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    First post for the Citizens

    Hey Cyc, I'd love to "holla". I'm a native New Yorker who "survives" in the bronx, yet I manage to be just about every where in the City. I'm a full time college student, part time worker, full time boyfriend and my life as of recently has become obsessed with the R.A. Salvatore novels. My...
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    The City of Montpellier

    Well met Cyc, I have travelled the far distance from Vandelay to Montpellier to witness the commencement of what I hope will one day be a grand city! I wish you and this city the best of luck. And hopefully you shall visit my mountain side home one day. Repectfully, War Mongrol
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    Office of the Census

    Mountains, Mountains all around me! I like the seclusion! War_Mongrol has come to Vandelay to stay! *"All by myself" slowly plays in the background* (edited in citizen registry)
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    New law proposal - Keep Fanatica Happy Law

    I whole heartedly agree with Lance, governors/mayors upon taking office should create an emergency plan for their city/ies. If a city is mayorless then the governor should create an emergency plan. If the city does have a mayor then they should propose an emregency plan to their governor and...
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    Citizen group: Modern Democratic Association

    Great suggestion daveshack, I'd love to take on that idea as long as I can get another volunteer to help out since due to my new schedules I'm only available late at night or early in the mornning. But I will get cracking on it when I get back tonight. :goodjob: (As a side note sometimes as...
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    Citizen group: Modern Democratic Association

    Considering that situation, yes I whole heartedly agree with you Will_518, but what I envision as a more "open" process is some what like the american court system. where spectators are allowed but they don't necessarilly have an impact on the current case other than to observe. In that manner...
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    New Player Guide Available

    It does work, just keep reloading.
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    Citizen group: Modern Democratic Association

    I consider myself new to all this, so please correct me if I err and explain to me why if I do. But in reading these posts I have the urge to agree with Cyc, for as we know this is a game, but it is after all a role playnig type of game. In which we do bond with the rules and regulations...
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    Rally Of The New Citizens!

    FRIENDS, UNKNOWN PEOPLE, BUT FELLOW CITIZENS, HERE MY CALL! Are you not sure as to what's going on? Have you recently joined Fanatica (such as I)? Do you wonder what all the writing and discussions are about? In other words do you feel absolutely clueless :confused: but want to truely be part...
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    Citizen Registry

    Name: War_mongrol Chat-Name: War_mongrol City: Vandelay Mandate: None Former Mandate: None Function: None City Name: Azura's Star Membership: None Aspirations: None as of yet Timezone: Eastern Standard Time is -5 GMT Country: US of A Age: 20 Sex: Male
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    Term 6 - Foreign Affairs Office: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Tank

    To all Fanaticans: Unfortunately due to reasons beyond my control I am unable to connect to the web. While I dare not say that I it is a leave of absence I do not truely know when my service will be restored. I only have a access when I am at College and that is if I can find an empty one. As I...
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    New Bill Proposal

    I don't wish to get rude, but you two have jumped the gun you are assuming that the leader will be removed I suggested it but I also suggested probation, or various other things I DOES NOT DEFINATELY MEAN REMOVAL! I appreciate the feed back especially the negative ones, but I stand by my...
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    The Election Office

    I am currently seeking a Deputy for Foreign Affairs Leader. I wish to hold nominations as soon as possible. If you can find the time to post a thread for nominations would greatly appreciate it. Respectfully, War Mongrol
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    New Bill Proposal

    The purpose of this proposal is not to hold a popularity poll, it is not to make the specific leader feel targeted in the sense that they are are an evil person. It merely is a vote that says "We feel you aren't doing yout job" in what ever sense that means. Secondly I did not intend this...
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    Operation Steal Spices

    ..........................Statement Retracted.......................... Respectfully, War Mongrol
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