1. J

    Starting positions in MOD. accurate earth 232 x 112

    I hope this fanatics community is still as great as it was. My favorite MOD for custom games has been CIV IV Beyond the Sword. the original file was from 2015. accurate earth 232 x 112 18 civs. I am currently reinstalling so I can play again. This mod spain was put near central america...
  2. King Phaedron

    Important Info RE Mato Tipila (Devils Tower)

    First off, I created this topic in Civ 6 General Forums, because it concerns a Wonder in the Game. (Mato Tipila, aka Devil's tower,) rather then Off topic, so I apologize if this was not the best place. This post is nothing to do with Civ VI so moved to OT --NZ Edit: Actually, this concerns...
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