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Smoother Difficulty 1.4

Excellent mod that solves annoyances with higher level difficulties. FYI, I went ahead and uploaded this as a Steam Workshop version, since people are clamoring for it. If you want me to remove it so you can post yourself, just poke me
excelent mod
Very cool mod. I like your approach to difficulty more than the FIraxis' one.

Do you have any interest in releasing a Steam Workshop version? I can't complete a single game without crashing (and I can't load any save of that game after crashing) once some mods were only available on Steam Workshop (AI+ and NQ mods). They worked correctly together when they were manually put in the mods folder.
Finally AIs don't get stuck behind in stone age fighting barbarians with sticks and at least are closer to player in the eras.
The mod still works amazingly well with the latest patch and it's my favorite. Along with Settlers Retreat and Tougher City States mods, Civ 6 has finally become a challenging and engaging game for me
Makes the higher difficulties so much better and more satisfying.
Must have. Great mod.
a total triumph of a mod. fantatic.
This is one fantastic Mod to have installed. I am beta testing for a new mod (The Balancer) and simply playing the game like everyone else. Warlord for testing works perfectly because there are no bonuses for AI or myself.

Prince and higher is now perfect, depending on the game I wish to play. I nice chilling relaxing game is at Prince. King or higher is when I want a challenge, when I am annoyed I will go higher level where I lose miserably. I don't lose so I don't play at higher levels. lol

I recommend this mod highly it is one great Mod with how Firaxis does its skill levels it is a must have!!
Love this mod. Thanks for putting in the effort and uploading :)
I managed to beat the game with a Religion Victory in Deity thanks to this mod and the Civilization Improvement Patch. I have to say it still took a few tries but the game felt a lot more balanced, the AI keeps up in tech with you in the late game and doesnt completely obliterate you and get hugely ahead of you early game. Good Job.
This is a good mod, especially for those who seek difficulty lvl between the ones provided by vanilla game. for ex your fixed Emperor is between vanilla king & vanilla emperor ^^. Anyway i got a suggestion, i don't know if other civ6 player feel the same but If you go for a religious victory, you got really hard time with difficulty starting from king. On huge maps, you end up almost every single time being the one without religion even if you rush it (because faith difficulty bonus become crazy real fast), may be you or someone could give a shot to fix it aswell ? but only if i am not the only one to agree on that...
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