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  1. tupi

    How AI buys things in its cities (its pretty buggy btw)

    Actually darkpanda dissected this one before, in JCivED code, I think? But he did not post about it on forums. Well, this is not so interesting, but let's see... What rules for AI to buy things in its cities? First thing to say: AI don't need to buy things 'as a whole', as the human player...
  2. tupi

    Computer player logic: tax/science/luxuries distribution

    Maybe it's not too interesting, but I want to share it anyway, so new thread here. M.b. it's better to create sort of common thread for any previously unknown game rules of civ 1 extracted by decompilation/disassemby? For clarification: 1 point of taxes is 10% in menu. So, tax rate + luxuries...
  3. tupi

    Civ 1 explained: AI wonders

    As you know, in Civ 1 computer player is a cheating bastard and it gets Wonders for free. And here is the exact algorithm how it does that. This routine runs at the beginning of every turn right after check for global warming (in the same function). Game calls this...
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