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    Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see (Part VIII : Native North America) ?

    Navajo could be cool, we could even have some sort of unique unit or ability for the navajo code talkers lol
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    Smarter AI not harder is what I think most of us want, always feels like vanilla civ only makes them harder. GL
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    The Poll of the Seven Planets

    Intelligent life, but not as advanced as we. cause then i could impress a hot alien babe with my tech ez
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    New civ : Australia

    That's why I'm like.. really, Firaxis? Just seems a bit shady when we look at how G&K and BNW was compared to these little "DLC" scenarios and Civs
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    New civ : Australia

    So each of these new civs will be 5 bucks like Poland was? Why don't they just bundle them together and offer a bunch of civs at like 20 bucks or something instead... also wtf are the people who bought the season pass supposed to feel?
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    Nerf Kalinka

    only if they replace it with this in the information age
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    Ananse's BFG Modpack

    Your mod made it so i could actually play without too many crashes. But now I want to add immersive eras to my game. Can I do that without conflict?
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    Really Advanced Setup Lite

    good job Had it working for a while, now it works but if I edit it to change the civilization or some units/values, it just doesn't work. Nothing bad happens, the mod just doesn't take effect... idk what to do Lmao hang on it looks like I had a line of text that read CIVILIZATION_RENAISSANCE...
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