I went a bit deeper and saw all the somehow necessary exploits, like "never finish a player, let someone else do it", or the fact that culture-win was more or less the only viable strategy).
Tried Civ5 but it didn't convince me more. Didn't try Civ6 more than once.

Recently (2018) got back into Civ, and didn't like much the Civ4 remake either. Tried the "TAC" mod, which looks great, but the Civ4 interface really bugs me too much (doesn't fit high res well, I hate the 3d guys in diplomatic screens, etc.).
So I'll stick with the dos version :)
Civ2 Difficulty Level
Civ1 Difficulty Level
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