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Final Fantasy 7 Mod v0.9709 2016-10-05

Final Fantasy 7 Mod v0.9709

  1. magus77
    After years of development (due to many breaks), I am finally releasing my Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Mod. I will not post any information in this post; instead, I will just give a link to the readme (included in the download). The mod is about 80MBs, has four civs, two different map versions (both are based off my FF7 Map), many UU's, replaced wonders, and other small adjustments (such as improved upgrade system).

    Although it says it is v0.9709, it is (or at least should be) completely playable. The only things it is missing are two king units, three chocobo units, and some resources. I would like to give many thanks to Hikaro Takayama, who helped me a lot during this mod. Just about every unit (except for a couple) were his, and I thank him for his patience and hard work.

    Link to thread:

    Requirements: Civilization III: Conquests v1.22

    Installation: Just unzip and you're ready to play.