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  1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Art of the Ages

    Hi! I’m Robert Hutson, with the C Prompt art team behind Millennia. Welcome to our first dev diary focused on the Art of Millennia. As stated in previous entries, Millennia is a huge game. There are hundreds of military or strategic unit types, and even more buildings, abilities, and resources...
  2. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Achievements, Modding & Multiplayer

    Welcome to one of our final pre-launch Design Diaries. I am Robert “Xemu” Fermier, co-designer and lead programmer of Millennia. Today I would like to cover an area that is very near and dear to my heart, Achievements! But before we dive into those, I also wanted to say a few words about the...
  3. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | After the Demo

    Hello, everyone. I am Ian Fischer of C Prompt Games, back for another chat about Millennia. This Developer Diary was originally intended to present additional detail about the Ages, but we felt like we had already covered that material in prior Diaries. Instead, since the release date has...
  4. PDX Firefly

    Release Date! | Ages Part Two

    Hello there! Your friendly neighborhood Community Manager Katten here, this time to introduce you to our CONFIRMED release date for Millennia! So, it's time to stock up on refreshments, order the pizza, and mark your calendars for March 26, 2024! Now, I am sure you are all super excited to see...
  5. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | National Spirits

    Happy 2024, all. Apologies for the delay on this Developer Diary – there are a lot of irons in the fire as we got back into things after the holidays. Embrace the chaos! I am Ian Fischer of C Prompt Games and today we are going to talk about National Spirits in Millennia. Role of National...
  6. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Domains & Culture

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the next Developer Diary for Millennia. I am Ian Fischer of C Prompt Games and today we will cover Domains and Culture. Domains If you have been following Millennia, you know a theme of the design is the idea of player authorship. We are excited by the idea of the...
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