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civ 4 rfc

  1. ChineseWarlord

    1.18 UHV Strategies

    It's time. Honestly, every single civ is difficult for me on freakin' regent. Maybe that's just because I suck at this game, but whatevs. Honestly strategies on any Civ you guys have managed to crack would be cool.
  2. Mr-Goriyaki

    Can someone please give me a blank RFCA map?

    I anyone please tell where can i find a asia map that was used in RFCA? I couldn't find any blank rfca map! The only Asia map i found was the one that doesn't include India subcontinent. Please somebody help me i couldn't found blank rfca map! :(:wallbash: :run:
  3. Mr-Goriyaki

    Venice 3rd UHV is pointless

    I cannot build a Colonies project as Venice. :(
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