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    Civ 5 Confirmed Features

    That's the point: Venice (confirmed city state) -> after the Roman Empire Stockholm (confirmed city state) -> after the Vikings So that doesn't exclude the Vikings as a civilization, even though I highly doubt it
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    Civ 5 Confirmed Features

    Hmmmm Stockholm was not really a Viking city as it was founded considerably late compared to other cities (14th or 15th century maybe?). But yeah, point taken. It wouldn't really make sense to have a Viking civilization and then a separate Stockholm.
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    Civ 5 Confirmed Features

    Okay, was it just me that noticed the Vikings in the trailer video?
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    Leaders we don't want.

    Not Ragnar of the Furry Underwear, please. He was unimportant and is only there to represent a phony image that some people have of barbaric seamen who raided monasteries and pillaged innocent people. I would suggest Harald I "Bluetooth". If not him, then perhaps his son, Sweyn Forkbeard, or...
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    The founding fathers

    I never knew Pocahontas was a real person, but then I looked her up on Wikipedia and she was quite a remarkable woman! :o
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    Which Civ would you like in Colonization?

    Bahh you're right man. I'm too biased :D
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    Which Civ would you like in Colonization?

    Sweden? No no no! Denmark would be much better and they actually had an overseas empire and colonized the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and some islands in the Caribbean. That means their colonial empire in the Americas was actually bigger than for example the Dutch one, even though it wasn't as...
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    Rhye's of Europe Organized Development Thread

    Disenfrancised :D *Off topic* Can you say "anal" on this forum? ;) I can read this but it's very bad Icelandic. Looks like it's been put through a horrible translation machine that doesn't know that the Icelandic language doesn't use "the" and "this" :D Anyway, nice signature ;) *On...
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    [Development Thread] BtS Unofficial Expansion: World of Legends

    From the "A First Look at WoL" article: Would Leif be a war-hero? He should be a national hero instead IMO. He was a very peaceful person and most famous for sailing from his homeland, Iceland to Greenland with his father, and from there discovering mainland North-America; Helluland (Baffin...
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    Why do you guys love culture so much?

    You get food and culture for: Fish, Clam and Crab. :D
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    Am I the only one missing Sweden as a Civ?

    First of all, The Kalmar Union lasted for aprox. 125 years (something between 120-130 years). Second, Scandinavia is not a geographical region. It's a cultural region that stretches over Sweden, Norway and Denmark and the places where they've held influence (Iceland, Faeroes, Finland and maybe...
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    Am I the only one missing Sweden as a Civ?

    This thread is alive again? I always enjoy talking about Scandinavian countries. Overall I don't think Sweden is a civilization important enough to make the cut. Denmark merely makes it but together; Sweden, Denmark and Norway (and Iceland) they're very worthy. Then we have medieval Denmark...
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    Let's Discuss Poland

    I think that Sweden couldn't hold up a civilization by itself. Only if it would be merged with the other Scandinavian countries could it make a civilization more important than f.x. Israel, Poland, Polynesia, Austria or even Tibet. I absolutely agree with you that the mythical Viking...
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    [Development Thread] BtS Unofficial Expansion: World of Legends

    So will you have it Margaret of the Vikings, not Scandinavia?
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    Nomad era

    Could some civs then be eliminated before founding their first city?
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